To kick start my own personal Fit & Fabulous by Forty 100 Day Transformation Challenge I decided to start with a 14-Day Cleanse.


Woman drinking vegetable smoothie after fitness running workout on summer day. Fitness and healthy lifestyle concept

The truth is that we live toxic lifestyles.  We consume foods that are processed, have chemicals in them, are cooked and generally lack nutritional value.  To go along with it, we breathe in pollution, absorb chemicals through skin-care products, and experience stress and negative emotions during periods of our lives. all of which contribute to toxicity in the body.

All of this toxicity adds up and compounds itself over a period of time, and you eventually pay the price of it.  If your body isn’t functioning at maximum efficiency or has built up too much toxicity, you’ll feel fatigued or even get sick.  Our body is constantly working hard to do it’s job and detox us, but when you put in more toxicity than your body can eliminate, problems arise.  I’m of the belief that everyone should go on a cleanse at least once a year.

By cleansing, you’re giving your body a break and giving it a chance to remove the built up waste in your body.  In doing so, every process of the body will function better and you’ll have an explosion of energy.  You’ll also lose fat easily in the process, as your body is getting rid of the toxins and acid that holds onto it.

So on Monday, July 18th I committed to following the Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim. It’s a total body cleanse that is 100% vegan, no animal protein, no dairy, and is about an 80% raw food diet.   I’ve been into cleansing for awhile now, but one of my goals this year was to try a raw food based diet. So here we go…..


While the Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim is actually a 30 day program, with a 14 day cleansing phase and 14 day maintenance phase – I’m committing to doing the first 14 days. 

The reason why I decided to go with the Total Wellness Cleanse is because the creator of it, Yuri Elkaim, is a health and wellness expert that I have been following for year now and he is aligned with my philosophy of health.  So far since buying the program, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with it.  It provides all the information you need to know to detox your body, along with meal plans, recipes, food journal, poop tracker, daily inspiration and coaching emails, and a lot more.  Yuri over-delivered on providing amazing content and support. I’m only 9 days in and I’ve already learned so much from him.


Detox Infused Water with Cucumber, Lime and Mint in Sports Bottle, with cut pieces of cucumber and lime nearby

One big lesson that I’ve learned from Yuri is that you crave what is in your blood.

The more that you eat certain foods, the more it’s in your blood, and the more you’ll crave it.  If you consume sugary foods, you’ll crave that constantly because it’s in your blood.  It can even be specific to certain foods we consume on a regular basis – you’ll crave it more.  This makes sense to me, as I used to be a binge eater and would have intense sugar cravings and would eat certain foods again and again.

The amazing thing is, once you cleanse your body and consume raw foods, you begin to crave that.  You’ve cleansed out the crap from your body and no longer want that old junk – the cravings are gone.

You will begin to CRAVE vegetables and healthy foods, which is important, because then it no longer takes WILLPOWER to consume healthy foods.

My plan with doing the Total Wellness Cleanse is to be open and transparent about the results that I experience in the course of the 14 days. In this blog post and future posts I will share the entire experience, including details about weight loss, measurements, how I feel, look, etc…  I’m currently 9 days in and I’m feeling very optimistic about it so far and am looking forward to the results at the end.

Please note that the supplement plan I am sharing with you was created by ME for ME! and is not a part of Yuri’s program. I also decided to create and following my own exercise program.

Here is what Day One and Day Two looked like for me:

Day One:

4:00AM – Morning Meditation
4:15AM – 1 cup of warm lemon water, 1 cup of dandelion root tea, probiotics, fish oils, zinc, magnesium, & B Complex
7:00AM – Blueberry Crunch & 1 cup Turmeric tea
9:30AM – 20min Cardio on Treadmill
10:30AM – 1 handful nuts and seeds (soaked almonds and sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds)
1:00PM – Broccoli Soup & Side of Tabouli plus digestive enzymes
4:30PM – Raw Veggies & Hummus plus digestive enzymes
6:00PM – Full Body Sweat with my PM gals 🙂
7:00PM – Sauted spinach & a side of roasted, rosemary sweet potatoes
7:30PM – 20min Sauna
8:30PM – Handful of blueberries & sena tea

I also drank 3 liters of lemon and cucumber water.

Day Two:

4:00AM – Morning Meditation
4:15AM – 1 cup of warm lemon water, 1 cup of dandelion root tea, probiotics, fish oils, zinc, magnesium, & B Complex
7:00AM – The Green Shaker & 1 cup Turmeric tea
10:00AM Raw Veggies & Hummus plus digestive enzymes
10:30AM – Total Body Workout + 20min Cardio + 10min Yoga Flow & 15min Sauna
1:00PM – Veggie Stir Fry w/ seeds and nuts & Earl Grey Tea
4:30PM – Carrot Salad plus Mint Chocolate Tea
8:30PM – Sweet Kale Salad w/ nutritional yeast & Don’t Worry Be Happy Tea

I also drank 3 liters of lemon and cucumber.

I’ll keep you updated on my 14 Day Cleansing Journey.  If you want to transform your body, health, and energy levels, then check out Yuri Elkaim’s Total Wellness Cleanse, which is a 30-day program.  He also has another popular book called Eating For Energy which is different than a cleanse, but provides a lot of great information on how to have more energy.