LYL Approved Supplements

Coach Courtney’s LYL Approved Supplements

Together with the expertise of local Naturopath Mark Kibyuk, I have created two custom LYL supplement bundles below to help accelerate your fat loss goals and to support a healthy metabolism.

Complete descriptions of each product, in addition to a few other HIGHLY recommended products are provided below the bundles.


Quell Fish Oil – $38.50 QUELL Fish Oil® is Supercritical CO2 extracted oils in triglyceride form, manufactured in Germany
exclusively for Douglas Laboratories®. QUELL Fish Oil is unique among other fish oils for its supercritical extraction, purity,
bioavailability and concentrations.

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Fish Oil ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”] It is offered in fish gelatin softgels, and the taste and smell of fish is
significantly reduced due to the supercritical extraction. EPA/DHA plus D contains a 3:2 ration of EPA to DHA plus 1,000 IU of
vitamin D3 per one softgel.

Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

This capsule is specially formulated in a cold extraction process which does an amazing
job at removing impurities and maintaining the beneficial aspect of the fish oil. I love fish oil because it continues to
demonstrate its ability to fight off toxic, deadly inflammation, preserve heart health and balance cholesterol levels.

ULTRA PREVENTIVE® X – $45.50 Douglas Laboratories® is proud to announce that Ultra Preventive® X now contains
Metafolin®, a patented, natural form of (6S) 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) as well as 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 per

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PREVENTIVE ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”] 5-MTHF is the naturally occurring, predominant form of folate commonly
found in cells and is essential for overall health, as it participates as a cofactor in a reaction that involves the
remethylation of homocysteine to methionine. Unlike synthetic folic acid, 5-MTHF can be used directly by the body, without the
need for an additional conversion via the enzyme (5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)). In certain populations, the
body’s ability to convert folic acid to 5-MTHF by use of this enzyme may be compromised due to genetic differences. Metafolin®
contains only the S isomer of 5-MTHF and has been shown to be the only form of folate to be able to cross the blood-brain
barrier. Additional vitamin D3 (also known as cholecalciferol) has been added to this formula as numerous scientists now feel
that supplementation with vitamin D at levels greater than previously thought necessary is critical to helping maintain overall

Why I LOVE and Recommend It:

It’s the #1 recommended multi vitamin supplement on the market for health care providers.
With activated (methylated) B vitamins, trace minerals and very high antioxidant levels this multi vitamin is second to none. It
is also formulated WITHOUT iron for those with chronic inflammation. I love the dosage, of 4 tablets daily as this ensures that
you have the best chance of absorbing what your body is looking for in minerals, vitamins and other trace elements for optimal
health and hormonal balance. [/su_spoiler]

Ultra-Protein Plus Vanilla – $62.95 Ultra Protein Plus powder, provided by Douglas Laboratories ®, can be reconstituted
into a delicious, vanilla bean flavored, nutritionally fortified protein drink that is a rich source of all the indispensable
amino acids essential to health, as well as 25% of the nutrition provided by Douglas Laboratories’ Ultra Preventive ® III, a
multi-vitamin/mineral dietary supplement.

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Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

Ultra Protein Plus’s source of protein is from yellow peas, a low allergenic source
that contains no genetically modified plant tissue and is pesticide, lactose and gluten free. Ultra Protein Plus beverage powder
also provides a significant amount of the prebiotic fructooligosaccharide (FOS)[/su_spoiler]

Ultra Protein Plus Chocolate – $62.95 Ultra Protein Plus powder, provided by Douglas Laboratories ®, can be reconstituted
into a delicious, chocolate almond flavored, nutritionally fortified protein drink that is a rich source of all the indispensable
amino acids essential to health, as well as 25% of the nutrition provided by Douglas Laboratories’ Ultra Preventive ® III, a
multivitamin/mineral dietary supplement.

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Proten Plus Chocolate ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”] Ultra Protein Plus’s source of protein is from yellow peas, a
low allergenic source that contains no genetically modified plant tissue and is pesticide, lactose and gluten free. Ultra Protein
Plus beverage powder also provides a significant amount of the prebiotic fructooligosaccharide (FOS).

Why I LOVE and Recommend It:

This brand is one of the best products I have seen in the market place today and yes it’s
tastes great!! It is a low allergic potential yellow bean protein combined with BeFlora Plus which is an indigestible starch
known as (FOS) which is amazing at helping the intestinal terrain, by assisting in digestion and uptake of minerals. Unlike most
protein powders in the market today are Whey based (derived from Dairy) as well as contain a TON of artificial sweeteners,
colors, dye’s, fillers, binders, and other additives, this protein powder is free from all of this. The result is a very clean,
low allergic potential protein which is easier to digest, as well as gives a balanced blend of amino acids for optimal muscle
building and fat loss. To learn more about why YOU should supplement with protein powder, and what is the importance of protein
CLICK HERE to read my
blog post Protein Powder: Banish the confusion once and for all!!! [/su_spoiler]

Ultrazyme™ Comprehensive Digestive Enzyme Support – $24.95 Ultrazyme is Douglas Laboratories’ natural dietary
supplement specifically formulated with bile and active digestive enzymes that act synergistically to assist in the healthy
functioning of fat, protein, and carbohydrate digestion.

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Ultrazyme Comprehensive” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

Digestive enzymes, primarily produced in the pancreas and small intestine, break down our
food into nutrients so that our bodies can absorb them. If we don’t have enough digestive enzymes, we can’t break down our
food—which means even though we’re eating well, we aren’t absorbing all that good nutrition. So for clients who experience
symptoms such as gas and bloating after meals, the sensation that they have food sitting in their stomach, undigested food in
their stool our full after eating just a a few bites of food I recommend supplement with a digestive enzyme. I love this brand as
it has proven to deliver fantastic results for my cleints. [/su_spoiler]

Probiotic-5 – $37.50 This dairy & soy free formula provides 10 billion CFU of the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus
acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium lactis.

