Inexplicable Weight Gain/

Difficulty Losing Weight?

Bloating? Irritable Bowel?

Acid Reflux? Constipation/Diarrhea?

Sinus Congestion? Headaches? Joint Pain?

Food sensitivities could be at the root of all the above–and more. Gluten sensitivity is getting a lot of attention lately, but did you know you can be sensitive to just about any food and not test “positive” with conventional blood work?

If you have been following my recent posts on Facebook you know that since I have incorporated No Wheat/Gluten-Free Nutritional Plans into our LYL programs, in addition to ‘Protein Cycles” we have seen a significant increase in our clients weight loss results. Clients report feeling fantastic, more vibrant and full of energy!

I am so excited about this that I want EVERYONE to know just how powerful it can be to your health and your weight loss when you really understand how food allergies impact your wellness.

So I asked my good friend and Naturopath, Mark Kibyuk   if he would be willing to offer a COMPLIMENTARY information session to my clients and guests to share his expertise in food allergies and intolerances.

He agreed!

So on Sunday, February, 17th at 10am Mark will be sharing how food allergies and food intolerances dramatically impact your health and your ability to lose weight.

He will shed some light on the symptoms of food allergies and how it relates to weight management and our overall feeling of wellness. He will talk about inflammatory foods and the impact that toxin loads placed on the body and how it affects our weight control and hormones.

Mark shares my passion for taking a holistic approach to your health and weight loss and I know what he has to share will be life-changing for anyone that has struggled with weight loss or has a stubborn health challenge.

I highly encourage you to join us on Sunday, February 17th at 10am, and bring a friend. It’s FREE!

The session will be held at Global Gym on 92 Elizabeth Ave. Space is limited; so please email us at to reserve your seat.

See you there!