Welcome to Coach Courtney’s Customized 

Nutrition & Exercise Plan!

This plan is for you if…

You feel You want a customized plan to figure out HOW you should be eating and exercising for your UNIQUE goals.

You want a completely DONE FOR YOU plan to follow,  so that you know EXACTLY what to eat, meal by meal and the workouts you should be doing to reach your goals. 

If this is you, GREAT, you’re in the right place!

For the past 15+ years I have helped hundreds of women transform their bodies and successfully adopt a healthy lifestyle, and the ONE THING that made sure they accomplished what they set out to achieve was that they had an 100% Personalized Plan to follow.

“I’m loving the ease of Courtney’s approach to weight loss and how it’s fitting into my life! It’s a REAL lifestyle program that you can follow forever. I’ve done countless diets and plans over the years only to end up heavier then when I started! So I’m happy to be down 40 lbs so far this year due to Coach Courtney’s customized approach  to helping me reach my goals.  Thank you Coach!”

Deb Brinson

What you can expect from this plan ?

This ONE-TIME personalized plan will consist of an initial discovery session, and goal setting analysis. I will design a personalized plan based on your unique goals, personal and professional commitments, lifestyle and personality.

During the initial discovery session (either in-person or over the phone) we will take a look at your current level of fitness, lifestyle habits, short term & long term goals and determine what will work best for you in terms of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes needed to ensure that you reach your goals.

What you expect when you enroll?

After you have an initial consultation, and you’re signed up, we will schedule your 1-on-1 discovery session.  this session will take place in person or over the phone. Here we’ll go through a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, commitments and your goals. I will then take everything you shared and custom design your eating and exercise plan. You’ll then have a clear and COMPLETE plan to implement.

After you’ve received your initial plan design, you will contuine to recive support from me via email for 30 days to support you in succesfully implementing your plan. 

CHECK OUT what’s included in the Customized Eating and Exercise Plan:

4 week customized eating and exercise plan.

4 weeks of support via text & email to get questions answered, stay accountable, and receive a virtual high five from me.

One, 60 minute private discovery session (in-person or by phone).

LIMITED TIME OFFER! A FREE membership to the Love Yourself Lean "Inner Circle" Club! Includes access to additional workouts, meal plans, recipes, meal planning tips and strategies, & additional group based coaching support.

When & Where Can I Start?

Location: We can meet either in-person at my home-based private studio or connect via a private coaching call to get your plan set-up. After the initial discovery session all support is completed 100% virtually thanks to the magic of technology. I work with clients locally as well as across Canada.

Dates & Times: New clients are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year as spots become available.

I currently have 3 open enrollment spots available. 

Get a COMPLETE 4 week customized eating and exercise plan 


$199 $129

Let’s Get You Started! 

If you’re committed to making a change, and you have a specific health, fitness or weight loss goal that you want to achieve, don’t waste anymore time struggling on your own, invest in a personalized plan that is designed just for YOU!