Sexy IN 6!

Ignite Your Inner & Outer Sexy Self in Just 42 Days No Matter What Your Weight Loss Goal

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What is Sexy IN 6?

It is a comprehensive fail-proof weight loss program designed for safe and healthy fat burning with no rebound weight gain.

This 42-Day Transformation Program includes Done-For-You meal plans, delicious, family-friending recipes and short, exercise routines that you can do at home or at the gym.

I created this 6-Week lifestyle approach to weight loss program based on the INCREDIBLE results from my 28-Day Flat Belly Formula. This fat loss formula has helped women lose anywhere from 7-14lbs in just 3 short weeks.

The results have been so impressive that if they can achieve this level of success in just 3 short weeks imagine what is possible for YOU when you after 6 weeks of following this plan?!?

What makes this weight loss approach so successful is that it helps to reset your fat loss hormones and repair a sluggish metabolism so that you can enjoy life-long weight loss success, improved health and get back to feeling great in your clothes again.

This wholesome, real-food program is based on my 80/20 Approach, so you never feel deprived of the foods you love. 80% of the time you eat clean, deliciously prepared food and 20% of the time you get to enjoy guilt-free indulgences. So yes you can have your cake and eat it too! 🙂


Because I’m always researching for new and better ways to help you achieve faster fat loss in the healthiest and most enjoyable way possible, I’ve done some extensive research on Super Foods over the past few months. More specifically Super Foods that have major fat burning properties and can help  the body eliminate the toxic burden that is harming your cells, causing severe inflammation, clogging up your liver, and stopping your body from getting rid of unwanted fat.

So together with our Holistic Nutritionist, Teresa Butler we’ve upped the fat loss factor of the Flat Belly Formula Nutritional Plan by adding 12 foods that  will purify your body from toxic build-up, reduce chronic inflammation, cleanse your liver of fat storing toxins and flush away your “trapped” fat, while helping you look and feel younger.

Each week we will reveal two of these Fabulous Foods and give you new recipes to try using these foods. We’ll also share with you the TRUTH about FAT FOODS.

This 42-Day Program is based on a 7-Day Food Combination Formula that you’ll repeat each week for 6 weeks. It also includes a Recovery Week Plan strategically positioned at the half-way point to ensure you finish the program strong.

The foundation of 7-Day Food Combination Formula is based on using the powerful health and fat loss benefits of Intermittent Fasting combined with strategic Re-Feed Days (treat day) followed by proper carb, protein and fat combining, helping you avoid what we refer to as “the deadly combination” when it comes to fat storage – high levels of insulin and fat in the blood simultaneously. Don’t worry you’ll learn about this in the program.

What makes the program so awesome that that you can participate in-person or on-line, making this the perfect fat loss program no matter how busy your schedule.

As an in-person participant we’ll exercise together 2-3 times per week or if you join our on-line group you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on what you need to do each day for 42 days. In addition you’ll recieve daily support and accountability from me, Coach Courtney, Holistic Nutritionist Teresa Butler and the Love Yourself Lean On-Line Community of women.

What’s included in this 42-Day Plan?

Sexy IN 6! Manual

This 20+ page manual provides all the information you need to know to better understand what you need to do each day to maximize your fat burning results.

Done-For-You Meal Plan & Recipes

The meal plan is based on following a 7 Day food combination cycle that you will repeat for 6 weeks with a build in recovery week at the half-way point. The food plan consists of simple and delicious recipes that are also family friendly. You will love it

6 Weeks of Sweaty Sexy Workouts for Home and Gym – Beginner to Advanced

I’ve pulled together a collection of metabolism boosting workout routines that range from 15-40min, and that require the use of minimal equipment (a set of dumbbells and a stability ball) so you don’t even need a gym membership to participate in this program. I’ve also provided beginner and advanced options.

*** Another Awesome NEW BONUS!!!

Trouble Spot Reduction – Yes it’s truly you CAN target your Stubborn Fat Areas and Trouble Zones. Recent studies have shown that you can spot reduce fat by strategically combining cardio routines with specific exercises that target the “trouble area” where you want to burn fat. It’s all based on creating strategic blood flow to the troubled areas. I’ll teach you all about this in the program.

Support & Accountability

Proper coaching and community support in addition to daily and weekly accountability is the missing link in most fat loss programs. When you become a client of LYL you’ll be welcomed into an extremely supportive, non-competitive environment of women who genuinely what to help each other succeed.

