Hello LYL’ers!

WOW we are 1 week away from another school year and the beginning of a new season.


The New Season is like New Years for many. The start of the school year signifies a fresh start: Resetting the weekly planner, for some it involves getting the family back into a routine. After Labour Day we all shift back into the cool temperatures and prepping for winter with the holidays on the horizon.

For many busy moms’ this time of year marks the beginning of a period defined by craziness and stress as you try to budget for school supplies, remain calm as you assemble the kids and tackle the ever dreaded chaotic expedition from store to store for back to school clothes. Running in the back of your mind through all this is how you’re going to plan and execute the new morning routine to get everyone out the door on time and with healthy lunches in toe.

Where are YOU on this list?

This year I want to help you powerful busy women minimize your stress by sharing Five Fall Resolutions to help you tackle the New Season.  Minimize the stresses by making time for YOU. Making time for your part of the day will make it easier to manage the transition after Labour Day Weekend and keep you going strong through the Holidays.

Don’t wait until January 1st, NOW is the PERFECT time to make some health and wellness resolutions just for you.   Remember a stressed woman is an unhappy and unhealthy woman.

So everyday day for the next 5 days I’ll be sharing one NEW Fall resolution you can make to minimize your stress and help make more time for YOU.


I want you to commit daily to writing down each resolution, save it to your phone or computer and take action on each resolution. Together lets share how we can help each other transition into this busy time of year with more calmness and joy.

Here’s Today Resolution.

Resolution #1 – Create a morning and evening routine that includes YOU!


Start getting up early ahead of time. If you have kids, work on training them to get up early in preparation for the new school year, do the same for yourself. Set your alarm 15min early and enjoy a shower, grab a coffee, light an energizing citrus-scented candle and enjoy some quiet time to breathe in some positive thoughts about your day. If you have kids, and you start to train them for the early rise, plan to enjoy YOUR time before they get up.

Helpful Tip:  If you have any early riser in your home, like me, place a bag of toys in your child’s crib or at the foot of their bed in the evening after they have fallen asleep, so they can enjoy this fun surprise when they wake up, so you can enjoy an extra 20min of time to my morning routine.

(checkout my Facebook Page tomorrow morning. I’ll be sure to post a picture of Mackenzie’s Surprise Bag!)

Just as important as a morning routine, make sure to also plan for an evening routine that includes some time just for you. Sit with a warm relaxing tea, light a calming lavender-scented candle, or pour yourself a bubble bath and allow the warm water wash away the stresses of the day. Make it a goal for just after the little ones go to bed, and commit yourself to achieving it.


Helpful Tip: If you have young children at home make sure to take  a little extra time to create a relaxing adult environment by removing the kids’ toys from the tub and placing them somewhere out of sight, turn on some relaxing music, light a few candles and add some essential oils like jasmine to your bath water.


Make sure to check back tomorrow for Resolution #2!

Your friend and coach,