The Well Nourished Woman


(Starts February 6th)

A Step by Step Plan to Help You Heal Your Metabolism, and Balance Your Hormones, So That You Can Have More Energy, Better Moods, and Sustainable Weight Loss…Without Diet Obsession, Extremes or Restriction.



Welcome to The Well Nourished Woman

It’s safe to say that many of us are constantly chasing ‘the next 5 pounds’ and wondering why as we age, our metabolism, hormones, and all-around vitality start to diminish. This leads us on a vicious cycle of diet after diet, restriction, deprivation, overwhelm, complication and downright frustration.

Am I right?!

What if I told you that cutting calories, eating “clean”, and relying on willpower and discipline isn’t the answer to reaching your goals?

What if instead, you learned how to support your metabolism, your hormones, and find the right balance based on your personal preference?

What if you finally figured out what works for YOU & give your body exactly what it needs to thrive.

If you’ve been chasing quick fixes and jumping on the new diet bandwagon every few months, only for your symptoms + weight to return, The Well Nourished Woman is for you!

Does this sound like you? 

  • You feel like you eat pretty healthy already but things still feel “off”
  • You’re confused and frustrated because despite doing ALL the things, you still have low energy and stubborn weight
  • You’re tired of the midday energy slump and fatigue that makes you feel unmotivated
  • You struggle to stay consistent… you’re either “all in” or completely off track
  • You feel constantly derailed by cravings and bloating
  • You’re moody, anxious, and just don’t feel like yourself

You’ve tried a LOT of things… 

You’ve done Paleo, Keto, intermittent fasting, sugar detoxes, low cal, low carb, vegan…and you still don’t feel any better.

In fact, you feel like it’s even harder to lose weight and keep it off… and maybe even other symptoms have popped up like chronic bloating, fatigue, PMS, fatigue, weight gain, and thyroid issues even though you still try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine if…

  • You have steady, consistent energy without relying on coffee
  • You can easily maintain your weight without dieting or excessive exercise
  • You can enjoy eating out, date night, vacation, and holidays without getting bloated or stressing out about what you’re eating
  • You fall asleep quickly and stay asleep
  • Your hormones are balanced – no more PMS or uncomfortable periods, mood is great, libido is strong
  • You have stable moods and can handle stress like a boss
  • You have normal digestion without bloating or constipation
  • You wake up feeling motivated, focused, and are excited to eat well and move your body every day
  • Your hair, skin, and nails are strong and glowing
  • You look good AND feel good
  • You know exactly what works and what doesn’t work for supporting your hormones and metabolism


You no longer had to pick foods based on calories or grams of fat, and instead you actually know what to eat to feel good.

You didn’t think about food 24/7 (“when’s my next meal, should I eat this, I’m bad for eating that”, etc.) and you can just put your decisions on automation without overthinking it?

You could go to the grocery store, read labels, navigate menus, and travel without getting “off track”.

You make delicious, amazing food that you actually look forward to eating, and enjoy dessert after dinner if you wanted it.

You could actually be consistent and finally feel good in your own skin again. 


In case we haven’t met before, my name is Courtney Rowsell. I’m a Hormone Nutritionist.  I help women create a sustainable, enjoyable approach to their health and help them learn how to fuel their bodies so they can support their energy, mood, hormones, & weight in a way that feels GOOD… without extremes or restriction.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue in 2019 and dealt with a wide range of symptoms, from fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, sleeplessness and anxiety.

That led me to dive deep into studying, metabolism, hormones and thyroid health. I realized that many of the protocols and diets that many women are following are seriously damaging their metabolism leading down a path of imbalances, symptoms and dysfunction.

This led me to create The Well Nourished Woman, a step by step program to help women restore their metabolism and heal their hormones, without diet obsession, restriction and extremes.

The Well Nourished Woman is a Step-by-Step Program That Will Give You the Tools and Support So That You Can:

  • Finally lose weight in a way that is healthy, and doesn’t involve going to extremes
  • Learn to fuel your body with the right foods and movement
  • Create a better relationship with food and your body
  • Build meals that are enjoyable, satisfying, and that don’t require relying on willpower or discipline
  • Understand the right amount of calories, protein, carb, & fat that you need based on your goals
  • Have a flexible metabolism so you can eat out, travel, & enjoy your favorite foods without stress, gaining weight, or having digestive issues
  • Support your hormones with the right workout, sleep, & stress lowering routines
  • Figure out what works for you long term so there’s no more on and off track over and over again

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • No longer have to follow a diet or list of yes / no food lists.
  • Enjoy eating real food, consistently without trying so hard
  • Understand how your body works instead of jumping on another diet bandwagon
  • And get the support system that shows you exactly how to nourish your metabolism, support hormones, balance your mood, and increase your energy while eating foods that you enjoy.

