Welcome to the Love Yourself Lean Community!

This is Your Opportunity to Belong to an On-line Community Exclusively for Women Where You Will Feel Supported, Inspired & Empowered to Love Your Body and Your Life!

Club LYL is a private and exclusive on-line wellness community where women come together in support of each other.

Thousands of women have found success with Love Yourself Lean, and so will you!

As a member of Club LYL you will have access to expert fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching and enjoy the support, inspiration and motivation from other woman just like you who are committed to falling in love with their body and their life!

The road to enjoying optimal wellness can be a bumpy one, filled with ups and downs. There will be days when your find it easy and seemingly effortless to stay committed to your clean eating and exercise plan. However, there will also be days that challenge your committed.

But much like life’s other journeys, the going can be smoother when you have someone to share the trip with. Having helped hundreds of women Love Themselves Lean I can confidently say that being a part of a supportive, positive community was the key determining factor to their success.

I’m willing to bet that the absence of an experienced coach and a supportive community of like-minded women has been the missing link to your success.

Having a “we’re in this together” approach not only reinforces accountability, but also provides positive daily motivation and support when the going gets tough.

Go Where You Are Celebrated & Supported!

As a member of Club LYL you’ll have 24/7 support from me, your fellow community LYL’ers and Love Yourself Lean Mentors!

As the community continues to grow there will always be someone inside the Club to answer questions, offer support and words of encouragement.

It’s like having your own cheering team…with me your head coach!

I created Club LYL with you in mind.

I know you’re busy and you just want some to tell you what to eat and how to exercise to reach your goals.


You want a simple plan that includes workouts you can do anywhere and that don’t require hours in a gym.


You want a meal plan that’s simple to follow, family friendly, recipes that are quick and easy to follow, without any strange ingredients.


You want to enjoy foods that make you feel satisfied and a plan that does not deprive you of the foods you already love.


You want to connect with other women who are on the same journey as you.


You want access to a trusted and experienced Coach to answer your questions and to offer guidance.

All of this and MORE is rolled into your Club LYL Membership!

Here’s What Your Monthly Membership Includes:

Meal Plan of the Month
Never ponder “what’s for dinner again”. You’ll know exactly what to eat meal per meal for the entire month.

You’ll receive a brand new meal plan each month. Meal planning has never been this easy for you and your family.  You’ll be challenged each and every week of the month to -burn more fat – get stronger – feel better – create  the body shaping results you desire!

Skip the guesswork, calorie counting and stress with these done-for-you meal plans. 

PLUS each week you have the opportunity to join in on a LIVE STREAMING meal planning session,  where you can watch me in the kitchen and share in the learning fun as I prepare my LYL Approved meals for the week.   

Recipe Collection of the Month

One of the most important decisions you make each day is choosing which foods to eat. The food we eat is meant to nourish us physically, emotionally, mentally and actively enhance our health and well-being. 

As your Coach I’m committed to helping you see that eating healthy can taste delicious.

Along with your monthly done-for-you meal plans you will receive a brand new collection of delicious and easy to prepare recipes, that the whole family can enjoy.

From energy-boosting breakfast recipes, grab and go snacks, power through your day lunch dishes, cozy dinnertime delights to guilt-free desserts, you’re  sure to find some new favorites every month.

Workout of the Month
Staying fit, active and strong is still an essential part of what I do and teach as a coach. Our community just would’t be the same without our fun post-workout selfies and live-stream workouts.

You can count on me to deliver four unique workouts a month. Videos are in a follow along format, so I’ll be right there with you, counting each repetition and teaching you how to preform each exercise correctly, while also providing exercise modifications.

Never get bored of your workouts again. You’ll be challenged each and every week of the month to -burn more fat – get stronger – feel better – create  the body shaping results you desire!

PLUS each week you have the opportunity to join in on a LIVE workout via  Facebook LIVE. 

Daily Accountability
Accountability is the GLUE that BINDS commitment to results!

