The 7 Day Hack Your Hormones Workshop begins on June 19th!

If you’re at a point in your life where you wish someone would just tell you what to do to balance your hormones and have it actually work… then this is for you!

Join me for a 7-day opportunity to exclusively work with me in a private Facebook Group where you’ll get access to…

>>> daily live trainings from me. In these trainings I’ll be sharing the nutrition, movement, lifestyle and supplement hormone hacks to help you kickstart your weight loss, boost your energy, balance your mood, improve your sleep, and fix your digestion. If you can’t attend the live trainings you will get access to the recordings. 

>>> a Hack Your Hormones Starter Kit, which includes a quick guide to balancing your hormones, a perimenopause / menopause symptom quiz, a 7 day meal plan, plus recipes!

>>> hang out with me daily to chat about your symptoms, your challenges, the things you’ve tried, what’s not working, and get answers to your most burning hormone and weight loss questions!

>>> a community of midlife-women, who are all committed to better understanding how to support their hormones and their body during the transition into perimenopause, menopause and beyond!

>>> added support and accountability so that you are motivated to implement the hormone hacks you are learning each day.

Imagine having your own weight loss and hormone expert at your fingertips …

If you’re feeling frustrated that things don’t seem to be as easy as they used to be…

It’s not your fault – your hormones are messing with you!

I’m here to help.

You’ll benefit from taking workshop if you…

  • Have been dealing with hormonal imbalance symptoms such as weight gain (or stubborn weight loss), bloating, gut issues, fatigue, poor sleep, pms, headaches, hot flashes, mood swings, or irregular cycles.
  • Feel like you’ve tried all of the things to resolve your symptoms but none of them are really working.
  • Feel overwhelmed by all of the information out there and need simple solutions that you can easily follow to get you real results.
  • Want natural, sustainable solutions to address the root causes of your hormonal imbalances without having to resort to medications or crazy restrictive diets.
  • Feel like a stranger in your own body and are ready to feel confident, comfortable and AMAZING in your skin.
  • Want to understand more about your hormones, your body and learn easy/natural ways to support it via food, movement and lifestyle tips.
  • Want to feel confident that your healthy habits and day-to-day choices will support your hormones and get you real results (instead of doing all the things and getting nowhere).

      If any of these resonated with you then you’re in the right place babe!

      My 7-day Hack Your Hormones workshop will give you the specific steps, tools, education, inspiration and support to pinpoint the root cause of your hormonal imbalances and resolve them with simple, natural hacks to help you feel and look your best.

      If you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and overweight take the first step to getting yourself out of the hormonal hell and join me inside my 7 day workshop!

      I’ve designed this work-with-me opportunity to provide you with an understanding of how your hormones affect YOUR body, so you’re able to pinpoint any imbalances you’re experiencing, get to the root causes of your symptoms, and have the clarity and confidence to better support your hormones and live your best life! 

      So if you’ve been wanting to learn HOW-TO balance your hormones, so that you can lose the extra weight in your waist, have more energy, better moods, calm digestion, and restful sleep, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for you!

      Enroll to work with me inside the 7 day live workshop and get access to my Hack Your Hormones Starter Kit!   

      Join now so that you can make the most of our time together before the workshop starts. 

      See you inside my private workshop community! 

      Hack Your Hormones Starter Kit Includes..


      Quick Guide To Balancing Your Hormones


      Perimenopause / Menopause Symptom Quiz


      7 Day Hormone Balancing Meal Plan


      Hormone Balancing Recipes


      Day 1: Hormones 101

      Before we get into the steps you can start taking right away to help you balance your hormones in order to look and feel your best, it’s important to cover the basics.

      This training is all about providing you with an understanding of how your hormones affect YOUR body, so you’re able to pinpoint the imbalances you’re experiencing, as well as the root causes of your symptoms.


      • Get a snap shot of the major female hormones that shift during perimenopause/menopause and how they affect your body
      • Learn about the other 8 key hormones causing your symptoms and weight gain
      • Learn about the everyday common habits that disrupt your hormones
      • Identify your specific hormonal symptoms and what the main culprits are
      • Review the best testing options to help you correctly diagnose hormone imbalances
      • Learn how to advocate for yourself at the doctors office to avoid feeling confused and dismissed.

