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Accountability Coaching Program!

This program is for you if…

You feel frustrated because you know what you need to do to reach your weight loss goals, but you struggle to do what you know, consistently.

You start a new healthy routine only to find yourself giving up after a week or two. You just can’t seem to make your healthy habits stick.

You doubt yourself and your ability to lose the weight and keep it off.

You want to exercise more and prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family, but you have a million other priorities begging for your attention.

You keep giving up and reverting back to old, bad habits when you have an “off day,” you get sick, have family visiting, experience work pressures, or when you get emotionally overwhelmed by your responsibilities.


You want to stop wishing you could reach your goals and actually start accomplishing what you’ve been saying you need and want to do.

If this is you, Good.

You’re in the right place. 

For the past 15 years I have helped hundreds of women transform their bodies and successfully adopt a healthy lifestyle, and the ONE THING that made sure they accomplished what they set out to achieve was ACCOUNTABILITY Coaching!!!

“I’m loving the ease of Courtney’s approach to weight loss and how it’s fitting into my life! It’s a REAL lifestyle program that you can follow forever. I’ve done countless diets and plans over the years only to end up heavier then when I started! So I’m happy to be down 40 lbs so far this year due to Courtney’s accountable to my goals each week and for her guidance in helping me retrain my mindset and reassuring me that slip ups are quite normal and part of everyday life, and that no matter how hard the fall I can always get back on track.  Thank you Coach!”

Deb Brinson

What is an Accountability Coach?

Simply put…it’s a person who you hold yourself accountable to each day/week/month for getting things done, meeting your commitments and achieving the goals you set yourself. It is a little more structured than that, but that is the simplest way of explaining it.

An accountability coach provides the support, the strategy, the pep-talks, that you need to get yourself back on track fast when you have a setback and to help keep you moving forward when you feel tired, distracted or discouraged.

Every top level performer has a coach.  Professional athletes have coaches. High-level execs have coaches.  Coaches have coaches.  Heck I even have coaches; three of them to be exact.

Everyone needs an outside-party’s perspective to guide, support and push them to become the best that they can be.

Great coaches empower you to believe in yourself in a way that you might not be able to on your own because great coaches see the greatness within you that you don’t see in yourself.

Great coaches pull out your greatness and support you as you take each challenging step along the way.

A great coach will walk beside you every step of the way on your journey, so that you never have to feel alone.

A great coach reminds you that you are cared for and that you have someone who care’s about your success.

A great coach believes in you and will continue to encourage you until you start believing in yourself too!

I want to be YOUR great coach.

I want to support you in taking action towards your goals, daily.

I want to help you stay consistent.

There’s nothing I love more than helping women dig deep and do whatever it takes to reach their goals. 

Your goals are unique to you, as are your challenges, personality and lifestyle, which is why I offer one-on-one exclusive coaching.

“There are so many things I am enjoying about this program but the Accountability without judgement is HUGE! Knowing you are going to get that call asking “how is your week” And “what can I do to support you” has kept me from quitting, which I have done so many times in the past! It’s also so hard to face your challenges, to accept your weakness and sabotaging habits, but the key this time is that I don’t have to face them alone! A thousand thank you’s.”

Beverly Green



One-on-One Accountability Coaching is an additional coaching service I offer that is customized and created for women who are absolutely committed to making sure that they follow through on their goals no matter what.

Through weekly private coaching calls and personal text message check-ins, you will be supported and held accountable to your goals and to the agreed-upon action steps that you’ve committed to achieving daily/weekly.

If you have a goal….you need accountability. We all need it. And one-on-one personalized accountability will help you get to your goals, FASTER.

One-on-One accountability coaching offers a more structured approach to accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

What is it that you want to achieve in the next 30 days?

What goal matters the most to you right now and, perhaps more importantly, WHY is this goal so important to you?  What will happen if you don’t achieve your goal?

If you’re ready to achieve your weight loss and healthy living goals then I would like to personally invite you to enroll in my one-on-one accountability coaching program.

You deserve the success you are craving. Let’s make your journey simple and sustainable, so that you get what you most want accomplished, okay?

This time CAN be different for you, because this time you will be prepared for the inevitable hiccups that are going to come your way.

Together we will anticipate the challenges you might face, and we’ll put into place solutions to ensure you stay on track no matter what life throws your way.

What you can expect from this program?

This 4-week coaching program will consist of an initial 30-minute phone assessment, weekly phone coaching, and a personalized plan based on your unique goals, personal and professional commitments, lifestyle, foods like/dislikes etc. 

