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Courtney is an author, public speaker and coach in fitness and wellness with a unique self-love approach to loving your body and your life.

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IMG_7054 (1)Courtney Rowsell, is a powerful and passionate motivating speaker and workshop facilitator. She is recognized for her ability to inspire her audiences to take charge of their health, their happiness and their success.

In her energetic and upbeat style, Courtney delivers content rich presentations complete with take-action today tools leaving audiences with a crystal clear plan for living their healthiest life personally and professionally.

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Is Courtney The Right Speaker For Your Event?

Are you planning a team event or retreat and would like a portion of the event devoted to health and wellness?

Do you need an entertaining, thought-provoking, inspirational keynote address to commence or conclude your event?

Does your corporate team, association members, government group or conference attendees have high-stress, fast-paced, heavy work demands that require all the personal energy they can get?

Do you value health and wellness for your employees and want to increase productivity?

Does your corporation need to improve its bottom line related to the high costs for health benefits, medications, sick leave, burn out and turnover of your employees?

Could your team benefit from better health, all-day energy, and practical weight management strategies?

Do you what to learn what it takes to effectively pitch, implement and sustain a successful worksite wellness program?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then read on to review how your organization and audience will benefit from inviting Courtney to speak at your next event.

Top 4 Organization Benefits:

  • Healthier, happier and more loyal employees
  • Improved bottom line related to reduced healthcare costs, decreased rates of illness and injuries and reduced employee absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee relations and morale

Website22Top 4 Audience Benefits:

  • Increased stamina, energy and productivity for demanding workloads
  • Improved overall health and stress management
  • Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem
  • Greater work life balance

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[su_spoiler title=”Keynotes” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

Courtney’s keynote presentations are 45-60 minutes in length and are designed to inspire and encourage a shift in thinking. Often delivered to larger groups to commence or conclude conference or annual events. You can count on Courtney’s boundless energy, inspirational storytelling, and captivating personality to immediately connect with your audience for maximum takeaway.

[su_spoiler title=”Seminars and Workshops ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Seminars and Workshops

Courtney’s interactive seminars are 1-2 hours in length and are designed to offer more detailed training of the practical skills and hands-on techniques needed to take action.

A seminar can follow a keynote presentation or Courtney can deliver several seminars within one event. Because of Courtney’s extensive background in nutrition, fitness and life coaching you can book Courtney for several seminars within one event; saving on the costs of hiring multiple speakers.

Alternatively you can book Courtney to facilitate half-day workshops (typically 3-4 hours) or full-day retreats (6-8 hours) giving participants the opportunity to be fully engaged in the learning process through discussions, activities and exercises to practice applying the concepts presented.

[su_spoiler title=”Customization” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

Courtney can customize a keynote, seminar or workshop to suit the unique needs of your organization, as well as the demographics and challenges of your group.

She will first have a conference call with the meeting leads to discuss event theme and or event objectives. Courtney will then interview 3-5 potential attendees and using the information gathered she will design the presentation and present back to the meeting leads for final approval.

Customization ensures that the unique needs or challenges of your organization are addressed for maximum impact to attendees.

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[su_spoiler title=”Success Starts with Self-Love” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Success Starts with Self-Love

Based on Courtney’s core philosophy, “Self-Love isn’t Selfish. The lack of Self-Love is Self-Neglect!” this inspirational keynote offers a paradigm shift in how to achieve life-long wellness despite life’s challenges.

While exercise, food, and lifestyle are indeed important variables to enjoying greater wellness, Courtney shares the biggest determinant of wellness success: Self-Love! Everything in life flows much more easily when you harness the power and understanding of how critical self-love is to every aspect of life.

[su_spoiler title=”It’s Not About Balance. It’s About Priorities!” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
It’s Not About Balance. It’s About Priorities!

For decades we have been told we can ‘have it all’. However truly ‘having it all’ looks nothing like it does on TV and when we fail to measure up to our own expectations, our world becomes a darker place.

This affects us both personally and professionally as we compensate by trying even harder to ‘have it all’ and wind up with even less.

In this presentation Courtney shares with her audience how the pursuit of balance is a distracting waste of time. Instead, she shows attendees how to take balance out of the equation, and focus on taking action towards your highest priorities — the things that really matter most to you, moving away from a quest for balanced living to a quest for prioritized living.

Courtney shows audiences how to end the madness and truly take charge of their life so they can be happy, successful and live life well.

[su_spoiler title=”At the Drop of a Dime – The Power Of Coincidence” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
At the Drop of a Dime – The Power Of Coincidence

At some time or another it’s happened to all of us. There’s that certain number that pops up wherever you go. Hotel rooms, airline terminals, street addresses — it’s haunting presence cannot be escaped. Or, you’re in your car, absently humming a song. You turn on the radio. A sudden chill prickles your spine. That same song is now pouring from the speaker. You’ve been thinking about an old friend, the phone rings and it’s her.

