I Truly Appreciate You 🙂

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Courtney Rowsell, Women’s Wellness Coach

Owner & Chief Fitness Officer, Love Yourself Lean Intl.

Dear Fellow Educator:

I think being a teacher, like being a parent, is perhaps one of the most thankless jobs out there. Would you agree?

I mean; teachers and administrative team members at our schools are the ones who ultimately educate our future, right?

Well, I certainly didn’t appreciate that fact when I was in school, but looking back I sure am thankful for some of the teachers and staff that helped me through my youth. There were some really great people!

Mrs. Andrews…Mrs. Bert…Decades later I can still remember them.

With summer approaching and the school year coming to an end it got me reminiscing a little. 🙂

But, let’s not focus on the past, let’s talk about you and this summer…

Super Summer Special Just for You!

My name is Courtney Rowsell and for the last 15 years I’ve been helping women get in the best shape of their lives.  I own Love Yourself Lean, a progressive women’s wellness & fitness center that hosts “classroom style” group personal training sessions. Some call them “bootcamps.”

Our “bootcamp” is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS and really teaches members how to fit in fitness; something that can be really tough for busy professionals like you.

Anyway, each summer we like to invite teachers to come workout with us – at a very special, very low rate.  😉  It’s my way of saying, “THANK YOU!” to all the great teachers in my life, and to YOU for all the kids you’re helping with their futures.

So, here’s the deal – our regular membership is $179/month, which is an extremely fair price considering all the things that come with membership.  However, for a lot of teachers that can be a big hit on the budget. After all, teachers are sooooo underpaid! It really is a damn shame…it just makes no sense when you really think about it.

Rather than get on a rant about how educators are under-appreciated and underpaid, let me get to the SPECIAL OFFER I’m making to show my appreciation for what you do. 🙂


Teachers Appreciation Bootcamp

Teacher Image








With this program you’ll get up to NINE WEEKS (three 3-week blocks) of our incredibly popular boot camp program that would normally sell for a minimum of $539 for AS LOW AS $199!  That’s a $350 SAVINGS!

Available Training Times

  • 7:00 am M/W/F
  • 8:00 am M/W/F
  • AND…
  • 6:00 am M/W/F also available but space is extremely limited (pls contact me at 709-330-4665 or email
  • 7:00 pm M /W also available but space is extremely limited (pls contact me at 709-330-4665 or email
  • 8:30 am Sat. also available but space is extremely limited (pls contact me at 709-330-4665 or email

Besides our proven training program, you’ll also receive our:

  • Nutrition Success Guide
  • Meal Plans
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Private Facebook Support Group – this is a great community of like-minded people!

Now I know summer is also a time for vacations for many so I’ve created multiple options in case you’re not available to workout with us all summer.  Choose 1, 2 or all 3 sessions:

SUMMER SESSION 1: 7/4 – 7/24 for ONLY $69

SUMMER SESSION 2: 7/25 – 8/14 for ONLY $69

SUMMER SESSION 3: 8/15 – 9/4 for ONLY $69


See What Other Teachers Have to Say About Us…

Shelly Went From a Size 12 to a Size 2 and Looks Amazing!

I started Love Yourself Lean in the summer of 2014. It was recommend to me by my mother-in-law, who knew a member. I joined for the summer to get rid of pregnancy weight and saw great results in 8 weeks. I had also taken classes at the big box fitness center but I always felt like a number and no one really cared if I was there or not. I was never sure if I was really doing the exercise correctly. Wanting more of a personal training setting without the high cost, I returned to LYL during the summer of 2015. I also wanted to continue my progress. I have decreased my body fat by 11% and I currently am 19lbs lighter. I dropped from a size 12 to a 2!

The quality of program design at LYL is like no other I have found. Coach Courtney and her team are dedicated to help you reach your fitness goals through exercise and nutrition. They also offer great challenges throughout the year to take your fitness to the next level.

