Happy Tuesday LYL friends!

As many of you know I have invited Mark Kibyuk, St. John’s expect Naturopath to share his expertise on several topics such as food intolerances and hormones via our LYL blog and by offering free info sessions at our LYL studio.  Mark’s next session is scheduled for May 26th at 10am, topic…Hormones!!! During this session Mark will focus on hormone issues, how they impact your libido, fat loss, menopause and PMS. He will talk in depth about adrenal issues, stress response, and ways to eliminate stress.

I’m continuously excited and motivated by the level of interest you ladies have expressed about the topics that Mark speaks on and the advice and expertise he shares, that I have invited him to contribute weekly to our LYL blog. I feel very passionately that you ladies will learn so much from him and benefit tremendously from his expert knowledge and experience.

So here at LYL we have declared Tuesday’s “Ask the Naturopath” day!!!

To help launch this exciting new addition to our team of contributing experts Mark sheds some light on the debate of artificial sweeteners?

Tuesdays “Ask the Nathropath”….Artificial sweeteners…to use or not to use?

Take it away Mark!

For me this one is a no brainer, NO!!!

Artificial sweeteners are manmade chemicals that mimic the action of sugar in our body. The body’s mechanisms for digesting sugar turn on, digestive enzymes, insulin leptin, and pancreas start to ramp up, but there is no sugar present!

So the body perceives sugar and tricks the brain into thinking it is present in the food we are eating when it really isn’t. The many issues lie in the breakdown of these artificial sweeteners, as well as how the body responds when no sugar is present. They break down into excitotoxins which disrupt our normal communication patterns for our brain, hormones and nerves, along with several toxic chemicals the liver is forced to detoxify.  The body is then forced to look for more sugar thus creating a craving effect.

This is by no means folks the whole story, but rather a little teaser of what’s to come on this topic. So stay tuned as next week on “Ask the Nathropath” I will break down the different types of artificial sweeteners, by brand and chemical compound, I’ll also include sugar alcohols and how these artificial sweeteners sabotage your fat loss.

Until next week!

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well”
Mark Kibyuk