A blind date that leads to life partnership, an unexpected phone call that pulls you away from tragedy, a job opportunity that suddenly opens, a gift of money when you need it most, or a dream that turns out to be true.

Coincidence, you tell yourself. Or is it?

In this candid speech Courtney shares her stories of personal struggles and hardship and how the accumulation of bizarre coincidences helped to answer some of her deepest life questions, guiding her to living the magically life she now enjoys, filled with purpose, passion and joy.

Her miraculous stories of divine guidance inspires audiences to reflect on their own personal experiences of coincidences, and to open their own awareness to trusting the “power that be” to guide them to manifesting more magic, meaning and purpose in their own lives.

Your audience will absolutely LOVE this story and will remember it for years to come.

[su_spoiler title=”Workshop Topics” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

[su_spoiler title=’Top 10 Nutrition Habits – Smart Eating for YOUR Wellness Goals’ ]
Top 10 Nutrition Habits – Smart Eating for YOUR Wellness Goals

Do you REALLY know what, when, why and how to eat for optimal energy levels, maintaining a healthy body weight, and for performing at your best? In this seminar, Courtney will set straight your diet misconceptions while providing you with 10 of the key fundamental habits required for looking your best, feeling your best and being your best!

Perfect for groups, this interactive, hands-on seminar breaks down all of the misconceptions regarding food consumption that prevent us from reaching our health and wellness goals.

Courtney guarantees you’ll walk away from this session with a clear understanding of the small changes you can make to start enjoying results immediately!

[su_spoiler title=’“Cook, Re-Heat, & Eat!” – Meal Planning Solutions for Busy People’]
“Cook, Re-Heat, & Eat!” – Meal Planning Solutions for Busy People

Bring the fun and excitement of a live cooking show to your group! Be entertained while Courtney demonstrates her ‘game-plan’ to preparing and cooking three days of meals in less than 60min! Cook just twice a week and you’ll never stress about what you’re going to eat, when, and enjoy the feeling of all day energy.

While she cooks for the audience, Courtney shares nutrition tips, time saving cooking strategies, money savers, and label reading smarts. No more drive thru windows, wasted calories, or empty wallets! This fun and interactive session has all the ingredients to motivate even the most stubborn cooks, making it far from any boring nutrition lesson; it’s an impressive, action-packed and unique visual peak inside the ‘secret’ to getting and staying lean.

Invite Courtney to entertain, educate, and cook for you! This presentation has a major WOW! Factor.

[su_spoiler title=’10 Step Plan to Losing 10 pounds’]
10 Step Plan to Losing 10 pounds

Losing weight requires a commitment to some key principles. There are no ‘quick-fixes’, or ‘secret diet pills’ when it comes to weight loss. In this session attendees will receive a 10 Step Plan that follows a common sense approach to losing 10 pounds.

Losing just 10 pounds will not only lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of a stroke. It will also lower the risks for breast cancer, lower cholesterol levels and help your attendees change the way they feel about themselves by raising their confidence, increasing their vitality and level of happiness. May the first 10 pound weight loss challenge build momentum and offer clarity on how they can finally reach their goal weight and live a healthier, happier life!

[su_spoiler title=’Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly’]
Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly

Our relationship with food is extremely complex and rarely do people eat purely for nourishment all the time, but rather for emotional reasons.

Is this Emotional Eating Workshop Courtney will help attendees focus on learning how to listen to their bodies, learn how to identify the true nature of their hunger and how to eat mindfully. Attendees will explore their own relationship with food, they will learn to understand the roots of their own emotional eating, how to identify the specific emotional triggers that lead to over-eating and learn supportive ways to stop obsessing about food and live the full, vibrant life they crave.

Full Day Workshop

The FIT Professional: Where Busy People Get Fit!
In this highly interactive workshop your group will be inspired and motivated to take greater responsibility for their health and well-being, through the implementation of better nutrition, physical exercise and mental fitness strategies.

Courtney will provide fundamental education and behaviour-change tools that teach practical health-enhancing skills and self-care habits that are FUN and EASY to apply.

Participants will improve their health, learn how to prevent unnecessary illnesses, build their resistance to everyday stress and begin a new journey to increasing the quality of their lives.

Participants will engage in several discussions, and interact with other attendees, through various exercises, activities and brainstorming sessions. Most importantly, each participate will receive the knowledge and tools to take control of their health and wellness. Participants will leave feeling motivated, inspired and ready to take action!

The FIT Professional is a Full Day Workshop, broken into Three Modules:

[su_spoiler title=”Module I: The Busy Professionals Diet” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Get the goods on balanced nutrition to enhance health, manage a healthy weight and optimize energy. Participates will learn what to eat, when to eat, and why to eat it to feel and be their best! Courtney will share take home practical tips and tools to start feeling better today… one habit at a time!

She will show participates how to make easy, healthy meals packed with high energy nutrients using her own tasty, time saving recipes.