I would recommend Love Yourself Lean to anyone who wants to make living a healthy life style a high priority and have fun along the way! – Shelly Kasid

Annette Dropped 4 Dress Sizes and Has Gained Immeasurable Self-Confidence

Joining Love Yourself Lean has truly been life altering! I became a member in June 2015 and have since dropped 4 sizes and immeasurably improved my overall health, strength and emotional wellbeing.

The fitness coaching, nutritional guidance and educational opportunities offered by LYL are consistently top-notch and cutting edge. The overall climate of the bootcamp classes is welcoming and very non-threatening. Members begin at all levels of fitness and the coaches work with each individual to move them steadily towards their health and fitness goals.

I still can’t believe the changes in my body and overall health. I highly recommend Love Yourself Lean no matter what your current level of fitness is…. YOU CAN DO IT! ~ Annette Kotzian

Kathleen Lost 22 Pounds and Gained a New Outlook On Life

I have been attending Love Yourself Lean since June of 2014. The school year 2014-2015, I had a lot of physical health problems; I had chronic lower back problems, migraines and stomach issues. In the spring of 2014 I turned 52 but I felt a lot older. I set a goal for myself to get in the best physical shape as I could at age 52. I did not expect that I was going to achieve this goal, but I have through the support of Coach Courtney and her team of expert mentors. I love the small groups and individual attention you receive to help you achieve your goal. Courtney’s nutrition sessions have been great in helping me understand how the food I was eating was not helping me achieve my goal. 

I have exceeded my goal – I feel younger, lost 22 lbs., and have gone down 2 sizes – and I feel healthy. My lower back pain, migraines and stomach issues do not occur on a regular basis, they rarely occur at all. I have remained a member throughout the school year and will continue because I find it beneficial in helping me cope with the high stress of my job. Plus, I love feeling so healthy! ~ Kathleen Leisman

Justine Reached a NEW Level of Fitness and Health

Working out at Love Yourself Lean has truly been a life altering experience. I have been involved in athletics for the majority of my life, but since starting my career, that has ceased to exist. Up until starting at Love Yourself Lean, working out has been a mundane routine that has been easy to neglect. Needing a change, I decided to try the bootcamp and after the first session, signed up to be a member.

Working out at Love Yourself Lean has become a part of my day that I really look forward to for several reasons. The timing of classes has worked great with my schedule. I can get an hour workout in and still be home for the better part of the evening. Since most members go to the same time each day, there is a real family feeling that has been created; many of whom are other teachers from the area. This has created a great support and accountability system that really encourages me to go every class.

I would recommend Love Yourself Lean to anyone woman looking and ready to make a change in her life. I have reached a new level of fitness and health that would not have been possible without the support of Love Yourself Lean ~ Justine Hine

Kelli Gained a Whole New Perspective On Healthy Living…

Love Yourself Lean is a great place to learn about and live out a healthy lifestyle. Through education, training and new friendships I see a whole new perspective on healthy living! Thank you Coach Courtney! ~ Kelli Mork

Marion Looks Forward to Her Workouts and Spending Time With Her New Friends!

I look forward to my time at Love Yourself Lean knowing that I am building muscles and strength with every workout. Courtney helps me get the most out of my workout. The nutrition information and the motivational strategies help me work towards my weight loss goals! The new friends I have made are an extra bonus!! ~ Marion Hull

Choose 1, 2 or all 3 sessions:

SUMMER SESSION 1 – 7/4- 7/24 – ONLY $69

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 SUMMER SESSION 2 – 7/25 – 8/14 – ONLY $69

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 SUMMER SESSION 3 – 8/15 – 9/4 – ONLY $69

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Please take action right away so you don’t miss out!

I’m so excited for this program and can’t wait to get started with you!!


Whichever Comes First…Take Action NOW!



Courtney Rowsell, Women’s Wellness Coach

Love Yourself Lean Intl.

Owner & Chief Fitness Officer


After you register, please share this link with any other dedicated educators you know who would like to get a great deal on a great fitness program. Just make sure you get your spot secured first