I have a new LYL success story to share with you.

Today, you are going to meet Beth.

A common concern of moms is being able to bounce back after pregnancy. Well this amazing mom had two in a row and now has a deep desire to share her story to everyone who needs a little motivation and inspiration to make a strong start to their own weight loss journey.

Please take the next 5 minutes to read read her story … it is going to impact you in one way or another.


I was 6-months post-partum after having my second child just 17 months after my first and I was ready for a change. I gained 60lbs on each pregnancy and it’s true what they save, it is so much harder to lose the weight after baby #2. But I was determined!

The workouts did kick my butt, but I love them for that. As Courtney says – “If it does not challenge you, it does not change you”. Combined with the supportive meal plans, awesome recipes and daily support and encouragement from Courtney and all the lovely ladies in the program I’m proud to share that I lost 21 lbs and a total of 24.5inches

Beth. Before. Email

Beth. After. Email









During our weekly progress check-ins with Courtney she’ll often ask us to share our Non-Scale Victories. So in sharing with you here today, there are mine….


1) Fit of Clothing

I’m now enjoying a whole new wardrobe and feeling confident to wear a sexy dress.

2) I CAN Keep Going

I have learned that instead of Giving up and being disappointed to continue the next day as if nothing happened. And for me that’s the Victory. Before I would have given up and said ‘Oh Well…. it’s not working so what’s the point!’

3) Tighter Tummy

I love how my belly no longer jiggles when I wear a tank top and jeans. No more muffin top! I feel stronger and stand taller.

4) Better Body According to Husband My husband keeps telling me that I have gained an even better body after baby.

5) Learn to Keep Calm and Trust the Process

I learned to listen to myself. I discovered that I am the expert for my life, no one else. I just go my way. Oh, I make mistakes while I am heading forward. But I have discovered that I can achieve so much more if I just keep edging forward day by day. There will be days of setbacks and days when I am not seeing improvements. But the thing is to keep calm and trust the process. I realized how I am taking responsibility for myself and my family.

6) Setting a Positive Example

There are a lot more but I am leaving for best for last and that is the positive impact I am giving our boys.

I’m feeling great and ready to keep going down this healthy road now that I’m back on track and I’m seeing and feeling so much progress. I wish to myself to never let go of this new lifestyle of self-care through healthy nutrition and exercise. Because this leads to so much more.

Courtney, you did so much for me.

I really and honestly have to say that in my case…you have brought a brand new me to life; you helped and are still helping me to become who I feel that I am. And I thank you in the name of my kids and my husband for that.

~ Beth, Age 33, Mom of Two (ages 4 and 2) St. John’s, NL

How Inspiring is Beth!

While it is super fun to point out all the ways a busy mom like Beth is changing her body for the better… what stands out most to me is her recognition and appreciation of the fact that she is such a positive role model for her boys.

This is one area moms tend to overlook…

…many are too far focused on what the body looks like vs. the process it takes to achieve a better, fitter, stronger body.

It is in the journey where the lessons are learned, the healthy habits are established and the mindset shift takes place.

There is no benefit to rushing through it, skipping over habits or refusing to confront your thoughts/mindset.

If the goal is to achieve real, realistic, lasting results then you must have a plan in place that encourages and empowers you to Trust in the Process.

One of the big messages I share here at LYL is to Tune Up your mindset and turn up your results… from the inside out!

There is no such thing as PERFECT or COMPLETE… only continuous improvement. Using slip ups as stepping stones to know better – to be better. One day… one step at a time.

A Love Yourself Lean transformation experience is one that is focused on becoming a better version of yourself – for yourself.

It is so important to never lose sight of the fact that this is a process… a journey… and one that is never ending. Just because a program ends… does not mean the work is done.

To know that there is always something to work on, to strive for keeps you alive with passion… and more importantly PURPOSE.

This is LIVING your life!!!!

While we wrap up our summer coaching programs… everyone is buzzing and excited to start a new one! It’s back to school season and so many busy moms are longing for a new routine and a chance to ‘restart’!

After meeting up with a core group of LYL’er the decision has been made to get the next weight loss program underway on Monday, September 28th,

The theme of our next weight loss program centers around creating Your Perfect Diet. This Fall here at LYL we are kicking the mad, mad diet world to the curb and creating programs that produce lasting change.

More details to come!

If you are ready to take the LEAP and get set up NOW send me a personal email to Courtney@loveyourselflean.com and I will help you get signed up to ClubLYL so you can get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the Pre-Registration for our Fall 10 Week Perfect Diet Program. Space is limited to 40 ladies. Once you’re in you can secure your spot before we open it up to the public on September 1st.