Welcome to Coach Courtney’s Masterclass!

Have you heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup?”

But as women we sure do try, which can leave us feeling exhausted, depleted, overwhelmed and overweight.

If this is you, then I would like to personally invite you to join me for my Love Yourself Lean LIVE Masterclass.

A nurturing learning environment where women come together in a small group setting (maximum 10 attendees) to learn self-care tools to help them lose weight and feel great.



Are you struggling to take care of yourself physically and emotionally?  

Do you come home from work like a zombie, too tired to do anything? 

Are you Overwhelmed, Overweight, and Depleted with Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time to Take Care of YOU?  

Something has to give and change.   

When it comes to self-care, we can sometimes fall short of putting our needs first. 

Well, I’m here to remind you that self-care isn’t selfish and you MUST take care of YOU before you can be of the highest service to anyone else.  

If you desire to create a life that feels good for yourself, one where you feel healthy, inspired, connected, and enthusiastic more often than overwhelmed, overweight and exhausted, then this is your personal invitation to join me in-person so that I can teach you how to create more space for self-care in your life so that they can begin a radical transformation, physically and emotionally.

Join me, Coach Courtney in-person for my Love Yourself Lean Masterclass.

WHEN: Tuesday evenings 7-9PM starting Jan.  22nd – Feb. 26th

Together we’ll create a more SUSTAINABLE, less STRESSFUL rhythm for your life – so that you’ll have the time, the health, the energy, and the sanity to take care of what and who you love, including YOURSELF.   

There are 6 KEY PILLARS of self-care that must to be a part of your everyday day life, so that you CAN take better care of yourself, while also meeting the needs of your loved ones.   And I want to teach you EXACTLY how to incorporate each self-care pillar into your life.   

From what I’m witnessing among the women I know and work with, if we don’t find a new way of living and supporting what and who we love and believe in, we won’t have the energy, health or strength we need to thrive and succeed.

Here’s what I am noticing, see if this resonate with you:


You want to be successful.

You want to lose weight, tone up, sleep better and have more energy.

You want to become more positive, feel less stressed, and overwhelmed.

You want to make time for the things you love, while taking care of people you love.

But, sadly there never seems to be enough ‘time.’ And you consistently feel stretched to capacity.

Running on half a tank. Crabby. Crashing. Critical (mostly of yourself).

You feel confused as to how to make a change, how to slow down the pace and release the pressure of your life without the guilt or fear of letting others down.

You want to feel healthy, happy, energized, calm, centered, confident and in shape.

You want to meet the chaos of your days with GRACE and to show-up more powerfully and positively.


The reason you feel like you are ‘failing’ to find balance is not for lack of trying…

You lack the wisdom, practices and tools needed to navigate life as a modern-day woman.

One weekly yoga class, a day at the spa or a 7-day juice cleanse won’t solve your weight problems or the overwhelm you feel every day.

You need to take complete inventory of your life and begin to incorporate daily self-care practices that you can apply to your modern life so that you can transform your body, your health and your life.

For the first time EVER, I’m taking my signature weight loss and lifestyle transformation program, Love Yourself Lean off-line and bringing it to your LIVE.

Join me in-person for six consecutive weeks and get the support you need to successful incorporate the Six Key Pillars of my Signature Love Yourself Lean Program.

One evening a week for 6 weeks you’ll meet with Coach Courtney and a small group of inspired women to learn the self-care best practices needed to successfully lose weight, get in shape and to design a life that feels less stressful and less overwhelming.

Here is what you will learn:

WEEK 1: Time Management, Goal Setting & Managing Distractions

WEEK 2: Nutrition, Meal Planning & Supplements

WEEK 3: Exercise, Rest, Recovery & Your Hormones

WEEK 4: Mindset, Motivation & Emotional Eating

WEEK 5: Support, Surroundings & Scared Space

WEEK 6: Skin, Hair, and Nail Care: Purifying Your Home & Your Body!

Stop thinking about what my kids need.

Stop thinking about what your husband needs.

Stop thinking about what your friends need.

Stop thinking about what work needs from you.

Stop thinking about what needs to get tick-off your to-do list.

And START thinking about what YOU NEED.

And START creating a life that supports you instead if drains you.

I care about YOU.

And I want to share you what is possible for you and your life when you start making YOU and your needs a priority.

If you are craving support from a Coach and a community of women who will stand up and tell you that YOU MATTER! then I’d love for you to join us in this 6-week Love Yourself Lean Masterclass.

Get the support you need to Love Yourself Lean by designing a life that is yours.

When & Where Does This Masterclass Start?

Location: The weekly in-person sessions take place in Coach Courtney’s home

(Caravelle Place, in Airport Heights, St. John’s, NL).  

Dates & Times: Meet every Tuesday evening 7-9PM starting January 22 – February 26th.

Change your habits. Change your Life!

When women gather with intention, shift happens.

Together, we have the power to create anything we desire.

I really hope you will give yourself this gift of learning what it REALLY means to Love Yourself Lean!

The group size will be capped so don’t wait!

Early Bird Rate is $197 until January 12th, then the price goes up to $249.

I look forward to supporting you Love Yourself Lean in 2019!!