What is The Hormone Reset Plan?

The HRP is designed for women who want to re-balance their hormones, and who are tired of piecing together their own solutions courtesy of Dr. Google – so that they can take back control over their health and hormones. 

Imagine going from…

“I feel soooo uncomfortable in my clothes” to “I look sooo good in these jeans!”.

Feeling heavy, tired and bloated to lighter, full of energy and having no more puffiness – goodbye water retention!

From wild mood swings, cramps, and unpredictable bloating to steady moods and zero tummy troubles.

From PMS to smooth menstrual cycles – glowing skin and beautiful hair too!

All this without having to cut calories or spend hours in the gym. 

How do I know if I need the Hormone Reset Plan?

Do you have any of these frustrating symptoms of hormonal imbalances?


Mood swings, anxiety and/or depression?


Crave sugar foods? Have tried to stop eating sweets but can't?


Hair loss and thinning hair?


Debilitating fatigue that leaves you unable to do the things you need / want to do?


Abdominal bloating, indigestion and other digestive issues?


Weight gain, specifically in the mid section?


Difficulty losing weight no matter how much you restrict calories or increase exercise?


Insomnia / trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?


Joint pain or body aches, unrelated to exertion?


Memory decline / brain fog?


Depend on coffee to feel more alert and motivated?


Frequent headaches (especially migraine)?


Low libido? Little to no interest for sexual experiences?


Menstrual cycle has become irregular, less frequent or stopped altogether?


Get PMS or pre-menopausal / menopausal moodiness (tears, anger, depression)?

If you answered YES to SIX or more of these symptoms then the HRP is for you!

It’s time for you to get back into balance and back to feeling like yourself again. 

In This 28-Day Reset Plan You Will Receive…



 Hormones 101: How they work and natural ways to balance them. Self-assessment questionnaire’s to help you identify were you need to place greater focus. Plus, guidelines to help tailor this program to your specific imbalances.


In this guide we’ll dive into supplemention and I’ll help you gain clarity and bust through the supplement confusion. You’ll learn about the supplements I recommend to help target your most pressing hormone concerns, and the brands I personal use. 


Learn about the various hormone testing methods available to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms.  



Easy-to-follow food guidelines and meal plans  broken down into specific phases geared towards cleansing, and supporting your liver, healing your thyroid, adrenal and gut. Plus, receive weekly meal prep and planning tips 


Exercise and physical activity are vital for hormone balance, but you need to hit the sweet spot between too little and too much.  In this plan you’ll get the guidelines and workout plans to beat stress, boost fat loss and break up with PMS.


A collection of family-friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. Plus, a digital copy of my main cookbook – Clean Comfort Foods. All recipes are gluten-free, dairy free, and can be prepared in 30 min or less.


Learn about the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and how to honour them with the right nutrition, movement and lifestyle choices.  If you no longer menstruate there is a section inside the guidebook that will explain how you can track the lunar cycles instead. 

This Plan Is RIGHT for You If…


You want to get healthier. Period.


You want to balance your hormones but don’t know where to start.


You want something easy-to-follow AND a plan that works by eating REAL great tasting food.


You’re tired of needing that extra coffee just to get through the day.


You want to say goodbye to sugar cravings and balance your metabolism.


You want to lose the stubborn weight around your waist that just won’t budge even with exercise and restricting calories.


You want to sleep better and improve your mood.


You want glowing skin and beautiful hair without spending hundreds at the spa.


You want the guidance and support of a caring and experienced women’s health coach.


You like the convenience of making changes from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace without the need to travel to a gym or clinic/doctor appointments.

This Plan is NOT RIGHT For You If…


You want to figure out how to get healthy completely on your own.


You are looking for a quick weight loss fix.


You already know exactly how to balance your hormones and you don't need support and accountability to doing what you know.


You would prefer to see a functional medicine doctor in person - that's completely okay!


You’re not ready to take responsibility for your own health, and are still searching for that one magic pill that will fix everything.


You do not want to make any dietary changes. Maybe the time is just not right and that’s ok. But if you really want to get a handle on your hormones and take back your life, you’re going to have to make some dietary changes.


You are not willing to make changes to your environment. Some stuff might need to change and it is my responsibility to tell you what things need to go.

