Take the Detox Quiz to find out how much environmental and dietary toxicity is impacting your health. We are all exposed to stress, toxins in our air and in our food, but how our body is able to cope depends on many individual factors. The following quiz will help you understand your current level of wellness and if it’s time for a seasonal detox.

Take your time as you honestly answer YES or NO to the following questions:

1. Are you overweight, underweight or do you have cellulite deposits? YES / NO

2. Problems with digestions, constipation, IBS, all day bloating and gas? YES / NO

3. Do you have skin problems and eruptions (brittle nails, hair loss, eczema, rosacea, acne breakouts, varicose veins? YES / NO

4. Do you have a white coating on your tongue? YES / NO

5. Do you suffer from frequent headaches, muscle and joint pain or arthritis? YES / NO

6. Do you suffer from frequent yeast and/or bladder infections? YES / NO

7. Do you eat processed foods or fast food more than twice a week? YES / NO

8. Do you drink soda or use diet products contain artificial sweeteners? YES / NO

9. Do you go more than one day without a bowel movement? YES / NO

10. Do you dye your hair? YES / NO

11. Have you ever taken prescription medications or over-the-counter medications? YES / NO

12. Do you drink alcohol regularly? YES / NO

13. Do you drink more then one cup of coffee per day? YES / NO

14. Do you use the microwave and cellular phone often? YES / NO

15. Do you suffer from allergies (environmental or food), asthma or sinus congestion? YES / NO

16. Do you have silver dental fillings or have recently had major dental workl done? YES / NO

17. Do you use commercial household cleaners and beauty products (toothpaste, shampoo, face creams, perfumes etc.)? YES / NO

18. Do you suffer from depression, stress, mood swings? YES / NO

19. Do you have difficulty concentrating; suffer from poor sleep and mind fog? YES / NO

20. Are you experiencing a loss of inspiration and motivation? YES / NO

Here is your personalized assessment based on your score – the higher your score the more toxicity you are currently experiencing:

 15-20 Yes! – Detox is Vital: You are currently at maximum toxicity, which means that you are at serious risk and your body is on the fast track to disease. The good news is you can change the direction of your health in only 14 days with our Fall Detox Program.

10-15 Yes!– At Risk: You are at medium to high risk, which means that you are seriously compromising your health and well-being. If you keep up your current lifestyle your body will continue to deteriorate to the point of disease. A detox plan and some lifestyle improvements are necessary to regain your optimal physical and mental health.

5-10 Yes! – High Priority: You will benefit greatly from a detox. If you dedicate yourself to a detox program, any unfavorable symptoms you are experiencing will begin to dissolve, especially if you keep up a healthy regime after you complete your detox program. Even some minor changes to your diet and lifestyle could make a great impact on your quality of life.

0-5 Yes! – Congratulations! You are in good shape. A gentle maintenance detox is recommended; as it will provide your body with the proper “housecleaning,” which we recommend everyone do on a seasonal basis. This way you will enhance your well-being, protect yourself from disease, increase your energy levels, and experience your optimum potential.

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