Ask Courtney Your Question

ask-courtneyDo you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask Courtney? Now’s your chance! Get answers to your most burning fat loss, nutrition, health and wellness lifestyle questions from Coach Courtney!

Not sure how to ask your question? Below are some sample questions that will inspire you.

  • Q: What are the best exercises to do to lose my belly?
  • Q: How fast can I see results when I start a weight loss diet & exercise plan?
  • Q: I’ve read that cutting carbs is unhealthy, but all my friends are losing weight by doing it. Why shouldn’t I?
  • Q: Is it true that eating after 8 p.m. makes you gain weight?
  • Q: Can I drink alcohol when losing weight?
  • Q: Is it true that it’s harder to lose weight as you get older?

Send along your questions and I’ll do my very best to answer. I look forward to hearing from you!