>>>>Ready To Melt Your Muffin Top?!<<<<

I’m looking for 20 women who fit the following criteria to transform their life and body in just 21 short days:
– 10-30+lbs of fat to lose
– Would like to build strength and confidence
– Stressed and busy
 – Have trouble with restrictive dieting
– Goal driven
– Can workout in person or on line with me 2 x per week



CHALLENGE START DATE: Monday. January 30th, 2017

Your 21 Day Blueprint to achieving a bulge-free, toned and sexy midsection.

 Are you sick of hiding your belly under baggy tops or buying your pants a size too big so your stomach won’t spill over the waistband?

You’re not alone!

The stomach is a major, if not the major problem area for women. I can’t tell you how often I’m asked for advice on how to achieve killer abs, flatten the mommy pouch or lose the love handles.

If you really want to get a flat stomach – or score that six pack – then I would like to personally welcome you into my 21-Day Melt Your Muffin Top Challenge.

It’s time to ditch the yoga pants and your frumpy mom jeans and get your sexy back!

It’s time to step away from being a caretaker, household CEO and the additional two-dozen responsibilities that you have…

…and for just a few hours enjoy feeling confident, sexy and strong.

Every woman deserves to experience this feeling.

Are You Ready to Slip into your Favorite Pair of Skinny Jeans with Confidence?

It’s Time to Reclaim a Sexy, Slim and Toned Waistline!

Having been a Women’s Weight Loss Coach for over 10 years I realize that sometimes you just need SUPER QUICK weight loss for a special event — or maybe you’re just tired of carrying around the extra weight around your midsection and you’re ready to shed it!

That’s why I created the Melt Your Muffin Top in 21 Day Program!

Let me make it very clear – THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK but it IS a Rapid Results Program.

However, it is the safest and most efficient way to rapidly slim down your waist and look great.

When you workout with me and follow my day-by-day done-for-you meal plan you will lose those unwanted inches. Heck, I’ve seen women drop 4 inches off their waist in Week 1 doing my regular program.

Check out these amazing results from Week One of our 6-Week Fit, Fierce & Fabulous Challenge







If this is what these ladies achieved in just 7 short days…imagine what is possible for YOU when you followed the exact plan for 21 Days!!!

And, just in case you don’t have any weight to lose…no problem. You’ll love the toning and tightening effects of my metabolic strength training program. Plus, you’ll increase strength, endurance, and vitality – you’ll look AND feel better than ever!

Take a look at what’s you will get:

  • You’ll join me twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM or Saturdays at 8:30AM for three weeks.
  • You’ll train with me in a small, intimate group class of 12 women. These classes combine the most effective moves you can do to work deep into your core waistline muscles to develop strong, flat, and pulled-in abs that look great both in and out of your clothes. Combine it with an all-over strength and cardio routine you’ll be zipping up those jeans with ease in no time
  • You will also receive 7 Core Cinching follow along workout videos, instructed and filmed by ME, that you can do in the comfort of your home to give you that “extra edge” on your days outside of class
  • 21 Days of Family-Approved Fat Burning Done-For-You Meal Plans PLUS 40+ NEW Love Yourself Lean Recipes to ensure you reach your goals as quickly as possible.
  • 24/7 access to ME and our community of LYL Mentors via or Private Facebook group. We check-in daily to answer your questions, post challenges and share LOTS of motivation and support.

…You get all this – a $220 Value – for ONLY $59!

“Why would I give so much away at such a low price?”

That’s a fair question, and I’ll be 100% transparent with you on my answer…

I am so confident that you’ll love the results you achieve and the experience you have that you’ll want to stay on and become a regular member of the Love Yourself Lean Community.  In fact, if you’re NOT totally satisfied with the Melt Your Muffin Top in 21 Days program just let me know and I’ll offer you a 100%, no questions asked, refund.

Fair enough?

Great! Let’s get started then. Click the Register Now button below to activate your Melt Your Muffin Top in 21 Days program. I’ll then be in touch with you to get started…


(I’m only accepting 10 women into this program)

*Class Times Are Approximately 1 Hour

Classes are taught in my Women’s Wellness & Fitness Studio on 260 Portugal Cove Rd. (just South of Newfoundland Dr. across from Dairy Queen)

YES! I want to Melt My Muffin Top in 21 Days!!

Challenge STARTS on Monday, January 30th and Ends on Saturday, February 18th


GOT QUESTIONS: Email me directly at Courtney@loveyourselflean.com or Call 709-330-4665



No problem. I have designed an on-line version of the program that you can follow at-home while accessing the 24/7 support from me and our community via our Private Facebook group.


YES! I want to Melt My Muffin Top in 21 Days!!

Challenge STARTS on Monday,  January 30th and Ends on Saturday, February 18th 


GOT QUESTIONS: Email me directly at Courtney@loveyourselflean.com or Call 709-330-4665

Please don’t hesitate to get started.

Here’s your opportunity to get a Jump Start on looking a feeling better than you’ve ever felt and looked before!

Don’t starve yourself and miss out on all of life’s pleasures.

Don’t run yourself into the ground with excessive exercise and marathon workouts.

And don’t settle for clothes that don’t reflect the strong, sexy and glamorous woman you are on the inside.

Do you realize how short a period of time 21 days is?

I want you to a look at your calendar right now and mark a big red smiley face on February 18th.

Because 21 Days is all it takes to start feeling fabulous in your skin again!

I’m really looking forward to helping you!


Your Coach,

Courtney Rowsell


P.S. Remember… if you’re serious about shedding the extra weight around your midsection without starving yourself … without running yourself into the ground … then as I mentioned above, this is the most sensible, risk-free step you can take today.

P.P.S. – You really CAN melt 4-inches off your waist (or more) in 21 days.  

I’d love the opportunity to help you do it.

YES! I want to Melt My Muffin Top in 21 Days

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