Cravings for specific foods could be an indication of a deficiency in a micro or macro nutrient.

In particular, a craving for chocolate could be a sign of a magnesium deficiency.

So if you can’t go a day without chocolate or experience intense PMS chocolate cravings it could mean you’re magnesium deficient.

The most obvious way to up your magnesium levels is to consume more magnesium-rich foods, such as avocados, bananas, leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cashews.

You could also take a magnesium citrate powder supplement. The current RDA for magnesium is 300mg which you could take as an oral tablet. I like to add magnesium powder to a liter of water and sip throughout the day.

Other signs & symptoms associated with a magnesium deficiency include migraines, anxiety, insomnia, lack of concentration and extreme fatigue, muscle twitches and cramps…all of which I experienced until I started supplementing with magnesium.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the book The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean. An eye-opening read about how important magnesium is to almost every aspect of our health

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AND, before you embark on any oral supplementation please check with your health care professional first.