Hi ladies,

I’m super excited to share that our first group of cooking classes was a HUGE success!! We had over 20 ladies join us in our kitchen for three evenings last month and we are ready to do it again!! 🙂

Here is a special message from Carman and I from our January Promo that will provide an overview of the sessions we will be offering again in March. Or you can scroll down to read all the details below.


Here are the details…

Session 1: Cook, Reheat & Eat!

Date: Wednesday, March 13th

Time: 7-9pm

If there truly is one secret to getting in the best shape of your life and having an abundance of energy, it’s taking the time to plan and prepare your meals in advance.

So we’ve created this meal planning & cooking session to teach you the short cuts to cooking and preparing three days of Clean & Lean meals in less than 90min.

We will teach you how to design your own meal plans, share safe food storage tips, and time saving cooking strategies that will transform you into a less stressed, and more organized, effective cook.

Whether you are a Newbie in the Kitch’, Experienced in the Kitch’ or Adventerous in the Kitch’ we will empower you with the strategies to master your healthy kitchen. so you can get in and get out of your kitchen in record time!

You deserve to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life and your family 🙂


Session II: Lunchbox and Last Minute Meal Prep Solutions

Date: Wednesday, March 20th

Time: 7-9pm

Running out of lunchbox ideas for your kids? Tired of the same-old-same-old lunches at work?

In this session we will share with you a collection of fresh and fun lunchbox ideas and after school snacks that the whole family can get excited about. Your kids will thank you and you’ll feel good knowing that they are getting the best nutrition to fuel their growing bodies. And your own lunchboxes will take on some extra fun and excitement too! 🙂

Ok, now that you’ve got lunch figured out, what’s for dinner?

We know it’s not always easy to get a hot, homemade and healthy dish on the dinner table every night. Between daycare pick-ups, after school practises, to sports groups, and homework, all while trying to get yourself where you need to be, finding the time and the will to get dinner on the table can be quite stressful and exhausting.

So, don’t let dinnertime get you down!

Courtney and Carmen to the rescue…lol

In the second half of this session we will share our LYL Approved Rush Hour Recipes and meal time strategies so you can master the mealtime madness.


Session III: Entertaining and Travelling LYL Approved

Date: Wednesday, March 27th

Time: 7-9pm

Yes, you can entertain your family and friends without sabotaging your own fat loss goals.

In this session we will share with you Three Complete LYL Approved Menus that will trick your guests into eating Clean & Lean without them EVER knowing. Fun!!! 🙂

We have a Bunch Menu, a Dinner Menu and a “Girls Night In” Menu that are nothing less than impressive.  From Skinny Girl Cocktails, Ab-petizers, Muscle Building Mains, Sleek Sides and Guilt-Free Desserts these recipes will trick the taste-buds of even your most non-health conscious guests.

In the second half of this session we will share with you how to travel LYL Approved.

Frequent travel commitments can wreak havoc on your healthy living plan. However, it is our goal in this session to help you return from your next trip without feeling like you need a detox.

We will help you navigate through the junk food and show you how to pack your purse, your car and your suitcase with what you need to stay on track while you are away. It can be done! We’ll show you how! 🙂

Other Important Points To Note:

All three cooking lessons are booked together as a block of sessions. You cannot register for just one.

Carman’s Kitchen Address: Motion Dr, off Marine Drive in Torbay.

Included with your registration is a digital copy of my Cookbook, Cooking Clean & Lean, copies of all new LYL recipes, sample meal plans and menus, food sampling and a glass of wine. With a room full of women, wine must always be present 🙂

The cost is $99plus HST (no, not for each session. For all three sessions)

Carmen and I are super excited about the program. We want you to come kick back and relax in her beautiful space and enjoy an evening of cooking, food tasting, wine and sharing.

20 18 spots left!!

Secure your spot and cook with us by emailing your intent to register at info@loveyourselflean.com or call at 749-2255.

We look forward to cooking Clean & Lean with you!

Courtney & Carmen

P.S. Yes, the wine is included…lol