5-10-15 Fat Loss

ATTENTION:I am looking for 20 women who want to quickly lose 5 inches and drop 10 pounds in the next 15 days without having to overhaul their lifestyle or spend hours in a gym.


Hi Coach Courtney here!




Work out with me in the comfort of your home three
days a week and successfully lose 5 inches of fat and
drop 10 pounds in the next 15 days!!!




As a business owner and newly single mom to two young children I’ve been finding it REALLY difficult to squeeze in a workout amongst all the other demands on my time. Prior to my separation I taught AMgroup classes per week which ensured that I got in at least 3 workouts every week. Now that it’s just me and the kiddies, teaching early image003morning or evening classes is just not an option for me.

AND to add to the limited time and childcare challenge, I REALLY don’t like working out at home by myself. Not sure if you can relate, but when the alarm goes off its just WAY too easy to roll over when you’re not accountable to anyone.

So, for the past few weeks I’ve tossed around several ideas of how BEST to build in a regular workout schedule into my busy mompreneur days. It’s been 7 weeks since the kids and I have moved into our new home and I NEED to get myself back on track with my workouts and into a regular exercise routine.

I received an email from a peer in my fitness community and in it she talked about her recent success connecting with her clients LIVE through Periscope.


It’s a free app created by Twitter that offers a live streaming video platform. This basically means I can transmit a live recording of myself to those who follow me on Persicope and Twitter. Imagine Skyping someone, but instead of video calling a single person, you’re instead linked up to the whole community. Not only that, whoever’s watching you can comment and ask questions.

Even better, it is a mobile app so it makes it even easier and more convenient to connect.

And, SO the solution to my failed workout attempts was SOLVED!!!

Host LIVE virtual workout meet-ups…..brilliant!

Using Periscope I can host LIVE workouts using my ipod from the comfort of my living room and invite other women to join me for support and accountability. Can you say brilliant again…lol

I DON’T have to leave the house.

I DON’T have to arrange for a baby sitter.

I DON’T have to rent a studio.

I DON’T have to drive half way across town to meet-up with a friend.


All I have to do is walk down stairs, push my area rug to the side and hit Start Broadcast on my phone and within seconds I have an awesome group of workout buddies that I can chat with and sweat it out with.

It’s the exact support and accountability I needed to get my butt out of the bed at least three days a week.

To test out this LIVE video stream platform I hosted my first Periscope workout meet-up this past Saturday.

Boy, my butt, quads and calf’s are still feeling this one…lol

Besides loving the fact that I finally completed my FIRST workout in 7 weeks, let’s just say I’m in LOVE with Periscope and I’m so excited to have this amazing opportunity to connect with other women who also need workout support and accountability.

Here’s what a few of women had to say after Saturdays workout together.



Now, because I know that exercise only accounts for 10% of your fat loss goals I also need accountability to a clean eating food plan; a plan that includes meals that my children will also eat (because I don’t have time or the willingness to prepare separate meals) and a plan that is HARD-CORE enough to deliver the jump start in results I want to get me back on track to feeling sexy and healthy again.

So, I went back and reviewed several of my jump-start LYL
programs that I have designed over the past few years (5-Day
Slim Down, 14-Day Flat Belly Detox, etc.) and decided on the
WINNING Program.

5-10-15 Fat Loss Challenge

image013This is a highly successful safe, rapid fat loss fitness program that I ran a few times over the past couple of years and it delivers GREAT results. It’s combines metabolic training techniques and formulated nutrition programming to help you burn maximum total body fat inches in JUST 15 days.

It is intense? YES!

Is it proven? Yes!

I know I’m going to work my butt of over the next 15 days BUT I also know that
my results are going to come fast and they will be significant.

The last time I offered this program several of the women lost as
much as twelve pounds during the 15 days and upwards of 10 total body
inches of fat.

The program is called 5-10-15 Fat Loss because on average participants
will lose five inches off their total body and 10 pounds in 15 days – heck
I’ll take those numbers!!!!

How about you?

Would you like to lose 5 inches and drop 10 pounds in the next 15 days?


Great! Then join me as my personal Fat Loss buddy for the next 15 days.

Together we’ll…

  • Workout three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri at 6am) LIVE using Periscope. If you
    can’t tune in LIVE you can catch the reply and workout with me later in the day.
  • Follow a SUPER-CHARGED Fat Loss Meal Plan that will turn you into
    an All-Day Fat Burning Machine
  • Share recipes and meal planning ideas for you and the whole family
  • And chat daily in a Private Facebook group.

Having been a successful weight loss coach for over a decade I know that

Support and Accountability are keys to success.

So, if you’ve fallen off the wagon and need a good kick in the pants to get you back into a
healthy routine again or you’ve taken an extremely long break and just desperately need to
hit the rest button, then please join me for the next round of my 5-10-15
Fat Loss Program starting

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