Holiday shopping done?

If you still need to buy some gifts (or treats for yourself) and you’re running out of ideas, here’s my Top 10 Holiday Gift List.

Enjoy! #10 is my favourite!!!

#1 – Exercise / Yoga Mat

I often get asked “Courtney, where can I get a good exercise mat? One that won’t tear, is easy to wash, doesn’t slip when you get sweaty and offers good lower back support.

Mighty Mat

Meet your new lifelong exercise friend…The Mighty Mat from Halfmoon.

I love this company and brand so much that I purchased The Studio Yoga Max

Deluxe for the NEW Love Yourself Lean Studio.

==> CLICK HERE to visit the Halfmoon website



#2 – S’Well Bottle

If you, your girlfriends or your family members are still drinking from plastic bottles I’m begging you to please STOP. Plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals, and do a great job of adding to the world’s plastic bottle mountains.


Your solution…buy a pricey, but worth it, S’Well bottle. It keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot… for a LONG time. Plus, for a water bottle, they have a sexy, sleek design with really cool colours.

==> CLICK HERE to visit the website 


#3 – My Favourite Protein Powder

The protein powder I use and recommend is Ultra Protein Plus, provided by Douglas Laboratories ®Douglas Labs. The vanilla bean flavour is my favourite. Its great for smoothies and for baking. I love it in the Banana Breakfast Bars Recipe.

image008Ultra Protein Plus’s source of protein is from yellow peas, a low allergenic source that contains no genetically modified plant tissue, is pesticide, lactose and gluten free and provides 25% of the nutrition provided by Douglas Laboratories’ Ultra Preventive ® III, a multi-vitamin/mineral dietary supplement.

==> CLICK HERE to order 



#4 – Jump Rope

A simple jump rope can work wonders for your health, fitness and weight loss goals. Jumping rope is a quick, inexpensive, and fun way to exercise. It helps increase blood flow, giving you glowing, radiant skin; it promotes elimination of toxins, and supports a healthy Lymphatic System. But REMEMBER to always wear shoes while jumping – you’ll believe me the first time you smack yourself in the bare foot when you mess up a jump! lol


Introducing WODFitter’s Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.

I absolutely LOVE this rope! And I love the amazing and wildly successful women behind this company, Katalin Cseke. She’s a mompreneur from my Mastermind Group and started this company from home with her three young children.

==> CLICK HERE to visit the website


#5 – UnDiet Cookbook by Meghan Telpner


I have been following Meghan Telpner on line for a few months now and I just LOVE her philosophy and approach to healthy eating. Here UnDiet Cookbook is a fabulous, practical, and a modern guide for those seeking to add more plant-based meals to their ‘diet’ (and gluten-free to boot).

You can grab a copy of her book at or by visiting  your local Chapters or Indigo bookstore.



#6 – The Gift Of Meditation

If you are a current member of our LYL Community you already know how much I strongly encourage you to adopt a daily mediation practise.  I began my mediation journey with my spiritual teacher Meranda Squires, Owner of the Lotus Centre there in St. John’s.

Here’s the replay from a LIVE a periscope session I did with Meranda a few weeks back where she explains what exactly mediation is and guides us through a 10min Beginners Breathe Meditation.

==> Reply of meditation session with Meranda Squires

I have also completed several 21-Day Mediation Challenges offered by Oprah and Deepak. Of all the gift ideas I am sharing with you today this one is battling it out for the #1 spot alongside #10 on my list.


The latest challenge they offered Become what you Believe is my favourite thus far. It helped me stand in my own truth and personal power and give me the clarity and courage I needed to open up my NEW Live Yourself Lean Studio. Manifesting Grace through Gratitude also helped me during my separation from Mike. It allowed me to move through the separation with love, compassion and non-judgement.

This is one of the BEST gifts you can give yourself or anyone in your life this holiday.

==> CLICK HERE to visit the on-line library

#7 – 5min Journal


I purchased this journal 3 months again and it has transformed my life. Coined the simplest, most effective thing you can do every day to be happier, “The Five Minute Journal” has been created by combining the proven elements of positive psychology that can make all of the difference in your life. From daily affirmations, to list-prompts that encourage you to reflect and evaluate, this five minute pastime is an inspiring way to start and end your day. HIGHLY recommend it.

You can grab a copy at Indigo on-line or by visiting your local Chapters or Indigo bookstore.

#8 – Essential Oils


The perfect stocking stuffer, essential oils are a MUST have. I’m totally addicted!!! I have even created a mixture that I call Fairy Dust that I spray in Mackenzie and Nathan’s room before bedtime and during the day when they are having a hard time settling. It’s become so popular that Mackenzie will ask for it when she’s is feeling upset or frustrated.

Here is a blog post I wrote earlier this year that shares my top picks of essential oils and where you can purchase them.

==> Top 7 Essential Oils 

#9 – Inside Out Read along Story Book & CD


This gift idea is a MUST for any little person you have in your life.  Mackenzie and Nathan have listened to this one for months now on the drive to daycare.  It’s from the Disney*Pixar film, Inside Out. It’s an excellent way to instill good emotional health for the children in your life.

You can grab a copy at or check your local bookstore. I got our copy at Dominion in Grand Falls-Windsor.


#10 – Gift of LOVE!

Last but not least, the most rewarding gift of all ~ adopt a family or child in need! Last week I adopted a 4 year old girl named Elisabeth from Indonesia in support of Because I Am a Girl Campaign from Plan Canada.


If you’re not familiar with this project you can read about it here.

==> Because I Am A Girl

Love Yourself Lean is committed to actively supporting this project in 2016 and will be donating 5% of all processes from the NEW LYL Studio to Because I Am a Girl Campaign, in addition to launching a young girls empowerment group in January called Today’s Girl.

Love Yourself Lean has also made the pledge to raise $10,000 in 2016 to help build a school in Malia, one of the poorest places in the world. It is my personal and corporate mission to become an active partner in creating a generation of young girls who are educated, healthy and equipped with the skills they need to create a brighter life from themselves, their families, and communities. When you invest in a girl, the whole world benefits!!!

Alright, there’s your list. Happy Healthy Holiday Shopping!!


~ Coach Courtney