Drop a Size, Boost Your Confidence and Look Amazing for Summer…in Just 40 Days!!

The time has come.

It’s getting warmer outside, which can only mean one thing – Summer is just around the corner!

Winter has come to an end and its time to vibrantly come back to life, shed the layers built up over the Winter months and give your body a reboot from the inside out! 

With the temperatures rising and longer days on the horizon our summer clothes are just weeks away from breaking out of the closet. 

 Let’s Get You Ready For Summer!!!

This 40-day challenge gives you everything you need to be successful:


Short, fun and effective workouts you can do anywhere to slim down and tone-up.


A complete nutrition system with PROVEN fat loss principles that will help you shed the weight, feel healthier and have more energy all without having to go on some crazy, highly restrictive diet plan.


Delicious, Summer-inspired, fat burning recipes that the WHOLE FAMILY can family can enjoy.


Daily support, inspiration and accountability from HIGHLY motivating and experienced weight-loss coaches, who truly care about your success.


Connection and SUPPORT from a COMMUNITY of women who share your goals and struggles, so that you never have to feel alone again

I Know You’re Busy…

I work with crazy busy women just like you every single day.  Moms (and NON-moms alike) who struggle everyday to find even a minute to themselves let alone find time to workout.  Between the kids, running errands, the laundry…o’boy the laundry, shopping, and the after-school activities it all seems endless RIGHT?  

And where does that leave any time for you?

That is EXACTLY why I created the “40-Day Summer Shred Challenge”

YOU more than anyone else NEEDS this right now!

I’ve designed this 40-day transformation challenge just for YOU, and with your busy lifestyle in mind.

There are no gimmicks, no crazy hard to find ingredients and no gym membership required. This program was created by women, for women.

Are you ready to transform with me? Let’s get started…  

So How Does The 40-Day Spring Shed Challenge Work?


It's a two phase food and fitness transformation program where the exercise program has been specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you workout to give you the coveted "after burn" effect so you can burn more fat once you leave. "After burn" is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a really good workout. In fact it's scientifically proven that you can go into after burn and torch more calories for as much as 18 hours after a workout.


You'll also get a customized meal plan to follow, designed to burn even more fat. Now, this is NOT really a diet, it's a healthy, real-food, fat loss eating program that has been design for SUSTAINABLE fat loss.


You'll receive additional support from me and my team of expert coaches and a community of women inside a Private Facebook group. I'll check-in with you daily for additional accountability and to answer all your questions.


The Challenge starts on Monday, May 31st and runs until July 10th.

Your 40-Day Enrollment Includes:

“Mega Body Shred” Workouts:

I’ve designed a collection of Fun and Simple Workout Videos that you can do in the comfort of your home, anytime of the day! Each workout is less than 30 minutes which means they are fast, effective and will fit the busiest of schedules.

Each workout is strategically designed to fire up any sluggish metabolism, tighten the most stubborn body parts, and chisel a crazy sexy core! 

With each workout you will receive printable workout sheets, plus instructions of how to preform each exercise and modifications as needed. 

The only equipment you will need for these workouts is a set of dumbbells (10+ lbs) and a yoga mat.

You can access these workouts from any digital device. 

Done-For-Your Simple & Customizable Nutrition System

Who says eating for fat loss has to be confusing or tasteless?

 What you’ll discover within my Signature HOT Nutrition System are PROVEN fat loss principles that when applied will help you shed the weight, feel healthier and have more energy, all without having to go on some crazy, highly restrictive “diet”. You will learn how to eat in a convenient, family friendly, delicious, and nutritious way.

Here’s a Sample Day from the Summer Shed Menu

Collection of Delicious BRAND NEW Family Approved Fat Loss Recipes

Enjoying delicious fat burning food is key to ensuring you stay on track with your Summer Shred goals. To keep you inspired in the kitchen and your taste buds dazzled you’ll receive a collection of 20 Brand NEW Summer inspired recipes. These babes are hot out of the Coach Courtney Kitchen and ready for you to enjoy!!

Here are just a few of the delicious meals you and your family will enjoy.

Private On-Line Community 

To help ensure you stay motivated, inspired and accountable EVERYDAY you will connect with me, my team of coaches and the other participants inside a private FB Group.
We’ll be in there daily to answer your questions and offer support. If you get stuck (as we ALL do) you will feel fully supported by myself, my team and the amazing women in the community to ensure you don’t give up on yourself! 

 And The Best Part – THE PRICE!

I want to make sure this challenge is financially within reach of any woman who wants to lose weight, tone up, boost her confidence and get the support she needs to reach her weight-loss and body shaping goals.
Now, typically my coaching programs range from $197 – $397 per month . But since I want you to kick-start your Summer off right, I’ve priced this challenge at just $97.


  • Drop 10 to 15 Pounds.
  • Drop 1 to 3 Dress Sizes So That You Can Wear Your Favorite Summer Dresses With Confidence.
  • Lose 2-4 Inches From Your Waist So That You Can Slide Back Into Your Skinny Jeans.
  • Meal Plans + Family Friendly Recipes So That You Never Have To Guess What’s For Dinner Again.
  • Weekly Meal Planning Tips To Save You Time & Money.
  • Daily Motivational Messages & Accountability Check-In’s inside a PRIVATE Facebook Group.
  • Access to Workouts That You Can Watch from anywhere, at any time
  •  A 40-Day Workout Calendar to show you what workouts to do and when for maximum results.

Join The 40 Day Spring Shred Challenge Today And Lose The Winter Layers All Before Summer Gets Here!

Here’s what you need to do now… 

Click the enrollment button below and enter your information on our secure sign up page. 

Once you fill out your info and complete your order, you are officially registered for the 40-Day Summer Shred Challenge. 

I can’t wait to meet you and get you started inside our amazing community. 

 The challenge starts Monday, May 31st and ends on Saturday, July 10th. 

It’s Time For You to Get The Body You Want (AND DESERVE) So You Can Look (AND FEEL) Your Very Best This Summer!”

Proven Fitness & Nutrition System + Committed Coaches + Supportive Community = YOUR Success!!!


If you still have questions, please TEXT Coach Courtney at  


or via email at  Courtney@loveyourselflean.com.

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