What is The 90-Day Midlife Method?

The Midlife Method is a 12 week mentorship coaching program designed for women over 40 who want to balance their hormones, lose weight and feel confident.

Imagine what it would be like…

  • To have consistent, steady energy throughout your day
  • To enjoy a deep sleep each night and wake up feeling rested
  • To drop 10, 20 or 30 pounds, and finally lose the belly fat
  • To conquer your Perimenopause symptoms
  • To have a plan to support your body in and post Menopause
  • To eliminate your cravings 
  • To stabilize your mood
  • To heal your digestion  issues (bloating, gas, consitpation, heartburn, IBS, etc.)
  • To understand your hormones & the changes happening in your body
  • To live in a body that feels healthy and  strong
  • To have a period that doesn’t knock you out
  • To end your PMS symptoms
  • To feel so damn empowered in your skin, knowledgeable in your midlife body and clear in your mind that you walk into the second have of your life with confidence, strength, and purpose!


All these women were in the same situation you’re probably going through right now. Get inspired by their transformation stories. 
Meet Terri-Lynn, age 44, wife, full-time working mom of 2 who got her sexy back! 
At the age of 44 Terri-Lynn found herself heading down a slippery slope turning to junk food and wine for comfort.  She stopped exercising and eating healthy. She was in a RUT.  
She didn’t feel like herself. She didn’t like the way she looked, and she hit a point where she knew it was time to do something about it, and knew she couldn’t do it on her own. So she said YES to herself and to this program.
Three months later and 20 pounds lighter, Terri-Lynn feels gorgeous and strong again.  She is ready to live her best life!
Meet Laura! After years of yo-yo dieting and endless fad diets, she was fed-up! Within 3 months, she conquered her weight loss goal of 30 pounds and found a plan she can now follow lifelong!
Before The Midlife Method Laura did not feel her best.  She knew she was doing something wrong, but couldn’t figure out what it was.  She wanted to understand her HORMONES better and find the best way to fuel her body, so that she could LOOK, FEEL and PREFORM at her best. After many years of trying different programs she was done, and ready to get off the ‘hamster wheel’ of yo-yo dieting.
30 POUNDS DOWN,  Laura has  gained the EDUCATION and the CONFIDENCE she needed!
Meet Brenda! From working as a Nurse to super mom at home, she felt stuck and complacent in her current situation. She got the accountability and structure she needed to lose 30 pounds!
30 POUNDS GONE, Brenda’s confidence is through the roof, she is fit and healthy, and feels incredible. The best part about this journey is that Brenda changed the entire dynamic of her family.  She switched out the bags of chips for pounds of veggies. Now her family knows the importance of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE because they see mom embodying it in her daily life, and THAT right there is priceless!!
She is truly an inspiration to every mother out there that dreams of being fit and healthy.

Is The 90-Day Midlife Method Right for you? 

Do you have any of these frustrating symptoms of hormonal imbalances? 

Weight gain, specifically in the mid section?


Abdominal bloating, indigestion and other digestive issues?


Difficulty losing weight no matter how much you restrict calories or increase exercise?


Mood swings, anxiety and/or depression?


Sugar cravings? Have tried to stop eating sweets but can't?


Debilitating fatigue that leaves you unable to do the things you need / want to do?


Hair loss and thinning hair?


Insomnia / trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?


Joint pain or body aches, unrelated to exertion?


Memory decline / brain fog?


Depend on coffee to feel more alert and motivated?


Frequent headaches (especially migraine)?


Low libido? Little to no interest for sexual experiences?


Menstrual cycle has become irregular, less frequent or stopped altogether?


Get PMS or pre-menopausal / menopausal moodiness (tears, anger, depression)?

If you answered YES to SIX or more of these symptoms then The Midlife Method is for you!

It’s time for you to get back into balance and back to feeling like yourself again. 

