Hello LYL’ers!

You probably know that sugar is addictive, right?






But do you REALLY know how harmful this addiction is on our health and NOT just your weight gain?

I just finished reading an article that does a great job of explaining how harmful sugar is to our bodies and how it is playing a leading role in almost every disease and health concern out there.

Read More Here => Health Effects of Sugar on the Body! It’s NOT just about Weight Gain – The Bitter Truth

It’s time we WAKE-UP to the harsh truth that sugar is not just to be avoided because we fear weight gain. Its harmful effects go way beyond our weight issues and today I want to share with you three simple steps you can take to break the bonds of your sugar addiction.

 #3 Nutrition Steps To Kill Your Sugar Addiction

STEP ONE:  Throw away the morning cereal or bagel and opt for a green smoothie loaded with quality protein and fiber from hemp seeds, chia seeds, and flax.


Alternatively, you can enjoy a higher protein breakfast, like our delicious LYL Texas Skillet c9bf359eb3783fac0fe1d25d660f0900

STEP TWO:  Eat smaller meals throughout the day, every 3 to 4 hours (to keep your blood sugar levels happy). Make sure to include some protein at each meal.



STEP THREE: Add a tbsp. of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink before your meals as it has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the glycemic load of your meal. Which really means….you’ll lesson your cravings for a second serving of your favorite pasta and avoid the after dinner energy crash.


Many of our LYL clients that have implemented these nutritional suggestions have be able to bring their blood sugar back into normal range, decrease and for some completely eliminate their cravings for sugar and even get off diabetic medications.

So yes, it is possible to beat the addiction and cravings for sugar. And you can do it naturally.

Start with these three tips TODAY!

Your friend and coach,


P.S. These are just a few of the nutrition recommendations we teach our clients in our Fabuliuous Figure program.  In this 8 week program we help woman kick the sugar carving within the first two weeks of the program.

So if you struggle with a sugar addiction, I welcome you to join our next Fabulicious Figure program starting on Monday, September 9th and FINALLY when the war on your sugar addition and regain control over your weight and your health.