Stay on track with your meal plans, weekly workouts and reach your goals with Check Ins, Connection and Community!

Each day you will be prompted inside our private on-line community to check in. Share your goals for the week, post a daily win,  make new friends and quickly connect with others for daily motivation and support. 

Sharing makes you stronger.

You are not alone. You deserve a safe and supportive place be to unapologetically you and ask for support when you need it, to help you embrace the hard days, and to have a cheering committee to to help celebrate your success along your journey to Love Yourself Lean!

You Complete Virtual Coaching Membership

Hi I’m Courtney Rowsell,

A mother of two, ages 7yrs and 5yrs, a women’s wellness coach, fitness motivator, self-love ambassador, cookbook author, speaker and a visionary entrepreneur. 

I’m so glad you’re here!

I know what it feels like to try and fit your own personal care in around all of your other time commitments. I’ve spent the past 15+ years coaching women locally as a fitness studio owner and virtually through my on-line coaching programs, giving them the tools and support they need to replace self-sacrifice and self-neglect with self-care and self-love! Helping them build a healthy foundation for sustainable success.

My mission is to motivate and inspire you to fall in love with your body and your life. Today I stand beside you as your guide, your wellness sister and friend to help you see that eating well and exercising daily is one of the best forms of self-love you can give yourself. Loving yourself, taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s the greatest act of love you can extend to the loved ones in your life.

As a member of our Club LYL Community I’m committed to teaching you how you can transform your body and your health in a way that is BOTH successful and sustainable.

I look forward to taking this Love Yourself Lean journey with you,  so you can achieve the results you are looking for while enjoying life along the way!



Are Ready to TAKE BACK CONTROL over your health and fitness.


Crave VARIETY in your workouts and meal planning.




Want to CONNECT with a COMMUNITY of women and make NEW friends.


Want to foster a LIFE-TIME commitment to a healthy LIFESTYLE.


Ready to join a DETERMINED group of women and support other participants on their health and fitness journey.

Make Your Membership Official & Receive These BONUSES as a Gift!

The Love Yourself Lean Diet

This beautifully designed 178-page guide is your NEW food bible. In this guide I share with you a complete 6 Week Nutritional Plan that thousands of past LYL clients have used to achieve incredible transformations.

It includes my signature dieting principles and strategies such as the 14-Day Detox, Protein Cycling, Earn Your Carbs and my 7-Day Slim Down Diet Challenge.
You MUST read this guide FIRST as all further meal plans you will have access to with your membership will incorporate these diet principles.

At the end of this guide you will also find 60+ delicious recipes that you will WANT to add your LYL recipe collection.

10 Slim Down Hacks
In this 53-page guide I share my top 10 diet and exercise hacks to help jump start your journey to seeing faster results.

You will learn things like the TOP 3 foods you MUST avoid that are currently sabotage your weight loss efforts, plus the best foods to eat for breakfast. In this guide I will also teach you a really cool exercise that you should do before ever core and cardio workout to help you achieve a stronger and slimmer waitlist…plus so much MORE!!

7-Step Quick Start Checklist
It can feel really intimidating and overwhelming to start a new weight loss program. There are dietary changes to make, guidelines to follow, and a list of foods you should or should not eat.

Then there is the exercise piece. Learning what exercises are best, when you should exercise for optimal results and how to fit it into your already overschedule weekly planner? What takes top priority?

In this Quick Start Guide I share with you 7 Steps you can take as a newbie to this program and our community so that you feel less overwhelmed, more organized and confident.
Remember the only sure fire way to succeed is to START! This guide will help the ‘getting starting’ feel a lot less overwhelming.

Digital Copy of my Clean Comfort Foods Cookbook

It’s time to hit the reset button on your health and learn a delicious and more pleasurable way to finally lose the weight and feel great.