Meet Courtney, Your Empowerment Coach Inside The Midlife Method

Hi, I’m Courtney Rowsell,

In case we haven’t met before, I’m a Midlife Empowerment Coach, Hormone Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert.  I help midlife women create a sustainable, enjoyable approach to their health and help them learn how to fuel their bodies so they can support their energy, mood, hormones, & weight in a way that is sustainable… without extremes or restriction.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue in 2019 and dealt with a wide range of symptoms, from fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, sleeplessness and anxiety.

That led me to dive deep into studying hormones, metabolism and thyroid health. I realized that many of the protocols and diets that many women are following are seriously damaging their metabolism leading down a path of imbalances, symptoms and poor health.

This led me to create The 90 Day Midlife Method, a wellness mentorship program designed for middle aged women to get the guidance and support they need to restore hormonal health, and achieve sustainable weight loss, without diet obsession, restriction and extremes.

If you decide to join me inside this program, I promise to teach you more about your female body than you have ever been taught before.

I will work with you and support your in creating a midlife transformation with next level care and energy. I’m here to walk you through my step by step method to help you revolutionize your relationship with your body and your health midlife.

Inside The 90 Day Midlife Method I take Your Through a Proven 4-Phase Plan To Help You Lose Weight, Balance Your Hormones, Reset Your Digestion, Boost Your Energy & Feel Confident In Your Body! 

What You’ll Receive When You Say YES…

  • A 4-Phase Midlife Nutrition Plan – to help heal your digestion, balance your hormones, and ignite your metabolism.
  • Meal Plans, Hundreds of Recipes – enjoy a collection of delicious, easy to prepare recipes to boost energy & mood, balance hormones and restore a healthy weight. 
  • A 4-Phase Midlife Movement Program – with a mix of yoga, strength training and cardio to help you strengthen your body, increase energy, and support fat loss without burning you out.
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls With Courtney transformation doesn’t happen without education.  Every second week we meet virtually where I dive into a variety of topics around your health, and hormones, so that you have a deeper understanding of how your body works and how your need to support yourself midlife.  The empowerment that comes out of these sessions is palpable. If you can’t join live, everything is recorded for you.
  • Weekly Meal Planning + Cooking Classes – join me inside The Midlife Kitchen each week as I bring you a delicious dose of cooking inspiration. If you can’t join live, everything is recorded for you. 
  • Weekly 1-1 Coaching & Feedback from Coach Courtney – you will complete and submit a weekly check-in. I will review your progress , food & training log, weight, measurements, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan to ensure you are making progress each week.
  • Private Facebook group for community interaction and bonus content.
  • Lifetime access to all your information, video modules, bonuses and more! 

Here’s How It Works And What You’ll Be Doing In Each Of The 4 Phases Of The Program

PHASE I: Digestion Reset (Weeks 1 & 2)

In this phase we’re going to kickstart your weight loss by optimizing your digestion to help you drop the most amount of pounds. 

You’ll follow a 14-Day Digestion Reset Nutrition Protocol  designed to help you overcome digestive issues like bloating, gas, constipation, reflux etc.  You’ll enjoy delicious food without the bloating and discomfort.

You’ll watch 2 pre-recorded coaching sessions. One on rebuilding your gut health and another on fibre. 

You’ll learn to create a meal planning strategy that works for you, your family and you’ll lifestyle. Plus, receive tips for healthy eating on the go and while dining out. 

Movement will be focused on walking and completely 10,000 steps per day. You’ll begin your strength building program in Phase II. 

PHASE II: Blood Sugar Reset (Weeks 3 & 4)

In this phase we’re going to build on the nutrition principles from Phase I with a focus on creating stable sugar – which isn’t just important for people with diabetes – it’s a core pillar of hormonal health and weight loss.   

You’ll follow a 14-Day Blood Sugar Reset Nutrition Protocol  designed to help you reduce your cravings, boost your energy, support balanced mood, and ‘turn-off’ your fat storing hormones. 

You’ll watch 2 pre-recorded coaching sessions. One on how to curb late night cravings, and another on how to stay on track over the weekends.

You’ll begin your strength building program, and complete 2 at-home or gym based workouts. 

