Happy Monday Ladies!

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and are ready to kick start your week.

I sure am!

I’m still running on a major high from our Fabulicious Figure Party on Saturday night.

Saturday evening at The Gypsy Tea Room we celebrated the successful completion of another 8 Week Fab Figure Program.

Each time I host these parties I’m always WOWED by the incredible results this program produces. Just when we think we’ve experienced the absolute best results possible, collectively these ladies break new weight loss records.

There were a number of ladies that did not make it to the final weigh-in due to family/work commitments and vacations, but among those that did they lost a total of…

 355lbs and 375inches!!!


We had women lose 30lbs in 8 weeks, one women in particular lost 9inches from her waist.

In over a decant of coaching clients, 9 inches in 8 weeks is a new record for us!

I’m EXCITED to see what is possible from our next 8 weeks program!

What makes these results so impressive is that these ladies achieved this level of success while enjoying delicious meals, dishes straight from my LYL Cookbook, and YES they were even allowed TREAT MEALS!!!

Together with my amazing family of LYL Coaches we work closely together to design a nutritional plan that is both results-producing and realistic to follow.

You will NEVER have to eat broccoli on our plan…personally I HATE broccoli and would never make anyone eat that nasty stuff…lol

Just like you we are busy working women too! And many of us busy moms!!

We know how important it is that your weight loss nutritional plan be family approved, flavorful and most importantly REALISTIC.

We also know that your workouts need to be fun, exciting, and challenging and lead by a coach that is motivating, supportive and is truly engaged in your workouts.

And lastly, we know that in order for you to be successful you also need accountability.

You need to be held accountable to your program from a community of women, just like you, in a non-competitive environment that fosters a can do attitude.

 One of our client’s shared with me on Saturday night what she loved so much about our program was that she felt she was always…

…getting a kick in the butt! Not a kick in the gut!

At LYL we empower you to believe in yourself!

When you fall we help get you right back up, with encouraging words of support. Not harsh words of disempowerment!

Coaching support should always come from a position of love and a genuine commit to helping you achieve your goals in a positive, encouraging environment.

When you combine the fun of a challenging workout with a realistic nutritional plan and the accountability and support of a committed coach in a positive environment you have the formula for success!!!!

A “NO-FAIL”  proof system!

And that’s just what our Fabulicious Figure program has become!

This 8 week program has grown to become the BEST program in my history of coaching client’s.

I am personally so VERY proud of the amazing LYL success stories that have transpired from this program.

And NOW I want YOU to experience what makes this program so special and so life-changing for all the women that have graduated from this program

We are now accepting applications for our next 8 Week Challenge start on Monday, March 11th.

Here is the link to my blog with all the details. All classes are taught at Global Gym.


Many of the spots have already been secured, however I sure hope that below you can find a time that will work for you. If so, please send us an email at info@loveyourselflean.com and we will send you the application form.

Option #1 – Mon/Wed at 6am & Fri at 6am – 2 spots

Option #2 – Mon/Wed at 7am & Fri at 7am – 5 spots

Option #3 – Mon/Wed at 6pm & Fri at 6am – 3 spots

Option #4 – Tue at 5:30pm / Sun at 6pm / Fri at 7am – 1 spot

Option #5 – Tue at 6:30pm / Sun at 7pm / Fri at 7am – 4 spots

Option #6 – Tue at 7:30pm / Sun at 8pm / Fri at 7am – 3 spots

Program Cost: 1 payment of $498 or 2 payments of $249

We hope that you will make the commitment to see what is truly possible for you when you commit to taking better care of yourself with the support of a group of positive and motivating women who are genuinely committed to helping you reach your personal goals.

Join our LYL Sisterhood today!

Become our next LYL Success Story!

Meet Lesley!