Hello LYL’ers!

So, did you enjoy yesterday’s FREE 20min Workout?

Did you follow through on yesterday’s LYL Fall Resolution #2 and commit to an exercise plan this Fall?

Francine Penny, a busy mom to two beautiful children stepped out of her comfort zone and hit the weight room with LYL last Fall. Not only did she make herself healthier and happier, her commitment improved the happiness of the whole family. You can read her story here => Francine’s LYL Journey!

LYL_BeforeAfter_FrancinePenney_bikini-style (2)

ok, moving on to today’s…..

LYL Fall Resolution #3 – Pamper Yourself!


It’s amazing what a 30min massage or pedicure can do to uplift your mood.



Now if you are like most Moms you may feel guilty about spending this time away from your family during the evenings or weekends, so here’s a back to school tip for you.

Helpful Tip: Book yourself in for a mini pedicure or whatever beauty treatment you can fit in while your kiddies are getting their back-to-school haircuts. Or if you are a working mom, use your lunch break to indulge in a little beauty treatment; even something as simple and buying a new beauty product like a lipstick from your favorite cosmetic counter can completely uplift your mood.

Make up artist applying lipstick to a customer in a beauty store. Selective focus.

As a busy mom myself, I’ve realized that it doesn’t take much to calm ourselves and recharge. A mindless walk through the beauty isles at Shoppers has saved me from many meltdown moments…lol

Ladies, remember you deserve a little beauty treatment once in a while, so make the commitment to some self-pampering this Fall and watch your stress levels dwindle.

WIN a FREE Pedicure!!!


Please take a minute to share in the comment box below what you already do to pamper yourself, so together we can inspire other women with some fresh,  fun ideas so they too can commit to come self-pampering. I will select one lucky lady tomorrow and treat her to a FREE pedicure from Soothe Spa.

Post NOW!!!  I will select a winner tomorrow morning at 10am.

Happy Pampering! 🙂