Whether in-person via our Body Rescue Classes or On-Line via our private members only VIP Facebook called Club LYL, you’ll receive daily support, motivation and inspiration from ME and a group of women committed to losing weight and getting healthy, for life!

Here is what you can expect from the Sexy IN 6 Transformation Program

  • A simple and enjoyable way to lose weight without deprivation or rebound
  • Burn fat 24/7 by effectively working with your fat loss hormones to optimize energy and weight loss
  • Average weight loss of 14lbs in 42 days (one previous participate lost 28lbs!)
  • Detox and cleanse your body using the Top 12 Fat Burning Super Foods
  • Break through weight loss plateaus and fix a sluggish metabolism
  • Enjoy all day energy and balanced moods
  • Burn fat while eating simply prepared delicious family-friendly meals
  • One day a week enjoy the foods you love so you never feel deprived
  • Ignite your inner sexy! Look and feel younger
  • Tone up, get stronger and feel more confident during your workouts; at-home or at the gym
  • NO calorie counting, macro tracking or weighing food
  • Daily support, accountability and motivation from me, Coach Courtney and our Holistic Nutritionist, Teresa Butler.
  • Access to a positively supportive group of women via our Private Facebook group. This experience alone is worth the investment.

How much does the Sexy IN 6! Program Cost?

You Have Two Participation Options:

Options 1: On-Line Participation

You get full access to the program materials electronically and join our Exclusive on-line Community called Club LYL. As a Club LYL Member you’ll get daily support, motivation and accountability from me, Teresa and other club members.

Cost: $119 (incl. tax)

Option 2: In-Town Participation

You get full access to the program materials electronically; attend 2 or 3 group workouts per week with myself & Teresa at the Yoga Kula Co-op. And you’ll join our Exclusive on-line Community called Club LYL. Here you’ll get daily support, motivation and accountability from me, Teresa and members of Club LYL.

In-Town Group A – Meets three times per week at 5:30-6:30am. See the class schedule here.

Cost: $209 (incl. tax)

(ONLY 2 Spots Left) FULL

In Town Group B – Meets twice per week; Wednesdays at 5:30pm & Saturdays at 8:30am. See the class schedule here.

Cost: $159 (incl. tax)

(10 Spots Available) Added 4 NEW spots

 ***** Challenge Starts On Sunday, May 3rd ***

Deadline to register is Saturday, May 2nd at 5:00pm.

Thank you so much for reading all about this exciting Sexy IN 6 Program! If you have questions, please call and chat with me directly at 709-330-4665 or email me at

If these ladies can do it…so can YOU!

Here’s what some members are saying inside our Private Facebook group.

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What clients are saying







On behalf of Teresa, our LYL Community and myself we would be honored if you’d joined us for the fun and life changing wellness experience. You deserve to feel healthy, happy and sexy! No matter how many diets you have tried in the past without success, you CAN and WILL achieve success with this program.

PS – I have one last BONUS to share with you!!! 🙂

Boudoirs Photoshoot with Amy Donavon

sexy adult woman








Click Here to See Amy’s Boudoir Guide

I have teamed up with photographer Amy Donavon to create the exciting opportunity of participating in a Boudoir Photoshoot as part of this challenge. Participation is optional, however HIGHLY recommended. Over the years I have helped over 50+ women get photoshoot ready, many of them being exclusively boudoir shoot.

Having personally coached so many women who set a boudoir shoot as a goal, in addition to experiencing  it at 8 months pregnant myself AND because I’ve signed-up to do it again on June 13th with the participants from this group. I can HONESTY say that it is a beautiful experience and I encourage all women to set it as a goal, not only does in make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift to your husband, it’s a beautiful gift to give yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve reach your goal weight or of you still have 30+ more pounds that you’d like to lose. It’s about celebrating you, your beauty and honouring the Goodness inside you.

You can add this Photoshoot Bonus to your Registration for $350, which includes 20 completed images, hair and make-up.  Amy’s regular rate for boudoir is $495 (a savings of $145).

Myself and nine other LYL Members have already committed to this goal. So if the thought of doing this excites you please reach to me and we’ll set-up a time to discuss the logistics. Remember I’ll be doing this with you so we’ll share butterfly stories together 🙂