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The HOT Method is a 12 week comprehensive, easy-to-follow transformation coaching program designed for women who want to balance their hormones, lose weight and feel confident.

If you’re tired of obsessing over your weight, struggling to find the energy to make it through the day, being at the mercy of your mood swings and giving your all to the latest diet, only to see little to no results, this is the program for you! 

Secure your spot NOW, start January 2023.

One Payment of $299 (regular price $599). Or pay $169 NOW and the rest in January. 

Are you experiencing any of these frustrating symptoms…

  • Mood swings, anxiety and/or depression?
  • Sugar cravings? Have tried to stop eating sweets but can’t?
  • Debilitating fatigue that leaves you unable to do the things you need to do?
  • Weight gain, specifically in the mid section?
  • Insomnia / trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?
  • Abdominal bloating, indigestion and other digestive issues?
  • You’re menopausal or post menopausal and you’re suffering from brain fog, weight gain, and hot flashes

If you answered YES to 2 or more of these symptoms then this 28 day kick-start is for you!

One Payment of $99 (regular price $199)

I created this Eating For Fat Loss Coaching Program to help you understand HOW you should be eating for Fat Loss. Eating healthy does not guarantee Fat Loss.  

In this 4-Week Coaching Program you will learn EXACTLY how you should be eating to support your fat loss goals.

In addition to providing you with a Customized Meal Plan, and Private Phone Coaching support, you will also get access to a Collection of Eating For Fat Loss Coaching Videos.  

One Payment of $149 (regular price $299)

We’re teaming up to help you feel confident that you know HOW to eat and HOW to train for your unique goals. 
Our main goal is to help you FEEL BETTER and MOVE BETTER in and out of the gym.
By taking into consideration your daily behaviours and current routine – ranging from work demands, activity level, eating habits, and lifestyle we will design a personalized plan to ensure you implement the right exercise and nutrition principles needed for you to reach your goals.
If the idea of working with a Nutrition Coach and a Movement excites you, and you’re ready to put a solid plan in place for the New Year this is option for you!

One Payment of $399 (or 2 payments of $199)

This 10 Day Sugar Detox is your opportunity to get the tools and support you need to break-up with your sugar addiction and finally stop the cravings. 

Not only will you finally stop craving sugar,  you’ll also experience a significant jump-start on weight loss, and a dramatic improvement in your health in a very short period of time. 

Even if you don’t identify with a sugar addiction, this plan is still for you. I revisit it anytime I’m feeling off or have had gone through a particular stressful time or post holiday celebrations.  This plan is truly for any woman who is looking for a reset. 

One Payment of $27 (regular price $54)


You don’t have to struggle with sleep, mood swings or PMS. And you don’t have to feel like you’re dragging yourself out of bed, and never wanting to hangout with friends, or play with your kids because you’re too exhausted. It is truly possible to overcome all these things, and inside this virtual workshop series I give you all the information you need to kick these symptoms naturally.  
This is a MUST WATCH workshop series!! 
One Payment of $49 (regular price $99)

During this 3-part empowering and educational workshop series I will help you get clear on the root cause of your weight gain and hormonal symptoms, and teach you how to implement the appropriate strategies to help you lose weight and balance your hormones in a natural, safe and sustainable way.

Plus, I talk about what is Perimenopause, what you can expect, the stages of perimenopause, and what you can do to support yourself.  You do not have to drag yourself through this stage! You can feel good in  your body again! 

One Payment of $49 (regular price $99)


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