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This 6 week program consist of Four Main Modules: 

MODULE I: Post Baby Fitness Fusion Classes

Post FitnessBlast the Bump classes are the perfect integration of functional and traditional strength based exercises with yoga and cardio moves to strengthen, stretch and restore your body after birth. The beauty of this class is that you do not have to worry about a babysitter, or worry about breastfeeding your baby during a workout, because this class is for YOU AND BABY! It is meant for you to connect with other Mamas and their babies while you sweat off your baby weight and transform your body into a BRAND NEW YOU!

You and Baby will work together to melt your mommy belly and define your new momma curves by combining the strength and muscle toning benefits of resistance training, calorie burning, heart healthy benefits of cardio exercise and the flexibility of yoga postures. These classes will strengthen, stretch and invigorate your entire body, help you shed the post baby weight and melt away muscle tension while you bond with your baby and other post-natal moms.

These classes will help you:

  • boost your metabolism
  • melt away your baby weight
  • strengthen your pelvic floor
  • beat the baby blues
  • restore your energy levels
  • expand your nutritional knowledge to shed pounds in a healthy way
  • help process and make sense of all the hormonal activity you will experience during post-partum recovery
  • improve your strength, agility, posture, circulation, mood, and fitness wellness needs as you transition into a New Phase of life with your baby
  •  to meet with other new Mamas in your community!

Class Schedule:

Fitness Fusion Classes – Monday & Wednesdays at 2:00pm

Stroller Fit Class – Fridays at 2:00pm

MODULE II: Nutrition Plan 

Post Nutrition picBlast the Bump Nutritional Manual

This manual includes everything you need to know about the Blast the Bump Food & Fitness Formula. How it works, why it works and what you need to do on each day for food and exercise to maximize your fat burning results. In this detailed step-by-step manual you`ll also receive a pre-program checklist, tips for beginning your post-baby weight loss journey, a quick start guide for your eager beavers, a measurement sheet to track your weekly weight loss success and a goal setting guide.

Done-For-You Meal Plan & Recipes 

What and how you eat accounts for 80% of your fat loss results. The Blast the Bump meal plan is broken down into 7 days which you repeat 4 times for the 1st 28 days of the program, followed by a No!No! Rebound Diet plan for the remaining 6 weeks to ensure you continue to maintain the weight you have lost in the initial 4 weeks and continue to achieve fat loss success. The plan consists of delicious recipes that are quick and easy to prepare and are also family-approved. The meal plan is allergy-friendly, even Gluten free and suitable for celiacs. You’ll love it!

MODULE III: Mindful Momma Meditation

Bring peace and quiet into your daily routine!

From anxiety-busting breathing exercises to tantrum-diffusing techniques, these sessions will teach you how to pause, take a breather and re-energize so that you can return to the stresses of motherhood with an open heart and a fresh attitude.

Expert Speaker Series

We have pulled together a team of pregnancy experts and each week participants will get to meet and learn from these experts as they provide helpful information on a variety of pregnancy and post pregnancy topics.

Week 1: Courtney Rowsell: Safe Effective Fat Loss Post-Baby

Week 2: Sarah Minty: Postnatal Food Delivery

Week 3: Amber Snow: Le Leche / Breast Feeding Consultant

WEEK 4: Dr. Linda Slaney: Chiropractic

WEEK 5: Amber Snow: Baby Wearing Consultant

WEEK 6: Mark Kibyuk: Naturopathic Doctor

 (Coach Courtney 6months post Baby #1)

Daily Support, Motivation, Education and Accountability

You get access to a super supportive Facebook forum where you will receive daily guidance on your journey. You will also get loads of support from the other Mommas doing the program and make lifelong friends.

PLUS…You will also receive emails from Coach Courtney and Teresa every week to keep you on track and inspired.

Please Note: this program suits you if you are 6 weeks – 12 months post-partum (or until walking stage)

 6 Week Program Cost: $299

(Payment in full or two equal payments of $150 – Week 1 & Week 3)



Teresa Butler – From climbing solo to Base Camp Everest in Nepal, to living in an Eco-Commune planting trees in India, to summiting Kilimanjaro then jumping out of a plane only hours after the 8 day trek, Teresa truly embraces life to the fullest! She has been a competitive athlete all of her life, and played as a varsity athlete with the MUN Seahawks basketball team during her university years. Her passions for health and wellness took her to Vancouver for 6 years where she studied holistic nutrition, yoga and birth work. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Kundalini and Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Birth/Postpartum Doula. Her mission is to help you find your inner power and strength by motivating, inspiring and empowering you through fitness, coaching and nutrition so you can reach your maximum potential and happiness.

Courtney Rowsell –  A cookbook author, motivational speaker, fitness expert, a women’s wellness coach and busy mom to two beautiful children ages 3 ½  and 20mths. Founder and creator of Love Yourself Lean Intl ( her mission is to motivate and inspire you to fall in love with your body and your life! Currently living in St. John’s, NL she is transforming lives through her fitness classes, lifestyle coaching programs and empowering nutrition workshops and seminars.


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