[su_spoiler title=”Read More about
Probiotic ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”] Research indicates that these strains may have particular health promoting
properties for gastrointestinal (GI) and immune health. L. acidophilus and B. longum have been shown to promote healthy cytokine
production in the colon and maintain healthy GI barrier function, in part by supporting the mucosal lining of the GI tract.
Several trials have also revealed that mixed probiotic supplementation helps maintain intestinal flora, support healthy yeast
balance, and promote GI comfort. A study involving elderly individuals indicated that a mixture of lactobacilli and
bifidobacteria maintained healthy gut ecology. Studies also suggest that probiotics support immune health, enhancing B cell, T
cell and NK cell function. A randomized, double blind, placebo–controlled intervention study involving 479 adults indicates
that B. longum and B. bifidum promote overall health and T cell function. Another randomized, double blind, placebo–controlled
clinical trial involving 25 elderly volunteers suggests that B. lactis encourages immune function by enhancing phagocytic
capacity and activity.

Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

Probiotics are probably my most popular supplement recommendation among my clients. I
love that this product is backed by such positive clinical outcomes. Every species in the probiotic has been studied to show its
beneficial effects in the human intestine. It’s a dairy-free blend of key probiotic bacteria which helps to support immune and
gastrointestinal (GI) health and comfort, plus immune cell function and overall health. [/su_spoiler]

Klean Endurance – $42.95 Klean Endurance™ by Klean Athlete™ is an all-natural D-ribose chewable supplement clinically
proven to help restore and replenish core energy.

[su_spoiler title=”Read More Klean
Endurance ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”] D-ribose is a natural pentose sugar that creates ATP for the support of
fatigue, energy production, and mitochondrial function. Klean Endurance chewable tablets are great tasting with natural
orange/vanilla flavoring sweetened naturally.

Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

It’s my jet fuel. I personal LOVE and use this product daily before I work out or if I
am feeling tired mid-day. D ribose is one of the rate limiting steps in the energy creation cycle, so supplementing with it can
actually help your body produce energy faster. Which is why I love it. I feel an energy boost from it but I do not experience any
jitters or crashes afterward like I would with stimulants. I highly recommend this supplement on those days when you feel like
you have “hit the wall” [/su_spoiler]

BCAA Formula – $45.95 The branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are leucine, isoleucine, and valine.These essential amino
acids provide nutritional support for athletes and individuals seeking optimal lean muscle mass. Branched chain amino acids are
unique in that they are not metabolized by the liver.

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Formula ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

Supplementing with BCAA’s helps the body preserve calorie burning lean muscle while
burning fat. I highly recommend using it during and after exercise to speed up muscle recovery and soreness. [/su_spoiler]

Brain Calm – $32.50 Brain Calm, provided by Douglas Laboratories, is an effective blend of critical amino acids and
nutrients that provide support for a calmer brain.

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Calm ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

The blend of natural herbs in this product is amazing at calming the mind and creating a
feeling of peace . I recommend taking this at bedtime to clients who struggle to wind-down and calm the mind at the end of the
day. [/su_spoiler]

L-Carnitine – $29.95 L-carnitine is necessary for fatty acid metabolism and energy production. It is involved in fatty
acid oxidation as part of the carnitine shuttle. L-carnitine shuttles fatty acids from the cytosol (the cell fluid) into the
mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouses)

title=”Read More about L-Carnitine ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”] for oxidation and energy production.
L-carnitine is necessary in muscle whenever fat is utilized as an energy source. Heart muscle always uses fat for its continuous
energy demands. Skeletal muscle begins using fat only after its glycogen reserves are exhausted. This happens after about one
hour of continuous, strenuous exercise. Widely distributed in foods from animal, but not plant sources, L-carnitine is also
synthesized by the liver and kidney from two essential amino acids, lysine and methionine. Human skeletal and cardiac muscles
contain relatively high L-carnitine concentrations which they receive from plasma, since they are incapable of L-carnitine
biosynthesis themselves. About 95 % of the body’s L carnitine stores are located in skeletal and heart muscle. L-carnitine is
considered a conditionally essential nutrient. In healthy people, plasma L-carnitine levels are adequately maintained by the
body’s own synthesis and dietary sources. However, low L-carnitine plasma levels can be caused by hereditary (primary)
L-carnitine deficiency syndrome, or by secondary L-carnitine deficiency. Oral L-carnitine is readily absorbed across the
intestinal mucosa and into the bloodstream. It is then taken up from the portal vein into the liver and subsequently released
into the systemic circulation.

Why I LOVE and Recommend It:

This product transports fatty acids into the mitochondria to make energy. It is amazing for
super charging your weight loss plan and for boosting brain function. It ranks amongst my top recommendations for fat loss
supports. [/su_spoiler]

Sereniten – $42.50 Sereniten Plus anxiolytic effect reducing Mental and Physical Stress. It is a combination of Lactium®,
L-Theanine and Vitamin D to support the HPA axis and feedback loop for stress management and cortisol regulation.

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Why I LOVE it and Recommend It:

Sereniten is literally calm in a bottle. It helps quiet the noise in the system. It
supports the adrenal axis react to stress and helps so many of my clients just quiet a lot of the noise inside their cellular
environment. I explain it like putting in ear plugs at a concert, you still hear your favorite song, and can sing along. But your
ear drums are not ringing after the show. [/su_spoiler]

Douglas Laboratories Douglas Laboratories is the preferred choice for high quality nutritional supplements of health
professionals worldwide. [su_spoiler title=”Read More ” class=”my-custom-spoiler”] Read more about this
trusted company Click Here [/su_spoiler]