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The Blissful Bump Prenatal Yoga Fusion & Wellness Program

This 6 week prenatal program consists of Four Main Modules:

MODULE I: Yoga & Fitness Fusion Classes

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This speciality prenatal designed combo class of fitness and yoga infuses cardio, strength training for arms and legs, along with several modified yoga postures and stretches to give you a taste of everything that you will need to prepare you for childbirth. These classes were created to ensure a safe space for your growing belly and transforming body so you can maintain a healthy level of fitness, exercise and awareness as you blossom and bloom into motherhood.

These classes will help you:

  • gently open your hips
  • strengthen your pelvic muscles and legs
  • open your heart
  • calm your breath and your mind
  • expand your knowledge for pain techniques during labour
  • align your body as it goes through many different transformations
  • help process and make sense of all the hormonal activity you will experience during pregnancy
  • -improve your circulation as you will be using your blood supply to support the growth of your baby.

Each class will end with a guided meditation and visualization as you relax your body and calm your mind so you can fully connect and embrace the life growing within you. This is a great opportunity to meet with other expectant Mamas in your community!

Yoga Class

Prenatal yoga is a great way to connect with your growing, ever changing body and adapt to the various stages during your pregnancy. You will be guided through several yoga postures that have been altered to support your blossoming body and will be taught many different breathing techniques that will be useful tools to have while you are going through labour and delivery. Most importantly, prenatal yoga invites you into a deeper relationship with your precious baby as he/she receives all the positive energy, unconditional love and intimate connection that this special yoga class creates within you and around you.

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Mindful Momma Meditation

Each session will gently guide you through a series of breathing techniques, fear releasing strategies and birth visualizations to help you connect to your mind, your body and your baby. This is designed to encourage you to let go of any and all fears that you may have surrounding childbirth and bring you deeper into your body so you can connect with the growing heart beat in your belly. This is to help you surrender to the changes in your body each day so you can fully embrace, embody and embrace the magical journey you are about to embark as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

Class Schedule:

60min Yoga Class – Mondays at 6:30pm (Location: Exhale Pilates Studio)

60min Yoga Fitness Fusion Classes – Wednesday 5:30pm (Location: Yoga Kula Co-op)

30min Yoga Fitness Fusion Class and 30min Guest Speaker Session – Sundays at 9:00am (Location: Yoga Kula Co-op Studio)

Exhale Pilates Studio is located 11 Rowan St, St. John’s, Churchill Square, St. John’s (above the Running Room)

Yoga Kula Co-op Studio is located in Coaker’s Meadow Plaza, 286 Torbay Road, Unit 8 (Formerly Shakti Yoga Studio) St. John’s.

MODULE III: Nutrition Planning for Each Trimester

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1st Trimester:

To eat, or not to eat? That is the question!

-Find out what you need to eat to nourish you and your baby throughout the next 9 months of your Pregnancy. Learn what foods, drinks and herbs to avoid and why.

 Vitamins and Minerals to Sprout your Seed!

-Become educated on the different vitamins and minerals you need to grow your baby and find out what supplements you need to take during each trimester.

Go Go Organic!

-It is a toxic world out there! Keep your baby happy, healthy and safe by eating fresh, whole, organic food. Less chemicals means less complications during your pregnancy and a better environment for your baby to thrive in.

2nd Trimester:

Taste the Rainbow!

-Variety means VITALITY! Follow the colours of the rainbow when picking out fresh produce at the grocery store and find out why this is so important during pregnancy.

Fats n Fibre….They will keep you in the Flow!

-Why these two elements are key for healthy baby production, maintaining your energy levels, and feeling happy!

H2O is the way to GO!

-Hydration is EXTREMELY important during pregnancy. Staying away from sugary, caffienated, processed drinks will keep your hormones balanced and your sodium levels down. This is crucial for maintaining a healthy blood pressure and much more!

3rd Trimester: 

Bump up the Protein! 

-We all know proteins are the building blocks of every cell and function in your body. It is even more important to get the right amount of protein in you during pregnancy, especially in your third trimester. Baby is growing at a rapid rate now, so you need double the amount of protein daily to keep up! Lots of tips on good, lean, organic meats and vegetarian options.

Dark Leafy Greens is your Baby Making Machine!

-Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin K, Calcium, Folate, Vitamin C are just a few of the powerhouse vitamins and minerals jam packed in your dark leafy green veggie.  These are key ingredients for you to eat so you can give your baby the proper nourishment they need for their final 3 months of growth and development.

Breast Milk = Liquid Gold!

Your body has the ability to turn your blood into milk so you can feed your baby all the nutrients, vitamins and proteins they need to grow strong and healthy. Learn what foods and herbs you can eat to improve your milk production and how increase your milk supply.

MODULE III: Expert Speaker Series 

We have pulled together a team of pregnancy experts and each week participants will get to meet and learn from these experts as they provide helpful information on a variety of pregnancy topics.

WEEK 1: Helena Butler: Essential Oils

WEEK 2: Sarah Minty: DONA Doula Head Collective

WEEK 3: Fiona Cunningham: Hyponobabies Instructor

WEEK 4: Amber Snow: Le Leche Leader

WEEK 5: Jayme Saffine: Midwife

WEEK 6: Mark Kibyuk: Naturopathic Doctor

MODULE IV: Daily Support, Motivation, Education and Accountability 

You get access to a super supportive Facebook forum where you will receive daily guidance on your journey. You will also get loads of support from the other Mommas doing the program and make lifelong friends.

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PLUS…You will also receive emails from Coach Courtney and Teresa every week to keep you on track and inspired.





Please Note: this program suits you if you are in Trimester 2 or 3. If you are currently in Trimester 1 and are feeling great you are welcome to join as well.

6 Week Program Cost: $299 plus HST

(Payment in full or two equal payments of $150 – Week 1 & Week 3)



Teresa Butler – From climbing solo to Base Camp Everest in Nepal, to living in an Eco-Commune planting trees in India, to summiting Kilimanjaro then jumping out of a plane only hours after the 8 day trek, Teresa truly embraces life to the fullest! She has been a competitive athlete all of her life, and played as a varsity athlete with the MUN Seahawks basketball team during her university years. Her passions for health and wellness took her to Vancouver for 6 years where she studied holistic nutrition, yoga and birth work. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Kundalini and Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Birth/Postpartum Doula. Her mission is to help you find your inner power and strength by motivating, inspiring and empowering you through fitness, coaching and nutrition so you can reach your maximum potential and happiness.

Courtney Rowsell –  A cookbook author, motivational speaker, fitness expert, a women’s wellness coach and busy mom to two beautiful children ages 3 ½  and 20mths. Founder and creator of Love Yourself Lean Intl ( her mission is to motivate and inspire you to fall in love with your body and your life! Currently living in St. John’s, NL she is transforming lives through her fitness classes, lifestyle coaching programs and empowering nutrition workshops and seminars.


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