Smelling your way thin may sound too good to be true but according to some exciting new research at Niigata University School of Medicine in Japan, certain scents trigger weight loss.  According to the study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine, the smell of grapefruit and lemon activates the body’s ability to burn fat while suppressing further weight gain.

Other research at the Department of Nursing at the Wonkwang Health Science College in Korea found that abdominal massage with specific essential oils reduced belly fat in post-menopausal women.

The scientists divided women into two groups.  Study participants massaged their own abdomen twice daily for 5 days each week and continued for the duration of the study, which was 6 weeks.  One group used only grapeseed oil while the other group used a blend of grapefruit, lemon, and cypress oils.  The women who used the citrus-cypress blend had significantly less abdominal fat at the end of the study.  Their waist measurements dropped significantly and they experienced an improvement in body image compared to the control group.

While the study only examined post-menopausal women, it is likely that the effects would transfer to other women as well as men.  Post-menopausal hormonal changes can actually make it more difficult for many women so it is encouraging that the study showed great results with this group.

Here’s a recipe to make your own abdominal fat-burning massage oil, try it this weekend.

A “super oil” RECIPE to reduce belly fat:


Measure two ounces of almond oil in a glass measuring cup.  This oil acts as a carrier oil for the essential oils.

Add 5 drops each of pure grapefruit, lemon, and cypress essential oils to the measuring cup.

Pour into a glass bottle, close the lid and roll the bottle between your palms to blend the ingredients together.

Using a small amount of the oil massage into your abdomen using large circles starting above your belly button and working outward toward the left side of your abdomen.  Ideally, perform this massage daily, or at least five times weekly to obtain the study results.

NOTE:  Grapefruit, cypress, and lemon essential oils, along with almond  oil, are available from The Healthy Vibe.

Grapefruit and Lemon Essential Oils are the BEST EO (essential oil) out there to suppress appetite, increase energy, prevent water retention, reduce the appearance of cellulite, prevent bloating and dissolve fat. It helps to cleanse and detox your body from excess toxins and fat.

Here are TWO more ways to use these essential oils to support your fat loss goals.


Drink one glass of water with 1 to 2 drops of grapefruit or lemon EO. Make sure to buy quality essential oils for internal use (food grade). This will help you to flush out more toxins, lose excess fat, and manage your weight. Best to drink it first thing in the morning.


Add a few drops of lemon or grapefruit EO to a cotton ball and slowly breathe in the vapors before a meal to avoid overeating and reduce appetite. Seal in a zip lock bag for on the road.