Today on Holistic Living…Rachel shares how Dry Body Brushing can help you enjoy glowing and ageless skin!

Say Bye-Bye To Cellulite!!!

Ladies, I have known Rachel for years and I’ve always admired her beautiful, flawless and never aging 

skin…now I know her secret and so do you! 🙂


Here at the LYL Headquarters we are in the business of making you look and feel your best from the inside out, providing you with nutritionally sound diet plans and top of the line fitness programs.  By fuelling your body with the right foods, and sculpting your physique with the proper exercises we ensure that you will become the best version of you!  To take that one step further, why not pamper your skin with an exfoliating technique that will make you feel and look even more beautiful from the outside in. 

Dry body brushing is a centuries old exfoliation method used primarily to brush away dead skin cells leaving softer, suppler skin, but, it has been found to have many other health benefits as well.  The most talked about benefit of dry brushing is detoxification.  The skin is the largest organ of the body, and often it is the most neglected.  We apply ointments, creams and potions to diminish pimples, wrinkles and age spots, but it is the removal of our dead skin, and the process of brushing that will truly reveal a healthy glow.  By brushing the skin with an all natural body brush, you not only slough away dryness, but you increase circulation.  As the skin receives one third of the blood circulating throughout the body, the promotion of this function through brushing will also promote lymphatic drainage, especially when you scrub around the groin and underarms where lymph nodes are most prominent.  The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying nutrients throughout the body, discarding excess protein and fluid left behind capillary circulation activity, and it removing toxins from the body.  Therefore, dry brushing is a must for anyone embarking on a cleansing regiment, as it will certainly amplify the detoxification process.


Another notable benefit of dry brushing is that it allows excess fat, including cellulite, to be more evenly distributed throughout the body, and thus less stubborn to get rid of through exercise and proper nutrition.  The better the circulation, the better the toxic drainage, the less toxic build up remains. And cellulite is just that, toxic subcutaneous fat.  Bring on the brush!!


But that’s not all. Here are some more amazing benefits of Dry Brushing.

  1. Removes  cellulite
  2. Cleanses the lymphatic system
  3. Removes dead skin layers
  4. Strengthens the immune system
  5. Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands 
  6. Tightens the skin preventing premature aging
  7. Tones the muscles
  8. Stimulates circulation
  9. Improves the function of the nervous system
  10. Helps digestion
  11. Helps rid  toxic emotions which can build up just like any other toxin in our bodies
  12. Has  meditative qualities
  13. Will eventually replace the need for moisturizers


Now that you understand why you should dry body brush, here are the details as to how to properly master the technique.

  • Dry brushing can be performed before or after the shower
  • Can be done both morning and night for maximum effect
  • Start from your feet and brush upward toward the heart, but downwards from the neck to the heart
  • Brush from the left to right side of your body
  • Do not brush over inflamed, sunburned or irritated skin
  • Avoid breasts and genital area
  • Wash brush before each use
  • Take as little as 2 minutes, to as long as 20 minutes to perform the dry brushing
  • Make it part of your daily routine

There are a variety of brushes on the market, and can be ordered online from many health and wellness product providers.  The most important thing to ensure is that your brush is made out of all natural bristles.






So ladies, grab a brush in time to get your skin ready for the upcoming swimsuit season!! You deserve to let your radiant self shine!

Your LYL Holistic Expert,


P.S. If you live in St. John’s you can visit Whole Heath on Water St. or the Body Shop in the Avalon Mall. You can also purchase them on-line via Treat yourself 🙂