Did You Know 92% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Finally an alternative to programs that promise ‘fast fat loss’ but only serve to kill your metabolism and fuel rebound weight gain. 

Enough is enough! 
It’s time to STOP excess exercise & dieting and start connecting the dots between what you’re doing and eating and how your body is reacting. 
Education is the KEY ingredient to driving compliance to any plan – once you understand how to exercise, what to eat and why, success is just around the corner.
So many people *FAIL* at their New Year weight loss resolution and end up right back where they were when they started, or worse – FATTER. 

There are four factors why most women fail at their New Year weight loss resolutions:


Your goals are probably un-realistic so you're already setting yourself up for failure.


You're doing the wrong type of exercise which is increasing the fat storing hormone 'cortisol'.


You're using a template 'read it and eat it' meal plan. Your 'diet' isn't customized for your body or food preferences so you'll be setting yourself up for re-bound weight gain.


You view weight loss as a short term activity with no long term plan for sustainability.


You lack support trying to 'go it alone' and lose motivation.

Sadly It’s True 92% of Resolutions *FAIL*

If you’re told to blindly follow a fitness and nutrition plan you’re  NOT likely to have long term success. 
Even if you do see results, when the program ends, you won’t understand the process enough to maintain your results and you’ll regain weight you lost (and more!). 
The DIFFERENCE with the New Year New You Challenge is that you’ll gain a DEEP UNDERSTANDING of why you’re doing what you’re doing so that you’ll not only get fabulous results, this six week program will just be the START of your transformation.
You’ll gain the knowledge you need to continue on the path of improved wellness and weight loss.

So just dump the idea of fat diets & crazy resolutions and let me tell you about my New Year New You Challenge

Personalized Fat Loss Training

I know every woman is different, and that is why I customize each workout to your individual needs giving you the perfect workout every time.

Custom Meal Plans

I take out all the guess work where nutrition is concerned. I provide you with what to eat, how much and how often. It is literally fool proof.

Fast & Efficient

I know  how busy you are, so I made your workouts super fast and yet insanely effective by harnessing the “afterburn” effect so you will burn fat 24/7.

Here Are the Details Of The New Year New You Challenge 


I've designed the program to overcome the four fail factors mentioned above.


It's a six week body transformation program specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you workout to give you the coveted "after burn" effect so you can burn more fat once you leave. "After burn" is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a really good workout. In fact it's scientifically proven that you can go into after burn and torch more calories for as much as 18 hours after a workout.


Each workout session is designed to put your body into "after burn" to help get the most fat loss during the six week program.


You'll also get a customized meal plan to follow, designed to burn even more fat. Now, this is NOT really a diet, it's a fat loss eating program - simply a way to modify your eating for SUSTAINABLE fat loss.


We'll have weekly in-person weigh-ins & food log checks for added accountability and to get all your questions answered


The New Year New You Challenge starts on Monday, January 21st and runs until March 2nd, with the option to continue after the initial 6 wees challenge.


I want to make sure this program is financially within reach for any woman who wants to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, get support and reach her ideal weight.

RESULTS from Clients (Just Like You)…

“So happy with my results and my commitment to a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. I have always been a person who can yo yo up and down on the scales but since starting a program with Courtney I am happy to say that I lost a total of 45 pounds and 38 inches!
– Mandie Fudge, St. John’s NL

“When I started working with Coach Courtney
I could not complete one push-up or hold a plank for more than 5 seconds. Today, I can complete 15 push-ups (not the knee ones either) and hold a plank for 2 minutes. I’ve also successfully lost 38 pounds and 23 inches. Thanks Coach for making me strong and tough again!
– Nikki Parrell, St. John’s NL

