Happy Monday LYL friends!

In prepration for baby Nathan’s arrival in September Mike and I enjoyed a mini Babymoon in Toronto just over a week ago.

We were both committed to eating clean while away so we booked a room in downtown Toronto with a kitchenette. We also made sure to prepare some healthy meals and snacks for the flight, a few extra items just in cause our plane was delayed and to ensure we have meals ready as soon as we landed.

Mike and I eat every 2-3hrs, almost like clockwork, so having meals and snacks prepared in advance made sure we stuck to our healthy eating plan, and it saved us a LOT of money and furstration of trying to find something healthy at the airport or during the flight.

I often get asked how to keep to a clean eating plan while traveling and enjoying a vacation. So today I decided to share  exactly how we did it so you can apply these planning tips to your next business trip or vacation.

First I started with a trip to the grocery store.

Here is a list of items I bought:

Precooked Rotisserie Chicken

All Natural Turkey Slices

Nile Spice soup Mix (you can find these in the organic section of your grocery store). Just add hot water and a some chopped chicken and you have a complete meal. Or add a side salad with seeds and nuts.

Individual Steal Cut Oatmeal Packs (I used the Blue Menu brand from Dominion. They can be found in the regular cereal isle)

Mini Can’s of Tuna (some flavors are much higher in sugar, so read the nutrition facts and opt for the low sugar flavours)

Organic Whole Grain Bown Rice Cakes (you can find these in the organic section of your grocery store. I use the Lunderberg Brand)

Rice Crackers (they come in many differnet flavours. I buy the plain flavor so I can enjoy them with peanut butter or cheese)

Luna All- Natural Fruit/Protein Bars (when you are short on time, these are a great subsistute to my LYL Protein Bars like Cranberry Almond Granola Bars pg. 77 or  Apricot & sesame Seed Energy Bars pg. 67 or Chewy Fudge Bars pg. 73)

Veggies: (celery, mixed greens, carrots, ratishes, mushrooms, avacado)

Fruits: (grapefruit, apples, kiwi, raseberries)

Using the above list of items and some items I already had on hand, here is what I created:

Main Meals:

LYL Tuna Pasta Salad Page 171 LYL Cookbook (made with brown rice noodles), portion sized for both Mike and myself.  Makes the perfect dish for travelling as it does not require reheating.

Rotisserie chicken and potatoes for Mike.  He had to eat this meal cold as most restaurants will not reheat your own food. What a trooper!

Mixed green salad w/ seeds & nuts (option: add chicken)

Instant soup mix (option: add chicken)

LYL High Energy Granola

Individual oatmeal packs (add protein powder)


Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups. Page 90 LYL Cookbook – minus the asparagus

Rice Cakes with mini tuna

Rice crackers and all natural peanut butter

Fruit salad (kiwi, blueberries, raspberries)

Large zip load bags of chopped fresh veggies (celery, carrots, peppers, radishes)

Individually packed LYL Trail Mix Page. 80

Individually packed protein powder

Misc. Items:

Coconut oil – used to cooked eggs for breakfast and to add to shakes

Tea bags

Protein Shaker cup

Travel Mug

Water Bottles, with a built in water filter

Hamilton Beach Blender – to make shakes at hotel

In a cooler we packed the following items:

LYL Tuna Pasta Salad

Rotisserie chicken and potatoes

Mixed green salads w/ chicken

Turkey & Swiss Cheese roll-ups

Tail Mix

Luna Bars

Fruit Salad

Bag of chopped veggies

Water Bottles

Tea Bags

Plastic cutlery and napkins

In our suit cases we packed:

Instant soup mix

LYL High Energy Granola

Individual oatmeal packs

Rice Cakes & Tuna

Rice Crackers and peanut butter

Rest of the trail mix

Protein Powder

I also prepared all ingredients for an egg scramble the night before, so we could quickly whip up breakfast before we headed to the airport. Ensuring we ate breakfast at home allowed us not to be tempted by the sugary and fatty breakfast options at the airport.

We also brewed our own coffee at home and drank it before we went through security. Once through security we took our travel mugs to the coffee shop asked for hot water and added our own tea bags that I had packed in my purse. We also filled up our water bottles with water. Our water bottles had built in water filters so drinking the free airport water was ok.

During the flight we committed to drinking 1 liter of water each to ensure we didn’t get hydrated. We ate one of our main meals and enjoyed the chopped veggies, trail mix and fruit bars as snacks.

When we landed we ate the second main meal while waiting for our luggage.

We also enjoyed a few more snacks during the limo to our hotel. Traffic in Toronto can get very congested, so having snacks on hand made sure we didn’t get cranky with the limo driver…lol

Upon arriving at our hotel we went straight to local grocery store and picked up a few breakfast items. Our goal was to eat breakfast every day at the hotel and enjoy all others meals out while exploring Toronto.

Here is what we picked up to store in our hotel kitchenette:

Eggs & eggs whites

Almond Milk


Starbucks Coffee

We really wanted to explore the culturally diverse menu options that Toronto has to offer, so other than packing some trail mix, protein powder in a shaker cup and some fruit we opted to make healthy and flavorful choices while eating out.

We both LOVE sushi, so we made sure to hit up an all you can eat sushi restaurant once a day. Other meals during the day consisted of Indian food, Thai food, Korean food, New Orleans, Italian, Portuguese, and seafood from my favorite oyster bar; Rodney’s.

The portion sizes for all meals were really large so I always asked for a take away container upon ordering and made sure to divide the meal before I started eating. This little tip ensures you don’t over eat.

Mike needs a lot more carbs throughout the day than I do, so I limited my carbs to breakfast and lunch times as that is when baby Nathan gets really hunger and needs a belly full of warm food. All other meals I opted for protein and veggies. This is a tip I also suggest you follow if your goal is fat loss. When in doubt always opt for protein and veggies. Say no to the sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, table bread, pasta, rice and potatoes

Now it’s unrealistic to think that you won’t enjoy a treat here and there while on vacation, so I do feel that it is very important to give yourself permission to enjoy a few treats while away. So Mike and I limited our treats to sharing a dessert after dinner or enjoyed a high calorie beverage like a flavored latte or a Chinese bubble tea.

Throughout the day our meal selections were so satisfying that we did not crave junk food; our palates were so satisfied by the delicious food choices we made. We also made sure we ate every 2-3hrs which kept our portion sizes under control and our desire to eat crap non-existent.

Because we had a kitchenette in our hotel we planned and packed our meals and snacks on the way back just as we did on the way there.

We arrived home feeling healthy and sporty the same weight on the scale as when we left.

With a little preplanning and a commitment to self-control you CAN eat clean while you travel and still enjoy a flavorful vacation.

We sure did! 🙂

Happy Travels and Healthy Eating!