As we begin to welcome a new Fall season I felt inspired to reflect on this past Summer and to extract the top lessons I learned about life, motherhood and relationships.

1) Create a summer Bucket list for yourself and each member of your family. Be relentless in completing it.

2) Takes tons of pictures and create an end of summer photo album. And Mama’s please make sure you are in the pictures too; no matter how messy ‘you think” you look.

3) Silence your inner critic and dress to please yourself. Select outfits that are a reflection of who you are and not what you think you should look like. Mama’s, showing cleavage doesn’t make you bad mom. Embody and celebrate your divine feminine energy.

4) Spend time in nature. Walk among the trees to clear your mind and to receive the valuable lessons that nature reveals to help you connect with your spirituality.

5) Not every friend request is a friend request, some are just surveillance cameras.

6) Mayo and sun dried tomatoes make the best burger toppings.

7) There is always risk in relationships. Some are just messier than others, some are seasonal, others are difficult, and a few are easy, but everyone one of them is important.

8) Listen to podcasts while running errands.

9) Physically, energetically and psychologically detach yourself from “psychic vampires” and reclaim your life. Be kind and full of love…but have boundaries like a motherfucker.

10) Surround yourself with wise gray-haired women. They are quietly taking over the earth.

11) Need something? Post it on Facebook. Somebody knows someone, somewhere that can help you.

12) Go Skinny Dipping. Feeling at one with the sun, the air and the water, and the slightly illicit thrill of being nude. Skinny dipping is a summer experience every woman should have.

13) If you won’t sing in the car with me while we drive, we can’t be friends.

14) Take note of moments when you’re most in love with your life – what you’re doing, who you’re with, and what you’re wearing. Recreate that experience daily.

15) Self care is the secret to living your best life.

What were some lessons you learned this summer? Let me know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Enlightened Photography