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Meet Connie.










See was the winner of our latest Club LYL Transformation Challenge. Not only did she WIN, cash, free coaching, supplements and a special gift from me, she won a Cancun ready body 🙂

I love how this busy, full-time working mom of three and grandmother of two stayed on top of her weight loss goals despite several setbacks.

And, just look at that smile…she radiates confidence and self-love.

Please take a moment to read her story.


“Well here I am at the end of this 6 week challenge and despite back issues from a fall, major “girlie” issues and sickness that kept me off work for several days I feel I ended this challenge on a positive note.

My energy level and exercise endurance have increased immensely.  At the beginning of this challenge I could only run on the treadmill for a couple of minutes, and on Saturday (the day before our final weigh in) I ran for an hour and still had lots of energy.

My mood has improved!  I feel more balanced and in control of my emotions and have greater concentration and enthusiasm for life. I have even started projects around the house that I have been putting off for months, even years.  De-cluttering and organizing, I feel like so many area of my life are coming together.  I have finally put together the puzzle pieces and see my life coming together in ways I never believed I could actually realize.  Yet here I am, doing it, succeeding, and proud of every step I take towards the life I want.

I have a stronger ability to not stress eat.  This is a HUGE victory for me.  There have been plenty of situations over the last six weeks that normally would have pushed me towards the mindless, emotional eating. Now instead of curling up on the couch and staying there I allow myself to experience the discomforts, and to actually face and work though my stress – without food.

I’ve also developed some new habits that I’m finally sticking to. I enjoy water and supplements first thing every morning. I complete at least 15 min of AM cardio and core exercises 5-6 times per week.  I carry a water bottle with me everywhere and always have some type of raw veggies on hand when I’m feeling a little peckish. I no longer eat fried food and opt to use my opti-grill instead. I park underground at grocery store and take the stairs.  I see all these little changes as daily victories.

Colleagues are complimenting me and I’ve even inspired many of them to start eating healthier. They are bringing in smoothies to work and avoiding donuts and goodies where they normally would devour them.

I have lost 13 pounds, and a total of 12 inches. My jeans are fitting loose, my skin and hair are healthier and I feel I look 10 years younger.

I am very proud of all the changes I have made to my body, but I am most proud of new found energy and confidence in myself. There were Oh So Many days I wanted to quit, but I didn’t.  I kept on, kept tracking, kept working, kept moving forward.   I pushed myself and I improved.  That is the biggest victory I could have achieved this challenge.”

~ Connie B, Age 45 Mom of Three (27, 12, 9), Grandmother of Two (15mth & 6mth), Albert


And for that, I applaud her!

WOOT! Congrats Connie!!

On behalf of myself and your sisters in weight loss here at Club LYL we are so happy and proud of you.

The BEST is yet to come my friend!!!! 🙂

Coach Courtney

If you are over the struggle and done with feeling stuck, I invite you to join women like Connie who are ready to take the leap and try a new approach plus get the support needed to create such a positive lifestyle change.

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I look forward to being your Coach!


BTW….this is Connie’s before photo prior to joining LYL. She has successful lost 31 pounds and has gone from a size 18 to a size 12.

Connie before