This Virtual Workshop Series is One of the ONLY Ways You Can Get Access To My Weight Loss & Hormone Methodology At Such an Affordable Cost. 

This Exclusive Workshop Series is Available for just $49 (regular $99)

Do you struggle with 2 or more of these symptoms? 

– eyebrow or hair loss
cold all the time
weight gain
 – weight loss resistance
 – anxiety
 – depression or low mood
 – irritability
GI upsets such as burping/gas/bloating
– headaches
– water retention
– irregular or heavy periods
– moodiness
– low libido
– brain fog or concentration issues
– sugar cravings

If so, then this is a MUST WATCH Series!!

Inside this workshop series I give you ALL the information you need to kick these symptoms.

When it comes to understanding the hormonal changes and stages that we experience as a woman, we’ve been told VERY little! And THIS is why I have created this education-rich workshop series. 

Contrary to what we’ve been told, feeling like crap and dragging yourself through perimenopause is NOT a requirement of moving through this time in your life!
It doesn’t have to feel so hard & confusing! 
You CAN set yourself up for a smooth transition into Perimenopause, Menopause, and PostMenopause.
Be prepared for mic drop moments that will revolutionise your relationship to your female body, your weight and your hormones. This is information you’ll want to share with every woman in your life.

This Exclusive Workshop Series is Available for just $49 (regular $99)


I’m Courtney Rowsell, holistic nutritionist, weight loss expert, women’s hormone educator and creator of The HOT Method, a revolutionary weight loss and hormone balancing program for women.

I’m dedicated to empowering women with the education they need to heal their hormonal imbalances, and to get back to feeling their most vibrant selves. 

Having been a women’s wellness coach for over 15 years, these days my focus is very centered not only on weight loss, but on also helping women understand the hormonal shifts that happen in our female bodies as we transition into perimenopause and menopause.  Most women have never been taught this vital information, and are often just dismissed by their doctor and told their symptoms are “just normal”.

Too often, as women we are left wondering what the heck our next chapter of life will be like.

For many it can feel really scary, and overwhelming.  That’s why I’m committed to holding space for women to have open and honest conversations about their health, body weight and the changes we experience as women, while providing the support and guidance needed to thrive through all stages of life! 

During this 4-part workshop series, I am going to give you the most important steps to successfully drop the extra weight and how to optimize your hormones… with the MOST detail I’ve ever given publicly outside of my private coaching practise. 

~ Coach Courtney  

This is your opportunity to get to the root cause of your weight gain and hormone imbalances, so that you can finally start seeing and feeling REAL and LONG TERM results.

This Exclusive Workshop Series is Available for just $49 (regular $99)