For a mental lift, you should weight lift! 

Hi, I’m Courtney Rowsell and I have ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Impulsivity, deep introspective, racing thoughts, impaired concentration and intense emotions. I’ve got a long history of being trapped in my head.

The wide-reaching effects of living with ADD has at times lead to feelings of embarrassment, frustration, hopelessness, disappointment, and loss of self-confidence. The perfect emotional cocktail for depression and suicidal ideation.

My diagnosis in 2017 was an enormous source of relief and hope, as it helped me better understand that the difficulties I had been experiencing where symptoms of attention deficit disorder—not the result of personal weakness or character flaws.

Together with my team of wellness experts we created a holistic approach to help we THRIVE as a woman who has ADD.

In addition to cognitive behavior therapy, medication, traditional Chinese medicine practices such as acupuncture, massage, dietary and lifestyles changes to support better balance between yin and yang, strength training proved for me, to be one of the FASTEST ways to calm my busy mind and to restore peace in my body.

Counting reps, breathing through each repetition, and maintaining focus to master good form is the perfect meditative practice to find inner peace.

Living heavy and with focused intensity helps to work off excess energy, stress, irritability, inner restlessness and agitation.

The post-workout sweaty glow (thank you serotonin) helps to boost my mood.

Research has long supported the benefits of exercise, from weight control to reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and even cancer.

Regular workouts strengthen your bones and muscles, increase your flexibility, and help you stay active and mobile as you age, helping you live longer.

Exercise’s effect on mental health and mood is no exception—it’s as effective in treating minor depression as therapy and prescription drugs.

According to research by the University of Limerick, lifting weights is associated with a significant reduction in anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. It has also shown to improve cognition; a major bonus for individuals with ADD.

Depression, anxiety, worry, fear, procrastination, inattention, and disorganization. I’ve experienced it all, and I can attest to how effective strength training has been for improving how I feel, both mentally and physically.

It gives my brain a break from the incessant intellectual thinking I endure all day.

It renews my concentration and supports self-regulation from internal distraction.

It lifts my mood, and provides a healthy coping strategy to effectively manage the stressors of my daily life.

Strength training is absolutely one of the GREATEST GIFTS I could have EVER given yourself.

To say that it has SAVED my life would not be an understatement.

What started out as a desire to transform by French fry legs into a powerhouse of strength has became a blend of therapy, spirituality, and life coaching.

I feel better, look better, and have learned some core life lessons that will serve me well as I continue to navigate my journey through life.

And it can do the same for YOU.

Once you commit to making strength training a habit, you’ll begin to wonder how you were ever able to live without it.

It is my hope that this 3-part blog series on the importance of strength training has inspired you to hit the gym and LIFT!!!

And if it has, please let me know in a comment below. I always LOVE hearing from you. Your feedback is the fuel that supports my desire to continue to do the work that feeds my soul.

Take good care of yourself and until next time I’ll leave you with this final thought…when life gets tough as it often will, may you find your salvation in the weight room.

Much love,

~ Coach Courtney

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