Through weekly coaching calls we will work through your thought process and current habits that are currently not serving you. We will get crystal clear on your goals and the action steps you need to take to be successful. 

One of the biggest reasons I see women fail is because they focus too much on all the things they have to do to reach their goal, instead of breaking down their goal into realistic action steps.

On each coaching call we will take a look at you lifestyle and determine what will work best for you in terms of nutrition, exercise, mindset, lifestyle and self-care practices.

You  will complete and submit your weekly weigh-in and take measurements results, I will review your progress , food log, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan to ensure that you are always moving closer to your bigger goals.

During our coaching time together you will be working on applying the right tools, techniques and habits in your life so that you can:


Have more structure to your days and weeks so that you CAN take time for self-care.


Exercise on a more regular basis.


Go to bed earlier so that you’re not chronically sleep deprived.


Beat procrastination and trust yourself to really move forward on your goals.


Set boundaries with people and activities that take time away from you reaching your goals.


Develop emotional resilience so that you’re not thrown off for days or weeks when something happens.


Balance your hormones, ward off cravings and improve your mood, naturally.


Make time for self-care no matter how busy your days are.


Free yourself from the fears and sabotaging self-talk that holds you back.


Create a realistic and sustainable healthy lifestyle plan that excites you.


Lose weight, tone-up and get stronger.


Feel confident in whatever you wear.


Relieve stress and enjoy more peace and balance in your life.


Be Happy More Often.

I have gained so much from my sessions with Courtney. I went into the sessions a bit blind, knowing I needed some help to get my inner self back into alignment but basically floundering and unsure what exactly I was missing. Every week my goals changed and I was met with insightful advice and direction about how to work on the issues at hand. Now that I have practical solutions for time management and family planning as well as some inner dialogue techniques to continue to be kind and patient with myself, I am ready to start kicking butt and meeting some physical goals I have set for myself. Knowing now first hand the benefit of having an objective ally, I am very much looking forward to guidance, support and perhaps tough love if I fall off the wagon from Courtney during another round of coaching support. Thank you for everything!!!

Trista Ullock

What you expect when you enroll?

After you have an initial consultation, and you’re signed up, we will schedule your 30-minute on- boarding call. Here we’ll go through a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, commitments and your goals. I will then take everything you share and custom design your initial plan. You’ll then have a clear and COMPLETE plan to implement.

After you’ve received your initial plan design, your weekly coaching calls will further help you with developing, refining, and strengthening the strategies, habits and routines to ensure you are successful in reaching your goals.

This regular, ongoing accountability and support will lead to a positive upward spiral in your motivation, confidence, sense of control, and accomplishment towards your goals.

CHECK OUT what’s included in the One-on-One

Accountability Coaching Program:

A 4 week custom designed nutrition plan, and exercise program. Including recipes and supplementation recommendations.

One, 30-minute private coaching calls each week, plus one 30-minute goal setting & on-boarding call.

Weekly check-in's via text message or Facebook messenger for additional support and accountability.

Full access to all Love Yourself Lean nutritional plans, workouts, meal plans, recipes, meal planning tips and time management strategies.

Let’s Get You Started!

If you’re committed to making a change, and you have a specific health, fitness or weight loss goal that you want to achieve, don’t waste anymore time struggling on your own, invest in professional support and accountability.  



No worries. Is it one of these frequently asked questions?

How do I know if I need time 1:1 coaching?

One-on-One coaching may be right for you if you.. 

  • You feel frustrated because you know what you need to do to reach your weight loss goals, but you struggle to do what you know, consistently. 
  • You start a new healthy routine only to find yourself giving up after a week or two. You just can’t seem to make your healthy habits stick. 
  • You doubt yourself and your ability to lose the weight and keep it off. 
  • You want to exercise more and prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family, but you have a million other priorities begging for your attention. 
  • You keep giving up and reverting back to old, bad habits when you have an “off day,” you get sick, have family visiting, experience work pressures, or when you get emotionally overwhelmed by your responsibilities. 
  • You want to stop wishing you could reach your goals and actually start accomplishing what you’ve been saying you need and want to do. 

Can I try a few coaching sessions before I commit to the full 4-week coaching program? 

Before you have the opportunity to sign up for coaching, I always complete a free initial consultation where we can both get really clear on exactly what’s going on in your life right now, what your current struggles are and we discuss in detail what you what to accomplish from the program. It’s extremely important to me that we’re both completely comfortable that this is exactly the right solution for you. 

I don’t have enough time already…how do I find time for coaching?

