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Starts July 18th 

Have you ever gotten to the end of the Summer and wondered where the time has gone? I have, and despite my best intentions I’ve often regretted that I didn’t make better use my time.

As moms our lives get incredibility busy during the Summer months. Schools out, kids are home and we’re on duty 24/7. 

We have so many demands on us that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with it all and neglect our own needs.

We become the Entertainer, the Party Planner, the Vacation Planner, the Referee, the Chef, the Chauffeur.…and MORE!!!

While also still showing up for work, keeping the house in order, making time for friends and family, and trying to avoid the Summer weight gaining traps.

It’s A LOT.

As mothers, we spend our days trying to take care of everything and everyone, leaving little to no time for ourselves. Our entire being is often spread to thin. The only thing that comes close to motivating us is knowing that, at the end of the day, we can go to bed and sleep.

Can you relate?

I call this Summer Mom Burnout, and I’m here to show you a better way!

Preventing Mom Burnout during the Summer or any time of the year, in general, is something that we as moms truly need to start working on. If we’re burnt out, tired, cranky, and in a miserable mood, how are we supposed to take care of our families, let alone take care of ourselves? That sounds like a not-so-fun summer to me!

My Summer Mom Burnout Story

It was the Summer of 2018 and I found myself feeling extremely depleted, overwhelmed, irritable, and less engaged with my children, who at the time were 7 and 5 years old. By the time September rolled around I was eager to send them back to school, and ready to get back into the structure of the school year. 

Physical exhaustion is one thing,  but the mental exhaustion I felt during that time was at all time high. And because I often felt overwhelmed, I never had a chance to form a complete thought, let alone plan a day of fun. 
And so, while other families had day trips, picnics, and trips to the water park, my kids were mostly expected to entertain themselves. And the longer we went without a “day of fun” the longer I got down on myself for being such a failure as a mother. I sought comfort in food and a few to many glasses of wine. I skipped the gym, and prioritized work over having fun. 

It was an endless spiral: tired and moody – no energy to plan a fun day – no fun day, more moody And….repeat.

The last few weeks of August I held on by my fingernails. And when it was all over, I was plagued with mom guilt about the things we didn’t do, and regret for the poor choices I made that landed me 10 pounds heavier.

Determined not to repeat that Summer the following year I set out on a journey to live out my Summers more intentionally.

The result…I created a step-by-step plan that has helped we own the Summer without guilt, regret or sacrifice. I call it my Summer of NO Regrets. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

~Coach Courtney 

I’ve come to learn that the best way to avoid regret is to have a PLAN, and to TAKE ACTION on that plan. And when these two things are done will it can help alleviate many of the frustrations and challenges we face during the Summer months, particularly as Moms who are at home with our kids.

Can You Relate To Any Of These Summer Challenges?


Feeling scattered, disorganized and tossed around by camp schedules, soccer games and vacations.


Arriving home after a long day at the beach or work and realizing you don’t know what to make for dinner, so you order pizza again.


The house looks like a tornado went through it and you're tossing out chores with no real system and realizing later that things were only half-way done.


You're so focused on your kids and what memories you can make for them, that you neglect your own goals and Summer fun bucket list.


You get invited to yet another barbecue, and you struggle to say no to all the grilled food, chips and dip, potato salad, ice-cold beer, and margarita's that you're being offered. You give into the peer pressure and end up eating and drinking more than you had planned and are plagued with guilt the next day, and end up beating yourself up for a lack willpower.


You're on the go from the beach to barbecues, to bedtime routines skipping workouts, missing meals and grabbing unhealthy snacks.


The sun-drenched days turn into starlit nights and you stay up late, which often leads to late-night unhealthy snacking and skipping your early morning workouts.


You have the best intentions of being “good” while on vacation, but those intentions fly out the window the instant you see someone sipping a Caesar at the airport, or your lakeside cabin neighbors stop by with sangria and a tray of savoury appetizers. Finally, you give in! Screw it, "you've blown your diet", and you keep overeating to the point of complete discomfort for the entire vacation, only to punish yourself for what you ate when you get home.

The solution to all these real-life challenges lies in INTENTIONALITY.

It’s about preparation, planning and setting yourself up to succeed before the Summer chaos and fun distractions begin. 

And I’ve created a strategy that I truly believe can make this your best and most happiest & healthiest summer yet. 

Imagine living out the rest of Summer 2022 feeling motivated, clear and focused on what to do to have fun while also achieving your goals, regardless if you have kids to entertain or parties, BBQ’s and vacations coming hard and fast.

It is 100% possible.

You CAN give your kids a fun filled summer without burning out.

You CAN enjoy your own fun-filled adventures without the kids. 

You CAN create a solid summer routine that is adaptable to your plans and your goals.

You CAN get your kids to take more responsibility, and help keep the house in order.

You CAN go on vacation and eat what you love without sabotaging your weight loss goals. 

You CAN have healthy dinners and snacks ready to go on demand.