Read about how The Hormone Reset Plan as helped these women…

“I invested in the Hormone Reset Plan after getting to a dead end with my doctor on how to fix the symptoms I was having. It’s been the best experience over the last 4 weeks. Being in constant communication through the Facebook group kept me motivated to stick to the nutrition, exercise and lifestyle protocols Coach Courtney recommended.  She answered any questions that came up and provided an abundance of information, recipes and tools to assist in the 28 day journey. Her knowledge in functional health is so impressive and made me feel like I was in great hands! My mood is 1000% better, energy is through the roof, sleep has improved, hot flashes are less frequent and shorter in duration, zero bloating / tummy issues, hormonal headaches gone, and I lost 4.5 pounds and 9 inches, which is a super duper bonus!! I am excited to continue this path.

Sandra Shiner

“I purchased the HRP after following Courtney on social media for several months. Courtney is a wealth of knowledge, and the HRP got me on track with improved eating and realizing the importance of looking after myself and de-stressing my life.

I started taking more time to do things I enjoyed, realizing how important that is for my health. I also realized that for someone with my health concerns, learning healthy stress management is key for me! While I mostly knew what foods to steer away from, it helped to have someone I was accountable to, and who was checking in on me regularly.

The HRP community of women all give each other food ideas, meal planning tips and we supported each other through the process.

Coach Courtney worked with my symptoms and helped me tweak the program to improve my health and hormone balance. I’m very pleased with my results! I no longer feel like I need a nap everyday, I’m skin is clearer. I definitely have less acne breakouts, and I also lose 6 pounds and 6 inches.

After the HRP,  I feel I now have the knowledge to continue this journey myself. Courtney gave me answers to my questions, and solutions to improving my symptoms. Thank you so much Courtney for creating this plan and your support.”

Stacy Butt

“I’ve always had challenges maintaining a healthy weight. I’m constantly fluctuating because I’ll do a drastic eating and exercise program that can’t be maintained long-term.

Coach Courtney’s program was perfect for me. I learned so much about how to eat properly. I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything. It was the opposite actually!

When I eat now I feel like I’m nourishing my body and mind. No more bloat, discomfort…my clothes fit great. I lost 6 pounds and dropped two jean sizes. 

Courtney is fabulous! If you want to live a happier and healthier life, she’s your girl.”

Candace Terry

What is the HRP going to cost me? 

No more excuses, no more ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next month’…  you deserve to feel your best with a plan that WORKS.

Still Not Sure if this is Exactly What You Need?

Here’s the truth:

My mission is to help as many women as I can get their health back, but not by spending months googling their problems and trying random things without success.

You’ll get the chance to use the same plan I use with my clients and the one I’ve been using myself for the past 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Alberta/Nova Scotia/ Ontario/ Rural Outport in Newfoundland! Can I still access this plan?

Yes!!! Absolutely.  You can access the plan materials from anywhere in the world on any computer or mobile device. And when you join you’ll get access to our on-line private (members only) Facebook group where you can connect with me and other women who have successfully completed the plan.  

I’m busy (like really busy), but I know I NEED THIS – so how am I going to find the time to fit this all in?

Listen, I understand busy – I’m a working mama of two young children, so if anyone gets your ‘busy’ — I do!! 

That’s why all the meal plans and recipes I provide and meal planning/prep tips are as simple as can be – without compromising on flavor, of course. 

I also try to make my meals really family-friendly. For example, most of the recipes are ones that I cook for my own family, and often use in my weekly meal rotations at home, so you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen cooking multiple meals for multiple mouths. 

But, I won’t lie… planning ahead is a MUST if you want to keep yourself (and your family) fed healthfully, and that’s why I strongly suggest meal planning each week. 

At the end of the day, my question to you is this: how can you afford to NOT find the time for your health?

Do I have to purchase supplements?

Supplement recommendations are build into the protocols you will receive, but they are not required. Supplements are intended to support a healthy diet and lifestyle to maximize results. 

I will lay out exactly what I suggest including dose, brand, and where to purchase from. You’re free to purchase whatever you want, (all or none or just some).

Are all the program materials digital or are they sent to my home?

The program materials are provided digitally as PDF’s and are simple to access. If you can open an email you can access the programs materials. There are no complicated apps or software to figure out.  All files are made in “print ready” format and most women choose to have the materials printed and stored in binders for quick reference. Which is HIGHLY recommended!

If you still have questions, please contact me directly at 709-330-4665 or via email at courtney@loveyourselflean.com.


No more guessing games! I need this and I’m ready.


Email: Courtney@loveyourselflean.com | P: 709-330-4665