PHASE III: Metabolic Reset (Weeks 5-10)

You’ll learn how to master your macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats).

You’ll begin to track your food using “MyFitnessPal”, so that you can dial in your portion sizes to ensure you are supporting contuined fat loss. 

You’ll learn about metabolic adaptation and the strategies you need to get over weight loss plateaus. 

You’ll watch  a series of pre-recorded coaching sessions on a number of different topics such as how to enjoy treat meals and still lose weight, pre & post workout nutrition,  how to handle social pressure, how to stay motivated on your weight loss journey, effective strategies to manage stress, and more!

You’ll build upon your previous workout program, and complete 4 at-home or gym based workouts, per week. 

Phase IV: Reverse Diet (Weeks 11 & 12)

This is where we will fine-tune your results! This phase is all about finishing strong, and learning how to KEEP losing, and how to KEEP IT OFF.  

You’ll learn how to evaluate your progress and what changes you need to make to keep losing the weight, if you still have weight to lose. 

You’ll contuine to track and I’ll teach you a weight maintenance strategy called “Reverse Dieting” and by the end of the 12 weeks,  you’ll decide if you want to enter into this next Phase.

And that’s how the program works in a nutshell.

Each Phase Has Been Carefully Refined Over The Past Four Years To Ensure You Get The Best Results Possible, In The Healthiest Way Possible!

Hear What a Few More Clients Have To Say About Their Experience Inside The Midlife Method

Meet Donna, age 60, who lost 45 pounds!
Before starting the program, she was 45 pounds overweight, had an elevated resting heart rate, was taking blood pressure medication, a stomach acid pill, and suffering from Arthritis.
It wasn’t until she got to her lowest point that she decided to finally make the commitment to lose the weight and become healthy, mentally and physically.
Today, this lifestyle is second nature to Donna. She has the tools. She has the blueprint. She is set for life.
Take a moment to hear Donna’s inspiring story.
Even when you feel like all the odds are against you… you STILL have the ability to completely transform the trajectory of your health!!
Donna is living proof that it’s never too late to get your lifestyle right.
Meet Holly, age 55, who lost 20 pounds!
Holly’s circumstances were much like other women in the program…she exhausted all the fad diets with no lasting results and felt stuck.
After just 10 weeks in the program she’s healed her damaged metabolism, and is eating more than she ever did on past weight loss programs.
She’s learned how and what to eat during her menopausal years, and what types of movement serve her the best.
She’s been on the program during vacations, holidays and work trips too.
She is a pro at ordering Coach Courtney approved restaurant meals and knows exactly how to balance her lifestyle with social events.
This woman is proof that you don’t have to compromise on these kinds of occasions just because they revolve around a restaurant or food! At 55 Holly has regained control of her health and her weight.
She was not about to wait around and let menopause decide her fate.

Meet Mary Lynn, who was struggling with Perimenopause symptoms, and dismissed by her Doctor.

Mary-Lynn came to me wanting to drop the dreaded 10lb she gained since hitting her 40’s.
On top of the weight gain, she struggled with broken sleep, waking nightly between 1-4am, she felt exhausted throughout the day, her mood was at an all time low, she was breaking out in severe hives, and canker sores that were making her feel extremely self-conscious, and concerned.
She felt a complete lack of control and ‘lost a part of herself’ as nothing she used to do was working.
She tried restricting her calories, exercising more, went to a Naturopathic Doctor, as well as her GP, only to be told her blood work was ‘normal’ – nothing was working to help her shed the extra pounds, and improve how she was feeling in her 40+ year old body.
She knew she had to try something different.
Over the past 10 weeks, we worked on her digestion, blood sugar, stress response, removing inflammation, eating according to her body type, syncing with her hormone fluctuations – and put her on personalized strength building protocol.
Two months into the program and she is sleeping through the night,  has all day energy,  zero hive breakouts, her canker sores have disappeared, she has dropped 10lb and 12 inches, and is strength training 4 days a week without pain.
And she achieved all of this without having to give her weekly glass of wine, sacrifice a girls night out, or family get togethers.