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Hey! It’s Coach Courtney here and I am SO excited to share this BRAND NEW Masterclass series with you.

I created this Mindset Reset Masterclass to help you overcome the negative, destructive thought patterns that are perpetually sabotaging you from reaching your weight loss goals.  

In this Mindset Masterclass we will work through some of the most common types of negative destructive thinking…All-or-Nothing Mindset, Perfectionism, Comparison, Dwelling on Failure, and Emotional Eating. You will learn how to train your brain for weight loss success. Because you can have the best nutrition plans and exercise programs but if you don’t do anything to support your  mindset, it’s not gonna last.


How to Overcome Failure: 9 Powerful Steps

Failure and success go hand in hand. It’s impossible to be successful and not face failure. That’s why it is very important that you learn how to overcome your failure. In this coaching lesson I share 6 ways to overcome failure on your weight loss journey.

5 Steps to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“Why can’t I look more like her?” How the comparison complex makes you hate on your body – and 5 ways to beat compassion trap. 

5-Steps To Beat the All-or-Nothing Mindset 

I am going to give you a proven step-by-step strategy to help you reset our Mindset so that you can get out of this all or nothing trap. 

How to Overcome Perfectionism: 6 Powerful Habits

By adapting the 6 powerful habits I teach in this coaching lesson, you will be able to adapt the 80/20 approach to your weight loss journey and finally escape the perfectionism trap once and for all.

Emotional Eating: Why It Happens & How to Stop it

Do you find yourself racing to the pantry when you’re upset, tired, bored, or stressed? Finding comfort in food is common. In this lesson I’m going to teach you how to identify your emotional eating triggers, and how to develop alternative ways to feed your emotions without food. 

How to Stay Motivated on Your Weight Loss Plan

You know you want to lose weight and you’re pretty clear on the changes you need to make, but you also know that getting and staying motivated can be extremely challenging.  In this coaching lesson I teach teach how to reach your weight-loss goals no matter how unmotivated you are.

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The Mindset Reset Masterclass is the training program you’ve been waiting for.

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