I completely understand that private coaching is an investment of time and energy, but I’ve found that women can find the time for it for two main reasons…  

  • We immediately start eliminating lesser priority activities from your schedule so that you open up more time to invest in activities that are important to your overall health and well being. 
  • Except for two short forms that I have you fill out at the beginning of coaching, I try to avoid giving you any sort of additional materials to read that is not directly related to your goals. 

I’m looking for a simple and practical way to create a healthy lifestyle – will I get that?

Absolutely. You’ll learn all the healthy lifestyle principles that I have been teaching my most successful clients for over the past 10+ years. There are no quick fixes here! 

I feel like I’ve failed so many times before. What makes your program different than others?

Many programs don’t work because they… 

  • Ignore the internal emotional/mental factors that can cause weight loss failure
  • Try to fit everyone into a one-size-fits all mold. . 
  • Don’t offer the proper amount of personal support and accountability. 
  • Are unsustainable, and lack the flexibility for the realities of life.  

 1:1 Accountability Coaching is different because it offers custom one-on-one support for you to achieve the kind of results you desire. That means that you are learning basic principles but everything is directly applicable to your goals and your lifestyle. If you like to exercise in the morning or at night, if you’re a stay-at-mom or have a demanding career outside of the home, or whether you’re a single mom or have zero dependents, you will learn how to develop sustainable habits that work for you. You’ll also learn powerful ways to better manage your time, and priorities while also addressing your thoughts and emotions so that they work for you instead of against you.

How do you measure my progress?

During each call, you’ll share what happened since your last session—what were your victories and what you learned. We measure your incremental improvement and cross check it with your goals so we can celebrate progress toward what is most important to you. The goal is for you to focus on being and becoming your best self. 

After my initial 4-week program with you, can I continue to work with you? Will you stay in contact with me to make sure I stay on task? 

During your initial program, you have time to learn new strategies, start to implement them, and make adjustments as needed. Following your initial program, you have the option of signing up for flexible coaching options where you can decide on the frequency of the follow up calls, such as once or twice a month. You can use these calls for ongoing accountability, feedback, and support. 

 Do calls have to be at the same time each time?

 It’s important to me to practice what I coach, and my time investment philosophy is that there needs to be enough flexibility to account for the realities of life. But it is important to plan ahead so we will plan the next call at the end of each session, working around your upcoming commitments. If that means you have your calls at the same time, great! If they change frequently to match your current availability, that’s fine too!

I work all day. Can I schedule evening calls?

I’m located in the Newfoundland Standard Time Zone and typically work standard business hours, but I generally reserve one-two evenings a week where I can take calls later in the day. 

 Can we meet in person?

 Coaching sessions are done through phone and e-mail, but if we’re ever in the same city, and our schedules line-up, I would be delighted to meet with you in-person.

Do you call me or do I call you?

Typically, I call you, but if there’s a special reason for you to call me, then we can coordinate accordingly.

 Do you do group coaching sessions or work with couples?

Generally, I work one-on-one with clients, but in some special instances, I do group coaching or work with couples. If you have another person or a group that would like to participate in my accountability coaching program, we can discuss what it could look like for us to work together. 

 My goal is weight loss. How much weight can I expect to lose?

Your weight loss results will depend on many factors, such as the amount of weight you need to lose. For example, someone who has 100LB to lose will drop fat much faster than someone who has 10LB to lose. It also depends on how hard you work and how consistent you are with following the program.

However, the average weight loss for women on the 30-day plan who are focused purely on fat loss is around 8-12lbs.

Keep in mind that any program can help you drop “Weight”, but much of the weight initially lost is water and toxins leaving the body. Plus, many low calorie, starvation diets have you eating anywhere from 30-50% of the energy you burn daily, and these qualify as severe caloric restrictions which causing your body to lose muscle, and the less you eat the more you lose. As you lose muscle, your body not only begins to take on that amorphous “skinny fat look,” but your metabolism slows down, your bone health decreases, and your risk of disease increases.  So, while severely restricting calories is great for losing weight quickly…it’s ultimately a bad way to go about losing weight.

A much safer, enjoyable and successful way to lose weight is to maintain a moderate caloric restriction of about 20% (eat about 80% of the energy your body burns every day) and by doing so, you’ll able to lose 1-2 lbs of fat per week while preserving your metabolic health, energy levels, lean muscle, and mood. 

If you still have questions, please contact me directly at


or via email at  Courtney@loveyourselflean.com. 

Ready to get Started? 

Accountability is the glue that ties Commitment with Results

If you’re committed to making a change, and you have a specific health, fitness or weight loss goal that you want to achieve, don’t waste anymore time struggling on your own, book a complementary call today and let’s see of my 1:1 Coaching program is the right fit for you.