Fabulicious Figure Program

Q: What is the Fabulicious Figure Program?

A: An 8 Week Body Transformation Program for a Flawless Physique

FINALLY females…the TRUTH about how to burn fat, build a sexy, tight body and MAINTAIN it!

No more yo-yo dieting…keep the pounds off for good!

Discover the Step-by-Step Program that has helped so many ‘cardio queens’ get off the treadmill and fad diets and into the weight room sculpting a flawless physique that turns heads and gets noticed.

Krista Nippard

In this program I will share with you the body shaping techniques, and the stomach flattening nutrition formula that I personally used to earn my Pro Muscle Model Status, get my pre-baby abs back, and that have helped so many of my female clients build a sleek, sexy, athletic physique.

I went from Post Baby Belly to a 6 Pack abs following the same training and nutrition principles I share in our Fabulicious Figure Program

I went from Post Baby Belly to a 6 Pack abs following the same training and nutrition principles I share in our Fabulicious Figure Program

Ladies, more cardio is NOT want you need to burn your belly fat, trim down your thighs or create a curvaceous backside. If you truly want a Fabulicous Figure you need to learn how to train. You need to perform the right exercises, in the right order, with the right level of intensity.

Every Fabulicious workout is results-focused, based on proven scientific training techniques so you gain consistent and noticeable progress that make you look and feel great naked.

Whether you’ve just decided to venture into the weight room or you have been a long time fitness buff this program will teach you how to perform the right exercises for your female body.

Also, ladies nutrition is everything!

Together with my team of expert coaches we will teach you that crash diets, fat burners and colon cleanse are not the ‘secrets’ to a sexy waist line. You will learn how to eat smart and take control over your body through delicious and supportive meal plans.

Whether you need a jump start to lose the first 20lbs or a kick in the butt to lose the last 10 pounds. We will teach you how to get a tight and lean physique without doing anything extreme!

We’ll take you from saggy and flabby…to…fit, fabulous and fearless in the gym!!!

That is our promise to YOU!

We’re bringing it all together in this complete 8 Week Body Transformation Program:

Here is what your
Fabulicious Figure Program Includes:

In-Town Program:

  • Two semi private training sessions per week with a Fabulicious Figure Coach to teach you how to perform the right exercises, in the right order, with the right volume and intensity to build a delicious derriere, well-defined arms that will be the envy of all your girlfriends and a fat & firm stomach you can’t wait to show off. You will meet your LYL Coach and workout peers at Global Gym   on 92 Elizabeth Ave.


  •  One high energy group BootCamp class per week to re-energize you and have a blast with your group of Fabulicious female friends. These workouts are designed to round out your weekly training program and include exercises specific to enhance you newly defined beautiful lines. Classes are taught at Global Gym   on 92 Elizabeth Ave.


  •  Additional body shaping workouts for you to complete during the week to ensure you hit every body part from every angle! You’ll also receive a weekly training schedule that outlines day-by-day what you should be doing during the week to ensure you are maximizing your results


  •  Complete, 8 Week specially designed Fab-Delicious Nutritional Plan, broken down into phases to empower you with the TRUTH about nutrition and eliminate the guess work.


  •   A digital copy of the Love Yourself Lean Cookin’ Clean & Lean Cookbook, with BONUS sleek & sexy muscle-building recipes


  • Weekly accountability and support to personalize your program and ensure you are on track to achieving your goals


  • Weekly progress check-ins, and food journal checks


  • Access to a private Fabulicious Facebook community


  • 8 Week unlimited membership to Global Gym

This comprehensive 8 Week
Program is jammed packed with the tools, support and motivation to get you
moving on the fast track to becoming Fabulicious!

Start living the life you want in a smokin’ hot body!

Your investment: $498 (payable in two installments of $249!)

Make no mistake ladies, this transformation program will require hard work and commitment on your part to transform your body to Fablicious in just 8 weeks. This program is not for slackers!

So…if you’re tired of slow fat loss, poor muscle definition, a weak upper body, and deflated motivation…
Than…Make the commitment RIGHT NOW and lets us show you how you train the RIGHT WAY, the RESULTS-BASED way!

Become our next Fabulicious Figure Success Story!

 Lesley Bourne

Email us at info@loveyourselflean.com and we’ll send you the registration form. We only have space for a small group of motivated go-getters so sure your spot TODAY!

Fall 2013 Program Dates:

September 9th,2013 – November 1st

November 11th – December 20th (6 Week Hot for the Holidays Program)

Training Times Options:

Group A – Mon / Wed / Fri at 5:45am – 1 spot left!

Group B – Mon & Wed at 6:45am & Fri at 6:30am FULL

Group C – Mon & Wed at 6pm & Sat at 11am – 2 spots left!

Group D – Mon & Wed at 7pm & Sat at 11am – 1 spot left!

Group E – Mon & Wed at 8pm & Sat at 11am – 4 spots left!

Group F – Tue & Thur. at 6pm & Sat at 11am – 2 spots left!

Group G – Tue & Thur. at 7pm & Sat at 11am – 3 spots left!


Email us at info@loveyourselflean.com.

We look forward with much excitement to helping you become Fabulicious!!!

It’s time YOU reclaimed your tight and sexy body!

Q: I don’t live in St. John’s or can’t attend the group class times, can I still do the program?

A: You bet! You can join our On-Line Fab Figure Group. You’ll get access to everything listed above excluding the group classes.

On-Line Program: $197

Q: What happens after the 8 Week Program?

A: If you are participating in our In-Town Program you can transition into our 6 Week Hot for the Holidays program, LYL Bootcamp classes or Private One-On-One Coaching. On-line clients can continue and join our On-Line Hot for the Holidays Coaching Program or private one-on-one on-line coaching if space is available.

A personal phone consult can be schedule to discuss what option is best for you.