You CAN hit those BBQ’s with confidence instead of fear of sabotaging your goals.

You CAN fit in quick workouts that won’t get in the way of your summer fun time.

You CAN be a summer party host and create a spread full of slimming summer favorites so flavorful, that your guests won’t know their healthy.

You CAN lose weight this summer. Or you CAN maintain where you’re at without having to give up all the fun. 

It is 100% possible.
And I Can’t wait to show you how! 

So, if you’re ready to OWN the summer, I’m inviting you to join me inside the Summer of No Regrets.

We’ll spend a full week together, setting up your summer goals and routines, crafting doable and realistic eating plans for vacations and get-together, establishing exercise routines that work for your life, and learning how to navigate the summer weight gaining traps.

By the end of our time together you’ll know exactly what to do to have a summer free of regrets, food-guilt, and the stress of thinking what new diet you’ll start in September. 

When: Starts July 18th and runs until July 24th.

Location: Your home because it’s VIRTUAL BABY! (plus, you get long term access to ALL the coaching lessons and course materials).

Cost: $97

Here’s What You’ll Get

A Summer of No Regrets Toolbox

I’ve created a beautiful collection of PDF downloads that can be printed and made into a binder. This “Summer of No Regrets” binder includes ALL the things you need to live intentionally, feel less overwhelmed, have more fun, and end your summer without regret. It’s seriously going to make such a HUGE Difference in your life!

There is so much included, like…

Summer Bucket Lists (for the kids, and YOU!)

This might be the best part. Checking items off your bucket lists will create some lasting memories that are sure to make this fun activity a summer tradition.

Monthly Calendars

So you can have a visual reference other than the calendar on your phone to have everything written down so everyone can see what’s coming up (and not have to keep asking, “How many days until…..?”) 

Kids Goals + Mom Goals

Instead of looking at the calendar watching the summer months drift away, write down a few summer goals for both you and the kids to accomplish. It will make a WORLD of difference!

Summer Rules

Things the kids must do BEFORE electronics/ screen-time is allowed. This is a checklist that could be posted on the fridge or a copy given to each child on a clipboard to use & reuse, if that’s easier.

Cleaning Schedule

I broke down areas of the house and assigned them to a day of the week- and then also listed basic tasks that should be done daily, biweekly, and monthly to stay on top of cleanliness and organization.

Kids’ Room Cleaning Checklist

This is so you don’t have to keep checking and re-checking and telling them they STILL aren’t done. They will know they’re done when every box on this sheet is checked!

Weekly Family Meal Plans

With days full of activities and fun, it can be easy to forget about dinner, or grab a not-so-healthy drive-thur lunch. Luckily, I’ve done the work for you with these done for you summer inspired meal plans for July & August consisting of easy and delicious meals to satisfy the entire family.

A Complete Summer Cookbook

Keep cool, and stay inspired as you cook your way through the season with this beautiful collection of 30+ summer inspired recipes.   Enjoy meals inspired by the farmers market, dinners on and off the grill, picnic table favoriates, summertime sips, guilt-free sweet treats, and charcuterie boards to impress your evening guests. 

Summer Workout Routines + LIVE Workouts:

Start a new exercise routine, or spice up your existing one with this summer inspired workout challenge. All workouts are under 30 minutes, and if you can’t attend the live workouts, you’ll have unlimited access to the replays. 

Private Facebook Community Support 

Connect daily with me, and a community of other like-minded women who “get it”, and are on the same mission as YOU…to enjoy a Summer of NO Regrets. Get the extra motivation, inspiration, accountability and support you need to be successful. 

Plus, BONUS Weekly Coaching 

Virtual Coaching Lessons 

During these weekly live sessions I’ll teach you how to successfully implement each of the main components of The Summer of No Regrets Blueprint.
Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn during these sessions…
  • Learn to set realistic goals so that you can enjoy summer with ZERO regrets or sacrifice.
  • Learn to create a blueprint for the day so that the summer doesn’t own you – you call the shots.
  • Learn how to plan for dinners out and vacations without restriction or binging.
  • Learn how to tweak your weekly meal plans and workouts to support your goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or to maintain it. You’ll gain the confidence to know exactly what you need to do.
  • Best of all you’ll learn how to crush those self-limiting beliefs and sabotagor within, so you’re not starting another “diet” come September.
If you can’t attend the sessions live, no worries. You’ll get access to the replays to watch at your convenience.

If every summer up until this one has left you with feelings of regret – wishing you had spent the time doing more fun things, making more memories, instilling more responsibility into your kids, taking better care of yourself, making better food choices, and navigating the summer weight gaining traps more successfully…Imagine how it would feel to end the summer knowing you did ALL of that?

In order for things to be different, we have to do something differently. 

I know I’m ready for a Summer of NO Regrets! 

I hope you’ll join me in making this the best summer ever…a summer without regret, guilt or sacrifice.

Registration is NOW OPEN

Together Let’s Make This Your BEST Summer EVER!