Upon Completion of The Well Nourished Woman Reset You’ll…

  • Gain confidence in your food choices and what is best for YOUR body
  • Have more freedom and flexiablity so you can live your life without stressing about food and what your eating
  • Understnad your body & know what it’s telling you
  • Have the knowledge and tools to be your best health advocate
Enroll in the 8-week reset

Inside The Well Nourished Woman 8-Week Reset, I Walk You Through My 4-Phase Plan To Help You Heal Your Metabolism and Balance Your Hormones

What You’ll Receive When You Say YES…

  • A 4-Phase Nutrition Plan + Lifestyle Strategies – to help heal your digestion, ingnite your metabolism, calm your nervous system and optimize your sleep.
  • Meal Plans, Hundreds of Recipes – enjoy a collection of delicious, easy to prepare recipes to boost energy & mood, balance hormones and restore a healthy weight. 
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls With Courtney – every second week we meet virtually where I dive into the types of conversations around your health and hormones that you should have been having since you were a young girl. The empowerment that comes out of these sessions is palpable. If you can’t join live, everything is recorded for you.
  • Weekly Meal Planning + Cooking Classes – join me LIVE inside The Well Nourished Woman Virtual Kitchen each week as I bring you a delicious dose of cooking inspiration. If you can’t join live, everything is recorded for you. 
  • Private Facebook group for community interaction and bonus content.
  • Lifetime access to all your information, video modules, bonuses and more! 


Eight Pre-recorded Video Training Modules – you will receive one new education -rich video training session each week that are exclusively made for The Well Nourished Woman Program to expand and deepen your education about your body and hormones.


If you struggle with consistency and staying motivated, and would like a little extra support and private accountability to ensure you start and finish this 8-week Reset, you can UPGRADE your enrollment to include Private Coaching. Here’s what that extra support includes…

  • 8x Private Weekly Check-ins With Your Coach – you will work 1-on-1 with our Well Nourished Woman Accountability & Success Coach Tammy King. Through virtual weekly private check-ins you will be supported and held accountable to your daily/weekly goals. Plus, you’ll be guided on how to further personalize the program to best support your unique goals and challenges. 
  • A Private Communication App – where you can communicate with your coach privately and securely, daily between 7am-7pm when you need additional support/accountability or extra motivation.


 Meet Tammy King

Tammy King is a certified Holistic Weight Loss Expert, and a Mindset & Accountability Mentor. She’s deeply passionate about helping women uncover the things that are holding them back and to being their biggest cheerleader on that journey.

Having worked in the corporate world for 10 years, completing various health certifications, starting a business and mothering two young girls at home, Tammy understands the demands that come along with being a working mother, entrepreneur and feeling burnt OUT!

For this reason, she’s deeply passionate about helping busy and stressed out women feel more energized, regulate their hormones and beat the feelings of burnout.

During your weekly private check-in’s, using a strategic and individualized approach, Tammy will help you address the root causes of your challenges, and equip you with the tools, techniques and support you need to stay consistent.

8-Week Reset


  • An 8-week step-by-step program to help you heal your metabolism, optimize your thyroid and balance your hormones
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Eight Pre-recorded Video Training Modules
  • Weekly Meal Planning + Virtual Cooking Classes 
  • Meal Plans, Hundreds of Recipes
  • Access Monthly Virtual Workshops and Live Q&A Calls
  • A Private Facebook group 
  • Lifetime access to all your information, video modules, bonuses and more!


        8-Week Reset + Private Coaching

        Playment plan options are also available at checkout


        • 8x, 30-Minute Private Weekly Check-ins
        • A Private Coach-to-Client Communication App For Daily Support + Accountability



            Inside The Well Nourished Woman Program, I’m committed to teaching you how to better understand what’s happening to your body on a deeper hormonal and metabolic level, and how to truly nourish your body using my 4-phase plan for creating optimal health. 

            From here you’ll work one-on-one with our Well Nourished Woman Accountability & Mindset Coach Tammy King to help guide you through the 4-phase plan, provide additional personalization, weekly accountability and support to ensure you stay consistent on your journey. 

            I didn’t create this program because it was something that just worked for me. 

            After 15+ years of working as a coach in this industry, and working with thousands of women, I developed this program for YOU – to help you step into a new level of health feeling empowered that you know exactly what is best for you and your body. 

            I would love to help you create the body + health that you desire, in a sustainable way.

            If you’re ready to become and Well Nourished Woman Tammy and I are SO ready to guide you through the process.

            I hope to see you inside The Well Nourished Woman Community!  

            In a Matter of Weeks You Could Be On Your Way to Feeling Nourished, Balanced and Empowered in Your Body.

            It’s time to optimize your female physiology with a complete blueprint that teaches you how to nourish your way to optimal metabolic and hormonal health.

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