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Lose up to 8 pounds and 6 inches


Flush away water weight and lose the belly bloat


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Look and feel leaner and lighter


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Improve the look and feel of your skin


Get and stay motivated to reach your body shaping goals


Connect with a community of like-minded women


Hi I’m Courtney Rowsell,

A mother of two, ages 8yrs and 7yrs, a women’s wellness life coach, cookbook author, speaker and self-love mentor.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I know what it feels like to try and fit your own personal care in around all of your other time commitments. I’ve spent the past 15+ years coaching women locally as a fitness studio owner and virtually through my on-line coaching programs, giving them the tools and support they need to replace self-sacrifice and self-neglect with self-care and self-love! Helping them build a healthy foundation for sustainable success.

My mission is to motivate and inspire you to fall in love with your body and your life. Today I stand beside you as your guide, your wellness sister and friend to help you see that eating well and exercising daily is one of the best forms of self-love you can give yourself. Loving yourself, taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s the greatest act of love you can extend to the loved ones in your life.

Over the next 7 days I’m committed to teaching you how you can jump start your physique transformation so that you can start feeling really great again.

I look forward to seeing the jaw-dropping results you will enjoy on this plan.

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.


Because YOU Deserve it!

This Plan Is PERFECT for Women Who:


Are ready to hit the RESET button and get back on track


Want to blast through a weight loss plateau


Are getting ready for a special event or beach vacation


Want to see FAST results and are willing to do WHATEVER it takes


Are looking for a proven, step by step plan to follow with ZERO guesswork

This Plan is NOT for Women Who Are:


Not 100% committed and prepared to put in the effort


Not willing to give up wine and chocolate for seven SHORT days


Currently pregnant or breast feeding

I’ve Put Everything You Need to Burn Fat, De-bloat, Look Leaner & Boost Your Confidence into a Simple Step-By-Step Fitness & Nutrition Protocol To Help You Get The FASTEST  Results  Possible In 7 Short Days.

It’s simple. Just follow the day-by-day meal plan and workout program that is proven to help you lose the maximum amount of weight in next 7 days.

The 7 Day Slim Down Program Guide

This guide is jam-packed with everything you need to know to maximize your slim down results. From the best foods to eat for fat loss, how much water you should be drinking, to proper portion sizes.

PLUS, I’ve included my Top 10 Slim Down HACKS that you can implement right away to start seeing results within the first two days.  These sneaky diet and exercise tricks will make a HUGE difference to your overall results.

The 7 Day Slim Down Meal Plan & Recipe Collection

Meal by meal you’ll know exactly what to eat for 7 days. Skip the guesswork, calorie counting and stress with this completely done-for-you meal plan.

You’ll also receive a collection easy to prepare slim down recipes that you can enjoy long after you’ve completed the 7 day plan.

Plus, I’ve included easy, grab and go options perfect for those busy days.


 The 7 Day Slim Down Exercise Plan

This strategically designed body sculpting  7 days workout plan includes exercise selection, sequencing and timing to help you feel great, slim down and tighten up in all the right places, so that you can slip into your favorite dress or pair of jeans with confidence!

At-Home and In-Gym workouts are included. The workouts range from 20-45min. A yoga mat and a set of dumbbells is all that you’ll need to complete these workouts.




Upon purchase you will receive an email with PDF download links to all the program materials, plus additional bonuses made easy to save to your phone, tablet or any digital devise.


INSTANTLY! You will have immediate access to the compete program materials. Upon purchase you will receive an email including PDF download links which you can save to your phone or tablet for easy reference. The email will also include instructions on how to join the private Facebook community

FAIR WARNING: This is NOT for Everyone!

Listen, I’m not going to lie. You won’t lose all your belly fat in one week.

However, this plan is a FAST and EFFICIENT jump start to reaching your weight loss goals. 

You’ll lose some body fat, excess water and toxins that are slowing down your fat burning potential.

Fair enough?

GREAT. Then let’s get started!!

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How much weight can I expect to lose? 

Your weight loss results will depend on many factors, such as the amount of weight you need to lose. For example, someone who has 100LB to lose will drop fat much faster than someone who has 10LB to lose. It also depends on how hard you work and how consistent you are with following the program. However, the average weight loss for women on this 7 day plan is between 6-10lbs.

 Can I do the workouts at home?

Yes! This plan includes at-home workouts that you can do at home with minimal equipment. All you need is a set of dumbbells, 5-10lbs. However, as you progress through the programs and get stronger I do recommend using heavier weights during your workouts.   

Are the workouts in video format?

Yes & No! The workout plan includes a combination of follow along workout videos, exercise demo videos and printable workout sheets that you can take anywhere. 

How long are the workouts?

The workout times range from 20-45 minutes per workout. Depending on your weight loss goal and how committed you are to achieve it, you can expect to exercise 4-6 times over the 7 day period. 

Do I have to eat and exercise at a specific time?

No! I encourage a flexible and tailored approach. The BEST time to eat and exercise for YOUR results are the times when YOU can be the most consistent. Consistency more than timing is the key to your weight loss success.

Although past clients who have enjoyed the best results and who’ve had the greatest consistency throughout the programs where the ones that committed to exercising in the morning. So, I highly encouraged you to WIN your day by starting it with a workout.    

 Will I need to take a lot of supplements?

No! All supplements are add-ons that may help. They are NOT a replacement for diet and exercise. They may help but they are certainly not required. Many women get great results without ever using the supplements I recommend, they are totally optional. 

I don’t eat meat; will this work for me?

You can certainly achieve equal results by optimizing a non-meat diet. I myself, as well as many other women in our on-line community have experimented with both vegetarian and fish only diets, so together we can provide you with extra recommendations inside the community Facebook group.

Are all the program materials digital or are they sent to my home? 

The program materials are provided digitally as PDF’s and are simple to access. If you can open an email you can access the programs materials. There are no complicated apps or software to figure out. All files are made in “print ready” format and many women choose to have the materials printed and stored in binders for quick reference. Which is HIGHLY recommended!  

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~ Coach Courtney

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