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Meet Cathy, she’s a member of our Body Rescue Community and Club LYL coaching program.

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Please take a moment to read her story.


As a stay at home mom for 13 years, there wasn’t much motivation for me to get up and moving or even to get dressed some days and before you know it the weight creeps on. I’ve tried many different programs over the years with no success.

When my youngest started school I was ready to join the work force and finally get a life for myself.

Having to go out and buy clothes was always a painful ordeal. I’d leave the stores empty handed and discouraged. It also didn’t help that I was weighing in at the 200lb mark, well above my pregnancy weight on 3 of my kids!!!

I remember saying to myself “when I turn 30, I want to be the weight I’ll be for the rest of my life!” My goal changed to 35,38,40……now at 43, I finally feel my life is taking a turn in the right direction.

When my best friend received Courtney’s newsletter in September and asked me to join the LYL team, I was excited and concerned about the 4:30am wake up to get to class for 5:30am. My response was “I’m in if you are”….and the early mornings began.

Upon our first week of classes, Courtney mentioned a no wheat no sugar meal plan. Nervous and scared but willing to give it a try, I committed and jumped on board.

I have been a chronic headache sufferer for many years. So bad that I couldn’t remember having a day without some kind of pain and taking pills regularly. Three weeks into my “new lifestyle” it dawned on me that I was headache free since I started my clean eating and hadn’t taken Advil in those 3 weeks. Crazy to think that what I was putting in my mouth was causing me discomfort for years!!!

Being a mom, wife, full time job, kids activities, meals, household chores, everyone else’s needs came before my own. With Courtney’s guidance, I’ve realized that my needs are just as important as everyone else’s and that I have to take time for myself. The early morning classes give me the opportunity to workout stress free and start my day out right.

To date, I have lost 20.5 inches and 28lbs. I still have a little ways to go but I know with the class, clean eating from the cookbook, the support from Courtney and the girls in the class, I’ll get there!!


Each time I read this, I get goosebumps!

My favourite part of this entire essay is when she say “I’ve realized that my needs are just as important as everyone else’s and that I have to take time for myself”.

Notice she said HAVE to, not need to or want to.

Taking the time to care for yourself is not just important it’s essential to your health, happiness and the well-being of everyone else in your life that you care about.

What stands out most for you in this story? And how can you begin to apply it in your life?

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