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Get access to the complete Love Yourself Lean Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program below. Each workbook gives you the actionable knowledge you need to transform your body and your life! 


 PHASE I: No Sugar, Wheat or Dairy                       PHASE: II: Earn Your Carbs                                PHASE III: Protein Cycling


Phase I (Week 1 – 3) – Build Your Foundation

Phase II (Week 4-7) – Developing Endurance 

Phase III (Week 8-10) – Hit Your Peak, Finish Strong! 


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The Love Yourself Lean Diet

This beautifully designed 178-page guide is your NEW food bible. In this guide I share with you a complete 6 Week Nutritional Plan that thousands of past LYL clients have used to achieve incredible transformations.

It includes my signature dieting principles and strategies such as the 14-Day Detox, Protein Cycling, Earn Your Carbs and my 7-Day Slim Down Diet Challenge.
You MUST read this guide FIRST as all further meal plans you will have access to with your membership will incorporate these diet principles.

At the end of this guide you will also find 60+ delicious recipes that you will WANT to add your LYL recipe collection.

10 Slim Down Hacks
In this 53-page guide I share my top 10 diet and exercise hacks to help jump start your journey to seeing faster results.

You will learn things like the TOP 3 foods you MUST avoid that are currently sabotage your weight loss efforts, plus the best foods to eat for breakfast. In this guide I will also teach you a really cool exercise that you should do before ever core and cardio workout to help you achieve a stronger and slimmer waitlist…plus so much MORE!!

7-Step Quick Start Checklist
It can feel really intimidating and overwhelming to start a new weight loss program. There are dietary changes to make, guidelines to follow, and a list of foods you should or should not eat.

Then there is the exercise piece. Learning what exercises are best, when you should exercise for optimal results and how to fit it into your already overschedule weekly planner? What takes top priority?

In this Quick Start Guide I share with you 7 Steps you can take as a newbie to this program and our community so that you feel less overwhelmed, more organized and confident.
Remember the only sure fire way to succeed is to START! This guide will help the ‘getting starting’ feel a lot less overwhelming.

Digital Copy of my Clean Comfort Foods Cookbook

It’s time to hit the reset button on your health and learn a delicious and more pleasurable way to finally lose the weight and feel great.

My Clean Comfort Fat Burning Foods Cookbook is a beautifully, inspiring blueprint to fueling yourself and your family with delicious wholesome nutrition.
You won’t find anything extreme or complicated in this cookbook – just delicious, nutritious recipes that make losing weight tasty and enjoyable for you and your whole family

The tools and resources in this kit are what have helped over 5,000 women completely transform their bodies.

Here are just a few of the success stories from women who have applied what you will learn in this starter kit.