My Clean Comfort Fat Burning Foods Cookbook is a beautifully, inspiring blueprint to fueling yourself and your family with delicious wholesome nutrition.
You won’t find anything extreme or complicated in this cookbook – just delicious, nutritious recipes that make losing weight tasty and enjoyable for you and your whole family

The tools and resources in this kit are what have helped over 5,000 women completely transform their bodies.

Here are just a few of the success stories from women who have applied what you will learn in this starter kit.

Love Yourself Lean Success Stories
“So happy with my results and my commitment to a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. I have always been a person who can yo yo up and down on the scales but since starting a program with Courtney I am happy to say that I lost a total of 45 pounds and 38 inches!
– Mandie Fudge, St. John’s NL

“When I started working with Coach Courtney
I could not complete one push-up or hold a plank for more than 5 seconds. Today, I can complete 15 push-ups (not the knee ones either) and hold a plank for 2 minutes. I’ve also successfully lost 38 pounds and 23 inches. Thanks Coach for making me strong and tough again!
– Nikki Parrell, St. John’s NL

“I was stuck in a mom rut. I wanted to go back to being the woman who cared about what she looked like every time she walked out the door. It’s so much work being a mom, wife and having a career, but with the help of Coach Courtney and her Community I have FINALLY realized that if  I’m not happy with myself – I can’t make anyone else truly happy either. Courtney has taught me that I HAVE to MAKE time to take care of myself, and I’m so glad I listened. Proud to share that I have lost a total of 25 pounds and 18 inches.  
– Shelley Decker, Torbay, NL
“I absolutely LOVE Courtney and all the amazing women in her Community. Her recipes are amazing and her meal plans are SUPER easy to follow. Since going her programs I can honesty say I feel like a different person. Energy plus, my sleep quality has dramatically improved and I’m SO MUCH STRONGER. 
– Marion Hrabowsky, St. John’s NL
“Working with Coach Courtney was the BEST thing that I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve lost 18 pounds and 13 inches. When I first started I was very physically weak and I lived on white bread, French fries, gravy and Pepsi. I’ve learned so much about healthy eating and most importantly about how to live a healthy lifestyle.  To anyone first starting out, let me be the first to tell you that if I can do this, you absolutely CAN do this too!
– Kendra White, Mt. Pearl, NL
“I’m a nightmare picky eater – I’ve always bailed from any exercise program that involved any sort of eating plan knowing that I would fail. But last year that all changed when I learned about Coach Courtney’s programs. Her approach to eating for weight loss offered just enough lee-way to still enjoy life while losing weight .  From Day One I knew that Courtney’s program was different. Courtney’s infectious energy and supportive personality is a welcomed changed. This woman is the real deal!
-Pennie Hancock, St. John’s, NL

Be in the inner circle with Coach Courtney and Love Yourself Lean Community!

There’s that saying that goes you are as wealthy as the 10 closest people around you.

Choose to live a life you love in a body you love by connecting with a community of women led by the Founder of the Love Yourself Lean Movement…Coach Courtney!

Club LYL is where it’s at for women who are ready to fall in love with their body and their life!

There are TWO Enrollment Options to Choose From.


Join Club LYL today and give yourself PERMISSION to make YOU a priority.

The women in our community are waiting for you. And I, Coach Courtney, will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Activate your Club LYL Membership TODAY!

It’s time for YOU to Love Your Body and Your Life!

We can do this TOGETHER… starting right now.

“Self-Love is a choice you make (or don’t) in every choice you make… most of us just aren’t strong enough to give ourselves permission to take the loving action needed to nurture and care for ourselves – we tend to over give, over do, over work, or under nurture, under appreciate, under care for ourselves… which is where I and the Club LYL come in.”

We’d LOVE to have you join us!


The Club LYL Membership is $19 a month.
Membership renews every 30 days. Stay as long as you like, you are free to cancel at anytime.

3-Month Membership is available for a one time payment of $59.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Courtney@loveyourselflean.com


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