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Do You Suffer From Mommy Tummy??

Do you have a post baby pooch that just won’t go away no matter how many crunches you do, no matter how much cardio you perform, and no matter how many diets you’ve tried?

Does your belly get even bigger after a meal or seem worse at the end of the day?

Frustrating, right?

Especially when you feel like you have done everything to get rid of it!

Trust me as a mom of two, (Mackenzie, 28mths and Nathan 6months) I completely understand.

You want your pre-baby belly back, once and for all!

 But FIRST you MUST take this test!

Take The Mommy Tummy Test

Checking your belly for distasis recti is the FIRST step to reparing your mommy tummy.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti, is a condition often ignored by the medical community, and rarely talked about in the fitness industry when coaching women who have given birth.

With so many moms’ struggling with the Mommy Belly it’s time we gave this condition more attention.

You may have a diastasis recti and just don’t know it!

So before you read on and decide whether this program is right for you, PLEASE STOP and preform the belly check test above.

So REALLY what is Diastasis Recti?

A diastasis recti is a separation of your outer most abdominal muscles. The job of these muscles (called rectus abdominis), is to support your back and your organs.

So why should you care if your muscles are separated?

Because when core muscles are separated they become weak which can lead to chronic back pain, limited support of the internal organs, and a poochy belly.

To build a strong core, and to enjoy a pain-free back and a flat belly, your abdominal muscles MUST be close together.

When the muscles separate, the connective tissue (linea alba) joining these muscles stretch sideways.  This stretching causes it to become thinner and weaker. So the only thing supporting your belly, organs and back is this weak saran wrap-like tissue. The abdominal muscles that were once a strong and effective protection for your core, splay to the side leaving only this ineffective connective tissue bearing all the weight of your organs and back.

The cause of a diastasis is from continuous stretching of, intra-abdominal force, and pressure on this connective tissue that joins your outer most abdominal muscles. Right smack in the middle of this connective tissue is your belly button which is a weak spot. That is why when the connective tissue stretches sideways your belly button will become an “outie”.

What can make the condition worst?
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Crunches
  • Wearing a front loading baby carrier
  • Tasks that require you to be in a hands and knees position
  • Movements where you arch your back and expand your ribs

The good news is a diastasis can be closed on anyone at any time. It does not matter when you had your baby.
Closing a diastasis is all about healing the connective tissue.

Healing the connective tissue requires bringing it back to a more narrow position in order to restore proper blood flow, and protect it when doing any type of physical activity, so it is no longer being stretched, and is no longer susceptible to adverse intra-abdominal force or pressure.

So how can our Ab Rehab Program help?

The goal of the Ab Rehab program is to heal the weakened connective tissue that joins your outermost abdominal muscles.  As the connective tissue becomes stronger, gradually the muscles will come together, creating a stronger, tighter and slimmer tummy.

This 1-Day Workshop Incorporates 4 Key Components:

Belly Binding

Learn how to heal the connective tissue through strengthening and engaging your transverse abdominal muscle during exercise and activities of daily living.

Belly Bulging Prevention

Learn what to avoid so you are NOT creating intra-abdominal force, resulting in further damage. We will teach you how to modify your workout routines and how to preform daily activities so you can continue to work on closing the diastasis.

Belly-Fat Blasting Nutrition

You will receive a complete, done-for-you nutritional plan that includes “flat-belly foods” and nutrition strategies to help reduce fat around your middle. This is NOT a diet; rather it is a way of eating that supports healthy, balanced blood sugars and an increased metabolism.

Belly-Fat Blasting Exercise

We will teach you how to incorporate an interval based strengthening workout routine that will support the healing process. The focus will be placed on teaching proper form and exercise execution. You will also learn what exercises to AVOID.


Q & A:

What is the date & time of the 1-Day Workshop?

Sunday, April 13th, 12:00pm-2:00pm

Where are the Ab-Rehab sessions taught?

At the Love Yourself Lean private studio inside REPS on 92 Elizabeth Ave.

How much is the Ab-Rehab Workshop?


What does the program include?

  • 2-Hour Ab-Rehab Workshop at LYL Studio with Courtney, owner of LYL
  • 4 Week Bellying Blasting Nutritional Plan w/ Done For You Meal Plans
  • Digital copy of LYL Cookbook “Cooking Clean & Lean” and lots of new LYL recipes
  • Core Strengthening Assessments

How do you register?

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    Say Bye-Bye To Your Mommy Tummy FOREVER!!!!

    Your Flat Tummy Coach