“I was stuck in a mom rut. I wanted to go back to being the woman who cared about what she looked like every time she walked out the door. It’s so much work being a mom, wife and having a career, but with the help of Coach Courtney and her Community I have FINALLY realized that if  I’m not happy with myself – I can’t make anyone else truly happy either. Courtney has taught me that I HAVE to MAKE time to take care of myself, and I’m so glad I listened. Proud to share that I have lost a total of 25 pounds and 18 inches.  
– Shelley Decker, Torbay, NL
“I absolutely LOVE Courtney and all the amazing women in her Community. Her recipes are amazing and her meal plans are SUPER easy to follow. Since going her programs I can honesty say I feel like a different person. Energy plus, my sleep quality has dramatically improved and I’m SO MUCH STRONGER. 
– Marion Hrabowsky, St. John’s NL
“Working with Coach Courtney was the BEST thing that I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve lost 18 pounds and 13 inches. When I first started I was very physically weak and I lived on white bread, French fries, gravy and Pepsi. I’ve learned so much about healthy eating and most importantly about how to live a healthy lifestyle.  To anyone first starting out, let me be the first to tell you that if I can do this, you absolutely CAN do this too!
– Kendra White, Mt. Pearl, NL
“I’m a nightmare picky eater – I’ve always bailed from any exercise program that involved any sort of eating plan knowing that I would fail. But last year that all changed when I learned about Coach Courtney’s programs. Her approach to eating for weight loss offered just enough lee-way to still enjoy life while losing weight .  From Day One I knew that Courtney’s program was different. Courtney’s infectious energy and supportive personality is a welcomed changed. This woman is the real deal!
-Pennie Hancock, St. John’s, NL

 And The Best Part – THE PRICE!

I want to make sure this program is financially within reach of any woman who wants to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, get support and reach her ideal weight.
I’ve made it a very affordable price at only $247, or 3 equal payments of $87. This includes all the training, the meal plans, support & accountability. 
I’ll help you connect the dots between what you’re eating and your results so that any weight you lose will be gone for good! 
Side note: Often times, you don’t need to reduce calories to lose weight. To change your body composition, you simply need to change the composition of your nutrition. There will be NO starvation diets!
Now, typically my training programs range from $297 – $450 for six weeks. But since I want you to start 2019 off right, I’ve priced this program at just $247 which includes a in-person training, meal plan, nutritional motivation and support. This is an incredibility good deal considering all the support you’ll be getting.

There are TWO Enrollment Options to Choose From


  • Drop 10 to 20 Pounds of Fat for GOOD
  • Drop 1 to 3 Dress Sizes So That You Can Get Back into Your Little Black Dress
  • Lose 2-4 Inches from Your Waist So That You Can Slide Back Into Your Skinny Jeans
  • Meal Plans + Family Friendly Recipes Provided So That You Never Have To Guess What To Eat Ever Again
  • Unlimited Coaching and Access to a PRIVATE VIP Facebook Group So That You Have Access to Support and Motivation 24/7
  • Three, 50 Minute Training Sessions per week, for 6 Weeks
  • Get a Personalized workout plan for at home use if you can’t make it to your sessions
  • Before and After Body Composition Analysis 

Here’s what you need to do now… 

The program starts Monday, January 21st, and I already have a full client load so I can’t take on more then 10 women for this. Since it’s only $247 I’m guessing it’s going to fill up FAST. 

Select the group training time that works best for you:


GROUP A: Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 6:00AM (6 spots ) Only 2 spots left!

GROUP B: Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 5:30PM (6 spots) FULL

GROUP C: Monday / Wednesday at 6:30PM & Saturday at 9:00AM (6 spots) Only 4 spots left!


The Love Yourself Lean Studio is based out off a 800ft space inside my home in Airport Heights, St. John’s. 

ADDRESS: 13 Caravelle Place, St. John’s, Newfoundland A1A 0N4 

This boutique style set-up offers an intimate training experience, and is equipped with commercial grade fitness equipment, cardio machines and free weights.


Now that you know that a ‘diet’ or ‘resolution’ are not your answers to sustainable fat loss (and ultimately doomed to fail) just hit click the button below and you’ll be instantly registered for the New Year New You Challenge.

Or call me directly at 709-330-4665 and we’ll register you over the phone.

Committed to your health and fitness,

~ Coach Courtney
Founder & Owner of Love Yourself Lean Intl.

Just hit click the button below and you’ll be instantly registered for the New Year New You Challenge or call me at 709-330-4665 and we’ll register you over the phone.   Hurry because space is limited and the program starts January 21st.


If you still have questions, please contact Coach Courtney directly at  


or via email at  Courtney@loveyourselflean.com.

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