365 days ago I found myself homeless and having to ask my brother for $40 to put gas in my car so that I could drive to Leading Tickles to stay with my parents.

Other than the dates that my children were born I don’t really pay much attention to dates.

But the events that took place on July 7th, 2018 will never let me forget this date.

I faced some pretty tough decisions that day. Decisions that challenged so many beliefs I held about myself, motherhood, family, and relationships.

Over the past year I’ve work tremendously hard to develop a new belief system that positively supports my continuous growth and healing from the events of that day.

Yet here I am today, one year later still carrying limiting beliefs that do not serve my highest potential. While also baring witness to some limiting beliefs that have been passed on to my children, that they are now internalizing as their own.

In celebration of this one year anniversary I made a commitment to replacing some of the limiting beliefs that I was still carrying around with more empowering beliefs.

I also committed to helping my children do the same.

Together we performed a belief releasing ritual.

Here are a few pictures that captured this very potent and beautifully healing ritual.

Some of the beliefs that my children released…

– I am selfish
– I talk to much
– I am to loud
– I cry to much

And a few of the beliefs that I released…

– That I won’t have the energy and stamina to embrace the next rapid growth phase in my business.

– That I will make a wrong decision in my business and self-sabotage my success.

– That I can’t be in the best shape of my life and enjoy optimal health while working to grow my business and gain financial independence.

As I step into year two post separation I am committed to mothering myself and my children to help us all heal from beliefs that do not serve our greatest potential.

Stepping into the truth of who you are and living the life you desire requires a re-evaluation and a re-programming of your current belief system. When you do this, you heal your mind and your heart and you begin to live with greater ease and peace.

What beliefs are keeping you stuck and holding you back from truly stepping into your fullest, most purest expression of yourself? And how will you release them?