      Day 2: Weight Gain + Weight Loss Resistance Hacks


      • The hormones that are causing rapid weight gain
      • The real reason you are not losing weight
      • What hormones to optimize to lose weight the easiest (and fastest)
      • Everyday habits that are damaging your metabolism 
      • The secret hack to indulging and still losing weight
      • How to get rid of midlife belly fat
      • Key supplements needed to accelerate your weight-loss journey
      • The hacks to improving willpower and motivation so you can stick with a plan that works long term

      Day 3: Period Hormone Hacks

      This training is ALL about helping you understand the four phases of your menstrual cycle, as well as the simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle hacks to fix your period.


      • In in-depth understanding of the hormonal fluctuations during each phase and how it affects your weight, appetite, cravings, mood, energy, sleep, libido, skin & more! 
      • Hacks to support each phase with meal ideas, movement plans & lifestyle tips!
      • Learn how to accurately track your cycle
      • What to do of your periods are irregular, you no longer have a cycle, or you don’t have a cycle due to birth control

      Day 4: Digestion + Detoxification Hacks

      One of the lesser known but still equally important foundations when it comes to balanced hormones is supporting your gut + pathways of elimination (aka your liver, kidneys, skin & intestines) is non-negotiable.

      This training dives into simple + specific hacks to help bloating, constipation, ISB, acid reflux, setting you on the path to looking + feeling your best (hi gorgeous, glowing skin).

      • How gut dysfunction impacts our ability to lose weight
      • Learn how to support each organ/pathway with specific foods, supplements + lifestyle hacks 
      • How your gut bacteria is packing on the pounds, & the solutions to fix it 
      • Understand how pooping (yes, pooping!) regularly is a vital part of hormone health + tips to get rid of constipation and bloat 
      • Environmental toxins messing with your hormones
      • Digestion + Detox supporting supplements

      Day 5: Energy + Mood Hacks

      • Take control over mood swings, irritability, and anxious vibes with simple hacks to naturally boost your happy hormones
      • Learn the basics of how blood sugar impacts your energy and mood
      • Get an inside look at how diet culture doesn’t set our blood sugar up for success + how to move past the mindset & build new habits that do
      • Get specific tips on how to put together a blood sugar balancing meal, snack, beverage or treat, every.single.time. (+ alcohol and caffeine hacks)
      • Learn how different workouts can either positively or negatively impact blood sugar (and the best workouts to boost your mood and energy).
      • Understand the root cause of your cravings, and get my #1 hack to stop cravings immediately …this one may surprise you! 
      • The hormone secret to developing unlimited confidence 

      Day 6: Stress + Sleep Hacks

      Stress is a buzzword these days, and I’m pretty sure we’re all aware too much of it can be detrimental to our hormone health. But how do we reduce it in our busy, often negative and toxic culture? 
      This training uses a simple but effective two part approach (reducing stressors + increasing stress resilience) through looking at the foods you eat, the products you use, and the exercise + daily habits you engage in, to help you weed out sneaky stressors in order to have healthy hormones and live your best life!
      • How the hormone cortisol creates stressfat
      • Learn the nutrition + eating tips that work to reduce stress (+ those that sneakily increase it)
      • Foods you must eat every day to manage stress
      • Everyday common habits you do that spike cortisol
      • Effective strategies to manage stress, so that you can iInstantly switch from chaos to calm
      • Get a Sleep Support Cheat Sheet with everything you need to know to optimize your sleep quality (and stop waking up between 1-4am every night!)
      • Figure out your personal, 2 part approach to reduce your stressors + build up your stress resiliency for the best results (includes journal/worksheet prompts)

      Day 7: LIVE Q & A with Coach Courtney

      Join the 7 Day Workshop and Say GOODBYE To Hormone Hell

      Unlock the secret nutrition, movement, supplement and lifestyle hormone hacks for more energy, balanced moods, better sleep and sustainable weight loss.

      This workshop is the only time you can get access to me LIVE and my methodology at such an affordable price. I want to make it accessible to anyone, because I believe every woman should have this information!



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