Today’s Organizational Tip…Kick the Bad Habits!!


What are you doing that contributes to the clutter and chaos in your life?

Pick your single WORST disorganizing HABIT and work on changing that behaviour over the next month.

Remember it only takes 21 days to build a new habit and there is EXACTLLY 21 days left in this month.

21 day fix it takes 21 day to make or break a habit

Personally….my WORST disorganizing habit is not following through on a task that I start.

For example I’ll start cleaning in one room, leave that room to return an item that belongs in another room and get distracted by the mess in the second room and neglect to return to the room that I started.

Or I’ll empty an ice cube tray and leave it on the counter to fill up later. OR the biggest one that drives everyone in my house crazy is leaving my bags at the front door instead of following though and bringing my gym bag upstairs or my briefcase downstairs in my office.

Since the beginning of the month I’ve been making a conscious effort to catch myself doing this and when I do, deciding in that moment to follow through with the task. I have to say that I’m REALLY impressed with how much this exercise has decreased “the stuff” lying around.  I feel less overwhelmed when I finally but the kids to bed at night. And just by changing this one bad disorganizing habit I’ve actually had time to read in the evenings….lovely!!

So what is your single WORST disorganizing Habit?

Leave a comment below!