Participates will walk away from this session with:

  • Top 5 Nutritional Habits for Peak Performance
  • Meal Planning and Preparation Strategies
  • Sample 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Courtney’s “Client Favorite” recipes
  • Strategies for Eating Healthy on the Road


[su_spoiler title=”Module II: The Busy Professionals Workout Program” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

“I don’t have time to workout”. “I can’t workout at home – I don’t have the space or the money to buy fancy exercise equipment”. Sound familiar? Have you or someone in your organization shared the frustration with the lack of time to exercise?

In this session you’ll learn a proven way to exercise for weight management and optimized energy. The secret lies in the style of training and type of exercises you do.

In this fun and high-energy session, Courtney will take you step-by-step, exercise-by-exercise through a 20min Workout Program that participates can follow no matter what their fitness level (modifications will be given as needed). This style of training can be done anywhere with minimal to no equipment!)

As a BONUS your team will receive a Business Traveler Workout Program! Your group can take this workout program with them on the road when they travel for business, bring it home to share with family members or take on vacation. No dumbbells, no balls, no bands, no benches, etc. The whole workout program consists of just bodyweight exercises making it ideal to do even in a hotel room!

Participates will walk away from this session with:

  • 20min Workout Program
  • Exercise Technique Demo
  • Cardio Recommendations
  • Travel Workout Program


[su_spoiler title=”Module III: The Busy Professionals StressFIT “Tool Kit”” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

Take a deep breathe, this session is a mix of yoga, meditation, stretching, and breathing techniques. In this session participations will learn some very natural ways to deal with unnatural levels of stress. Courtney will provide education and motivation to assist participants in making the necessary changes to help better manage their energy and stress.

In this session participates will learn:

  • The importance of Fitness and Nutrition as resource to manage stress
  • How to find time to relax
  • Stretching exercises to release tense muscles
  • The breathing technique that makes it impossible to be unhappy
  • The 10-minute relaxation method that equals three hours sleep

If you’re ready to have a more productive, less stressed, energized and FIT team then click here to contact Courtney now!

Wellness: How to Make it Work for Your Organization

Regardless of what the future holds for healthcare, worksite wellness programs are and will continue to be critical to improving the health and productively of its members and combat rising healthcare costs. The big question is not, “Should I implement a worksite wellness program,” but rather “HOW do I implement a sustainable worksite wellness program for maximum return on investment”?

In this workshop, Courtney shares her 5 Step Approach to help you effectively pitch wellness to stake holders, she’ll teach you how to set up your wellness program for maximum member engagement and ROI and she will share what it takes to ensure your program continues to grow.

By providing insights into what is working for companies like Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks and many others you’ll walk away from this workshop feeling confident that you have the winning blueprint to implementing a successful and sustainable wellness program for your organization.

[su_spoiler title=”Most Requested Lunch & Learn Sessions” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
[su_spoiler title=”Supermarket Smarts” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Supermarket Smarts

Courtney will lead attendees through a grocery store tour, one aisle at a time, identifying which food items to choose and those to limit. She will wrap up the session with a group label reading relay race to teach attendees how to select the right products to lower their fat, sodium, and cholesterol intake, while increasing fibre and healthy vitamins and minerals.

[su_spoiler title=”Eating Healthy During Your Workday” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Eating Healthy During Your Workday

When schedules are busy and life is hectic it is not always easy to make healthy eating a priority. However, when our bodies are fuelled with good nutrition it can be easier to cope with stress and have energy to be productive throughout the day. In this session Courtney will share some strategies and tips for healthy eating during the work day. Attendees will walk away from this session with quick & easy breakfast options, lunch on the run ideas, and smart snacking suggestions.

[su_spoiler title=”Dining Out & Business Travel Survival Guide” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Dining Out & Business Travel Survival Guide

Dining out with friends, and family or eating on the road due to work and travel commitments, can wreak havoc on your health and productivity.

However, it is possible to make healthy choices while dining out. In this session Courtney will share her top Love Yourself Lean tips to successful dining; how to navigate a restaurant menu and how to adequately prepare for your business trip and make wise choices when you are on the road so you can fuel your body and get the energy you need to power through your busy days.

[su_spoiler title=”Downsize Your Dinner and Your Waistline” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Downsize Your Dinner and Your Waistline

Learn to prepare waist slimming dinner meals that you and your family can enjoy. Courtney will teach attendees how to ‘right-size’ their meals and stamp out portion distortion. After this session the attendees will have mastered the art of portion sizing and learn how to prepare delicious and satisfying dinner meals that delivery big benefit to their health and their life.

[su_spoiler title=”Exercising for Weight Management” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]
Exercising for Weight Management

With so much information out there on the ‘BEST’ exercise programs for weight management it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about what you should be doing to reach your goals. In this session Courtney dispels the fitness myths and shares the #1 most effective way to exercise for maximum results.

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