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Body Rescue

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Your dream exercise class combo: Strength Training, Cardio & Yoga

Get it with Body Rescue!

What is Body Rescue?

Body Rescue is the perfect integration of functional and traditional strength based exercises with yoga and cardio moves to strengthen, stretch and restore your entire body.

Combining the strength and muscle toning benefits of resistance training, calorie burning, heart healthy benefits of cardio exercise and the flexibility of yoga, these classes will strengthen, stretch and invigorate your entire body.

Targeting specific body parts you’ll follow a beautiful flowing sequence of moves starting with a yoga pose (to prep the body), then transition into muscle toning and cardio moves (to raise your heart rate, and strengthen muscles), then you’ll flow into a restorative pose (to stretch your body, maximize your flexibility and melt away muscle tension).

Infused with motivational music to lift you up and class themes to inspire deeper self-love and self-acceptance, these classes will not only rescue your body but they’ll also rescue your mind.

Body Rescue! Your Mind and Body Makeover!

Because having the body you want, starts by nurturing the body you have!

Where are the classes offered?

Yoga Kula Co-op in the Coaker’s Meadow Plaza on 286 Torbay Road, Unit 8 St. John’s

View pictures of the studio here =>


What times are the classes offered?

Classes are 45min and start at 5:30am. You’ll be out the door and on your way to a focused and energized day by 6:15am!


Week 1 – Sept. 16th, 17th & 18th (Tues/Wed/Thur.) 1st class on the 16th NOT 15th!

Week 2 – Sept. 22nd, 24th & 26th (Mon/Wed/Fri.)

Week 3 – Sept. 29th, Oct. 2nd & Oct. 3rd (Mon/Thur./Fri.)

IMPORTANT: My husband works shift work so class times will rotate monthly following the below 4 week schedule.

Week 1 – Tue/Wed/Thur.

Week 2 – Mon/Wed/Fri

Week 3 – Mon/Thur./Fri

Week 4 – Mon/Wed/Fri.

You can also view the schedule by visiting the Yoga Kula Co-op Website. Here is the link to the posted schedule =>!schedule/c1vud

What is the cost?

September Membership => $89 (3 weeks of classes)

You have the option to continue with a monthly membership of $119/month with the start of the October classes.

What does my membership include?

  • Three, Body Rescue classes per week (12 classes per month)
  • Complete Body Rescue Meal Plan
  • Digital Copy of my Cooking Clean & Lean Cookbook
  • Weekly Coaching emails offering additional motivation, along with exercise & nutrition tips
  • Access to the Body Rescue PRIVATE On-line Support Group

Additional coaching accountability and program customization is offered through the Total Body Rescue Program.  For complete program details call Courtney at 709-330-4665.

What can I expect from the classes?

  • Increased strength
  • Body toning
  • Weight Management
  • Pain relief and prevention
  • Greater flexibility,
  • Reduced stressed
  • Mental calmness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Balanced blood sugars
  • Better breath control
  • Less post-workout pain
  • More confidence

In this day and age, we go and we go hard. We have challenging and demanding careers, busy families, endless to do lists and we hit our workouts like a boss.

There’s so much go-go-go-go that often the perfect remedy isn’t a wicked hardcore, extreme intensity class that pushes you to complete failure; but rather a workout that challenges you without draining you.

Your workouts are meant to balance and energize you and that’s what you can expect from Body Rescue.

These classes are a dynamic fusion that combines a challenging blend of strength and cardio conditioning exercises, with athletic and restorative style Yoga to create a toned body, an increased fitness level and a calm and focused mind.

Using my 10+ years of creative class design you’ll experience full body workouts that will reshape and firm your glutes, legs, arms and abs.  Each week I will offer one body-part specific workout such as Power Core, Long, Lean Legs, etc. You’ll also enjoy increasing your flexibility and connecting with your breath.

All workouts a perfectly mixed to help you build a fabulously strong and sculpted physique.

Come enjoy the sweat, a little burn and leave feeling renewed, energized and ready to face your high paced world.

What if I’ve never taken a yoga class before can I still do the classes?

Body Rescue delivers a practical, user-friendly style, which is accessible, understandable, and doable by women at any level of fitness. Yoga moves are just a quarter of the class design and consist of the basic yoga poses.

Whether you’ve never taken a fitness class before, or are an avid fitness enthusiast you will greatly benefit from this class.

Will I lose weight?

Absolutely! If weight loss is your goal.

Included with your membership is a Complete Body Rescue Meal Plan that will teach you how to eat to support your weight loss goals. It’s a realistic approach that is family approved and does not include doing anything extreme.

Additional coaching accountability and program customization is offered through the Total Body Rescue Program.  For complete program details call Courtney at 709-330-4665.


Space is limited to 12!

So reserve your spot TODAY by contacting Courtney at (709) 330-4665 or email