Founder of Love Yourself Lean Intl., Women’s Wellness Coach, Author, and Inspirational Speaker.

Hi, my name is Courtney Rowsell. Pour yourself a glass of wine or sparkling lemon water and allow me to share a little about myself and why I’m so happy we are connecting here today! 

I’m a women’s wellness coach, cookbook author, speaker, and visionary entrepreneur whose programs and events have transformed the bodies and lives of thousands of women for the past 16 years.

My mission is to motivate and inspire you to fall in love with your body and your life! Grounded in the philosophy that self-love is not selfish, the lack of self love is self neglect. My goal is to empower you to embrace tangible, practical and powerful daily self-love practices to cultivate deeper self love that extends beyond your weight scale success.

Creating a self care plan that includes what I refer to as the Three C’s to Amplifying Deeper Self-Love you build a healthy foundation that will support you on your path to enjoying greater health and life happiness.

CONDITION – Your body is your temple…the home of your soul! Condition it! Keep it strong through daily exercise.

COOK – Nourish your temple with nutritious, clean food that you cook with love.

CONNECT – Pause, get present and connect with your body and self.

I believe that when you make self-love the priority, it creates a ripple effect of positivity that benefits all areas of your life (ie. family, relationships, career, etc.).

I am deeply committed to teaching you how you CAN transform your body and your health in a way that is BOTH successful and sustainable.

Today I stand beside you as your guide, your wellness sister and friend to help you see that eating well and exercising daily is one of the best forms of self-love you can give yourself.


Too often our attempts of taking better care of ourselves are met with feelings of guilt.

Self-care is never a selfish act!

The truth is that when you take the time to fuel your body with nutritious clean food and daily exercise, you are better prepared mentally and physically to meets the needs of others and the demands of your life.

Loving yourself, taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s the greatest act of love you can extend to the loved ones in your life.

I have spent the past 16 years coaching women locally as a fitness studio owner and virtually through my on-line coaching programs, giving them the tools and support they need to replace self-sacrifice and self-neglect with self-care and self-love! Helping them build a healthy foundation to a lifelong romance with themselves.

My daily efforts are spent cultivating a powerful sisterhood of women who are committed to connecting with each other, supporting each other and inspiring each other to become the best versions of themselves.

Together, as women we must drop the masks we hide behind, and let go of the idea that wonder women does exist. We must fearlessly ask for help and openly accept help when it is offered to us. When we bond together in love and support we become more powerful than we could have ever imagined.

I look forward to taking this self-love journey with you and welcoming you into the Love Yourself Lean Community!

If you’d like to connect about coaching, or speaking with your team, group or organization you can reach me at I look forward to connecting with you!


~Coach Courtney


Courtney holds a B.A. in Psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland, a Masters in Women’s Studies from the University of Philadelphia. She is a IAWP Wellness Coach and professional member of the International Association of Wellness; an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has expertise in areas of holistic nutrition, pre & post natal fitness and yoga.

This East Coast gal grew up in the very small fishing community of ‘Leading Tickles’ in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. As a foodie she loves experimenting with new recipes and drinking good wine with family and friends and enjoying day dates with her husband. Most of all she loves being a mom and making smoothie mustaches while reading books to her daughter Mackenzie and son Nathan.